Best Paintball Guns Under 200 (Cheap and Great Quality)

As you know the economy increases day by day and people don’t have extra money to spend. In the paintball field, seasoned players spend a lot of money to buy paintball guns. The main problem is that not everyone has lots of money. If your budget is tight then you don’t need to follow these people. Even sometimes you don’t want to sacrifice the quality no matter how much money you spent to buy. That’s why we are here to release this tension and guide you about cheap paintball markers that work amazingly. There are many affordable best paintball guns under 200 like Tippmann Sierra One, Azodin Blitz 3 and GOG eNMEy in the market which perform super energetic without huge investment. 

It’s better to say if you are an eager paintballer then these cheap guns for under $200 will be best for you. After a lot of research and years of experience we have finally made the list of best  paintball guns under 200 with durability, modern and also rapid firing functionality. We believe that this article helps you. After all you also deserve to play better like anyone else. One thing we definitely say is to read properly and don’t rush, just take your time to find the best paintball gun. As you know paintball markers are the main factor in paintball games. So, select the gun who can help you to take your game to the next level, not against you. Now let’s go through a quick review of the best budget guns. 

Our Top Picks

Tippmann Stormer Elite


Umarex T4E HDS


Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under 200

According to our research a good gun is one that has accurate, comfortable handling, upgrades easily, not jamming issues and is most reliable. Interestingly, these guns have all of these. After going ahead we will tell you that all these paintball guns cost only 200$. 

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Paintball Marker


All tippmann models are good but the speciality of Tippmann Stormer Elite is something else. Let’s go ahead and see what is in it.

The Tippmann Stormer Elite is an amazing gun especially for beginners and can easily adjust in your budget. Well constructed, feel great when you hold it and fun to shoot. We remember when the first time we held this gun and feel how comfortable and well designed the Tippmann stormer was. Many guns had their corners which weighed a lot but if we compare tippmann stormer to the other guns then it will be better to say that no gun can compete with this monster gun. It’s available in three models, the stormer basic, tactical and elite. 

On the other hand, we honestly said to you, when you hold this gun for the first time the first impression on your face is, can there be a better gun? Because the Stormer is an incredible and very fast shooting gun. Assembly is a little tricky to understand. The other problem is the gun weight because stormer elite is not a lightweight gun and with a standard aluminium tank which is not filled with air it definitely weighs more than ten pounds. We would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into paintball or mag fed paintball. Just have to be strong and fight for your victory. 

We tell you the secret thing which is gonna help you to shoot with full high pressure. Should you be told about this? Ok the very first thing is that when you purchase the gun look carefully on the top starter point if this type point isn’t available then never buy. You may be wondering what the purpose of the starter point is? When players start to shoot they can’t focus properly but if you buy this gun which we tell you then you can easily focus with the help of a laser. And also had an automatic springboard pressure to shoot 150 feet easily. Overall, we had a great experience, now it’s your turn. 


  • Incredible shooting performance. 
  • Well designed and easy to hold. 
  • Best for intermediate and beginners. 
  • Reliable and durable.


Trigger jamming issues. 

Our Opinion 

This marker will provide you the best durability, high shooting range performance and comfortability within an affordable price. It may also have upgrade options and don’t get confused to see the marker size while it is very lightweight. We can also do 5 hours to play paintballs about every day and with this time we never see any problem with tippmann sierra one.

Ratings From our Side: 9/10

2. US army Project Salvo Paintball Gun

cheap paintball gun

If you want an affordable marker, then this US Army review sorts out your problem. Finding a cheap paintball gun online is very sticky work but don’t worry we save you from these hassles and show you the best stores which you are gonna go through our website easily. Ask anyone who uses this gun will tell you how reliable and trustworthy this gun is. Some people say this gun is made for only those people who perform military and gun simulators while there is no such thing. It is also the best choice for paintball players but remember it’s not an ideal for Speedball. 

The US Army is different from others because it will be quiet when fired. The best way to use this marker during military simulator, or any woodsball players. The firing rate is more than 150 feet and many paintball players claim ever since they started using this gun, their game has improved a lot. Almost every time we play we have several younger players come fawn over it. They think it’s milsim styling within it different or special but the truth is, it’s not. This marker is best for mature and intermediate players.


  • Top notch marker for a low price. 
  • It won’t jam on you or malfunction in the rain, snow, dirt, mud, etc. 
  • The picatinny rails allow maximum customizable. 
  • Looks and feels like a real M416 (H&K 416). 


Slightly heavy. 

Our Opinion

If you just like playing and having a kick ass marker then try once. Just know that the US Army is well worth the money and the upgrades or possibilities for this marker are endless and vast. Also taking the marker apart for maintenance is easy peasy. 

Rating from our Side: 9.6/10

3. Umarex T4E HDS .68 calibre Paintball Marker

The third one is Umarex T4E HDS also known as “Home Defense Shotgun”. This gun has a quick system which  provides you speed, power and you’ll need the most in a paintball field. As you know this is not a real gun but when you hold a T4E you feel real because the weight and the grip is so freaking real. This .68 calibre shorty is perfect as it can fire paintballs, high density, solid rubber, riot balls and even defensive pepper balls. 

As we tested, it is quite powerful out of the box. In every shot the paintball distance is at least 50-60 feet and most accurately 80 feet. So, just chill because you will not miss a single shot. Definitely feel better walking around with this marker since you don’t need a licence for it and it’s not gonna kill someone as you don’t aim for the head. 

Our rating criteria for this gun is good because if the product is advertised and the quality is in line with the price then we will definitely choose this one. From our experience it is accurate and durable and you gonna love this when you especially play woodsball or speedball. 


  • 6 rounds ammo capacity. 
  • Quite powerful. 
  • Grip is still comfortable when you play for longer hours. 
  • Protective case. 



Our Opinion

Great little home defence weapon. Small lightweight and easily puts a flashlight or a laser pointer on it and it’s more than accurate to 10 yards. The options, the lack of noise, the build is super sturdy, the ease of modifying for extra power all of it is super amazing. 

Rating From Our Side: 8/10

4. Tippmann Sierra One


The very first on our list is Tippmann Sierra best paintball gun under 200. Don’t take this gun lightly, Why? Let’s go ahead and see. The tippmann sierra looks like a toy for that reason many people don’t  want to buy it because they actually think that this is a low quality gun. If we say, this gun hit a target 150 feet. Can you believe it? Yes it’s true you can hit the target with such distance. This semi-automatic gun will help you to shoot many paintballs within 250 to 360 fps. You’ll be happy when you find that this gun has adjustable sights and collapsible stock which will help you adjust the gun according to your comfort and target. Besides, you can easily remove or fold the stock. 

We love this gun so much it’s a comfortable grate for snipping and running around. It’s a great beginner and professional gun. With such a solid look, high durability and performance we think this gun is our next choice for only 200$.


  • Real military feel. 
  • Reliable and durable. 
  • Upgrade easily. 
  • Affordable price.


Lots of time to take maintenance. 

Our Opinion

This marker is best for those who want to play in dual feed because you can feed both hopper and magazines. Also, it’s a semi automatic gun which will allow you to shoot multiple paintballs within seconds. With the help of adjustable front and rear side you can easily mark your targets in a smooth way. 

Rating From our Side: 9.9/10

5. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker 

top rated paintball guns

If you are just getting interested in paintball and want a gun which can fully support you then the victor is a great choice. Spyder Victor is a non-electric gun, purely mechanical so it’s only gonna go fast when you pull the trigger. The Spider brand or the kingman brand has been around forever. The guns they make take a lot of beating, will still just keep on working and they’re all very simple. The hopper, tank and mask are pretty awesome but keep in mind the mask is as cheap as it gets so after a couple uses you will want to switch with something a bit better but don’t be fooled that this mask is a good mask. 

We mostly see that every player uses their gun only to shoot, therefore they did not know how to properly maintain their weapon. Note that if you didn’t clean your marker then, what do you expect your gun will support you? Nope, it will get worse day by day. The shooting is fairly accurate with what you expect for an entry level style gun. As you know it is mechanical, meaning it’s not going to have a fast rapid fire type shooting but if you try you’re gonna shoot pretty good. After testing we know that this gun can shoot 1600 to 1700 paintballs per 20 Oz CO2. 

One thing that we did not like about this gun is the feedneck which needs an adapter. If you upgrade your feedneck then gun hoppers stand exactly in their place. It doesn’t have to happen every time. Afterall, it is perfect for beginners and for those who wanna save money. If it’s your first turn then trust us you won’t find a better gun than this anywhere. 


  • Lightweight and reliable. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Non slippery body. 


The durability of the barrel and feedneck is not too good. 

Our Opinion

For those who are newbies and to take their first step in the paintball field then go with spyder victor because it comes with a best budget paintball gun and lots of upgrades options. Reliability body and most important part is it can shoot 1600 to 1700 paintballs with 20 Oz CO2. 

Rating From Our Side: 9.7/10

6. GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

paintball guns cost

We did some research and will say (for the price) this gun is amazing. Easy maintenance, great shooter, accurate stock barrel and not a terrible air hog. The body of the marker is basically a combination of aluminium as well as high strength composites. It is very lightweight and durable. This is a mechanical spool valve marker and it doesn’t take batteries. It has entirely mechanical operation but still feels more like an electronic marker than a mechanical one. GOG actually runs on both HPA and CO2 which is nice for the beginner players because a lot of players are just getting into the sport. 

Sometimes people can’t afford an HPA tank. If you are confused and do not know which one to choose between HPA or CO2 then do not worry. You can pick up a co2 tank. So, took a chance on this gun after seeing our positive reviews. Out of the box it’s very accurate and air efficient and hopefully you have a great experience after buying this gun. 

eNMEy has a very beautiful and comfortable trigger which allows players to play the game without any hesitation. Many guns we have looked at and tested have very rough triggers which can cause pain in the fingers. But GOG has a very impressive trigger which is very helpful while playing. Always remember, any product like guns or anything will always be more helpful for you when you clean up. It is important to take good care of your equipment. If you want the gun to perform well then clean it after every use. 

The best thing about it is that when you are ready to shoot, this gun pays attention to all the players. Isn’t it cool? The other thing you will do is estimate the gun’s shooting speed. If you have a gap 60 to 70 feet to your enemy then with this gap you can easily shoot your target. 


  • Quiet while shooting. 
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Extremely soft trigger. 
  • Accurate with decent paint. 


Sometimes gas leak issues. 

Our Opinion

The marker is brand new and got 176 shots off from the tank. We highly recommend any player of any skill whether you are a new or veteran player. This marker is just too fun and inexpensive to pass up. 

Rating From Our Side: 9.1/10

7. Azodin Blitz 3 Electronic Paintball Gun

Azodin Kaos 3 is another mind blowing paintball gun. Comes with five colours and you can easily buy it because it comes with a budget of only 200$. If you are that type of player who loves to play action and hard paintball games with their family and friends then you must have to buy this gun. The Blitz 3 gun is very lightweight. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the time anywhere and anytime you can easily carry this and be ready for war. What’s more there’s already a double trigger, smooth nylon and adjustable screw lock. 

The gun can attach with both CO2 and HPA which help to shoot fast and continuously. The Blitz 3 got a few changes. One thing we really like is the grip frame which is much smaller and more slim. So, if you have small hands or you’re new to paintball and want something easy to handle then definitely consider this gun. It’s a very nice fitting, got the finger double trigger and of course a nice ported 12 inch barrel. In HPA 3000 psi type of setup you’re probably gonna get about six to eight hundred shots per fill air. Pretty reliable most of your local paintball field where you need unlimited air. 

We personally love this gun, very durable, easy to clean and maintain. If you want to play with your friends or family then you must have to pick this one because this gun saves yourself in every way. When we think of playing paintball the very first question in our mind is that Is there any type of gun who can protect ourselves. The answer is Yes, all these guns listed are meant for you. 


  • 100 shots per fill air. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Well designed and comfortable hold. 
  • Looks pretty sleek. 


There’s no On and Off ASA, so you run the risk of damaging it. 

Our Opinion

It shoots with decent paint and is super simple to disassemble and clean. Are you looking for your first marker, a backup or a child then this is the best you will find. 

Rating From Our Side: 9.5/10

8. Valken Blackhawk MGF Paintball Gun

good paintball guns under 200

If you’re trying to get into a magazine fed paintball gun then this is the best choice for you. Valken M17 is very authentic and comes with full capacity. Maintenance wise it is not difficult and also has many features. 

Shooting full auto 15 bps will not attract the player but if you don’t use battery and shoot you can see the result with your own eyes. M17 will give you 150 or 160 shots which makes this really efficient. It also has a safety option if you click on the button then easily you can play semi auto and full auto. When you already play 18 rounds then mag’s going to be empty so you’re gonna be reloading all the time and probably fed up so just try loader if you want to. From our experience the barrel of this marker will not be good for you because you can’t set your target. That’s why you have to upgrade to perform well. 

Wait, there are even better things ahead..

The reason why we love this marker is because it has a reasonable price (under 200$) and is best for beginners to play as a professional in paintball. Full auto cycling folio style without having any electronics in the gun and no battery in this it’s just semi auto and full auto style shooting. All good in this marker but one major problem is when you shoot 900 or 1,000 paintballs, then the gun will break slowly. We wouldn’t recommend you to fire full auto overlong. When you use full auto occasionally then there would be less chances that marker will break.


  • Very easy to maintain. 
  • 160 shots in one play. 
  • Safety option. 
  • Pretty Freaking accurate 


The sound of the shot is very loud and sometimes irritates the players. 

Our Opinion

Not only extraordinary performance, also should be high rated and good looking to give confidence for better performance in the paintball field. 

Rating From Our Side: 9.9/10

Important Things to Consider to Buy Best Paintball Gun Under 200$ (Complete Buying Guide). 

Check all these things before buying the gun and make sure you follow these steps to find your best one. 


Accuracy is the backbone in the paintball field. Select the gun which can shoot accurately so that your competitor has no chance to shoot you. Believe us, you feel frustrated when you close your target and the shot missed because of your inaccurate gun. One thing we recommend you to buy paintball gun kits under $100. 


When we start researching paintball guns our first priority is to select light budget paintball guns instead of expensive ones. Remember that the more expensive the gun you buy, the more you will have to spend on it. Set your budget and buy that one which can perfectly fit in your budget. 


One of the most important things to check when you buy is weight because gun weight can make or break your game. We strongly recommend that you always select a lightweight gun especially if you are new. It is very easy for you to move around while you play. And if you select the heavy one then it’s really hard for you to win. Because when you hold a heavy weapon and start firing then it affects your shoulder which is very harmful for you.  


As we told you many times, always choose Comfortable, accurate and durable guns. Make sure to focus on these three things then take a look at other features. You can check our buying guide to get some ideas about how to select the best paintball guns under 200. As we did lots of research and gathered all top guns. 

We have a strong knowledge and experience about paintball guns, we all test top rated paintball guns from our own hands then decide to tell you. All guns are very sufficient and the shooting is mind blowing. Just set your target and ready to shoot your enemy. No matter how far they are you can easily target them. 


Q1. Can we buy the light budget marker to play on regular bases?

The buyer always goes for less costly guns. But when they buy the gun they have some faults. Do not worry you can select any gun on this list and buy good paintball guns under 200 only. However upgrade it later on because upgrade options are available which makes your marker more expensive and it performs well.

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