10 Best Paintball Guns of 2023

Best Paintball Guns

Have you ever wanted to have a gun in your hand and be ready to fight like in action movies? If so then you must have to use paintball guns. It is all for you and will surely give you pleasure and happiness. Because with the help of this, you can fulfil your desire. Let’s have a look at the most admirable best paintball gun reviews of 2023.

If you are interested in buying one then we can help you with the best. We know some guns are really expensive which makes people think about whether to buy them or not. That’s why our team is also here to help you out of this problem. We searched a lot and found the top paintball guns. You can easily buy it according to your budget.

Best Pick

Tippmann TMC Magfed

Staff Pick

Empire Mini GS

Budget Pick

Spyder Victor

Top Rated Best Paintball Guns of 2023

We have worked in this field for about 9 years, after so much searching and time we are going to present all the important and good paintball guns that you will be amazed by use.

Don’t take all these guns lightly. As they not only provide excellent support but also can be used for a long time it is up to you how much you take care of it. After we have tested all of them and are recommending them to you. So patience is over, now let’s see the review of guns.

Best Pick

Tippmann TMC Magfed


  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Color: Black / Tan
  • Rounds: 20
  • Item Weight: 6.5 Pounds
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum

TMC Magfed is the latest gun that is an incredibly authentic AR style. It comes with a 12-inch high-performance barrel with a muzzle break. The TMC is the newest addition to Tippmann’s magfed range. It’s the best looking most affordable gun on the market today and comes with a 2 years of warranty. You must have to try this one, we use it and there are no words to explain how comfortable it is. We totally recommend it. 

This magfed has an aluminium and magnesium receiver and is made with metal, there’s no plastic. If you are a shoulder guy you can extend it out to the fifth position and have a better hold on the gun. TMC has a lot of features which you will like the most. Let’s take a look: 

  • You have an undo screw from which you’ll be able to take the shroud off from the front of the gun.
  • Want safety on TMC? It has a style switch fire and is safe.
  • Charging handle in the back that’s actually how you load the paintballs and get ready to fire.
  • You’ve got five different positions on your shoulder. 

Highly Recommended

TMC is more unique than other paintball guns. Its grip has no words to explain is just super comfortable. There’s like these rubberized grips and it just fits in your hands really well so it feels really good when you hold it. The gun looks close to a true carbon or m4 setup, Tmc is very similar to 98 and Gryphon guns. Have an adjusted nut and screw at the top, you can tighten it up so it looks good.

We think the gun is fantastic and price-wise it’s going to be great because this will be going to fit according to your budget. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this gun will bring a smile to your face. Under $200, We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to play. 

It does feel like a real AR-15 especially when you fire because the way it blows back is incredible. You will easily shoot your enemy from 150 feet. Tippmann TMC comes with an affordable price and is best for beginners and intermediate players.

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a dedicated certified technical support department.
  • Takes a lot of time without charging.
  • Really affordable gun.
  • Lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t take first-strike rounds.

Staff Pick

Empire Mini GS


  • Brand: Empire
  • Colour: Blue Pink
  • Rounds: 2
  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Team Name: Mini

Next on the list, we have the Empire Mini. This product impresses us a lot with its beautifully designed and long-lasting use. Are you also looking for a fantastic gun at a great price and easy-to-understand how the guns physically work? Then be ready because this gun fits your criteria.

This paintball gun is a tournament-level performance pump maker and offers low-pressure operation. It has an auto-trigger for rapid firing and uses an aluminium two-piece 14-inch barrel. Empire Mini is not costly so you can buy this gun according to your budget. 

Empire Mini sells like crazy and a lot of beginners love this gun. The mini gs small compact does have many tournament features as compared to other markers. It has a quick-release bolt system. 

This gun has a one-piece barrel. Empire Mini has been around for years and years tried and tested, it is fully electronic and has a nice on-and-off system. We highly suggest it for the new players who are trying to get into speedball. There’s a tinker-down option that will tell you you’re on point or when you mess up by touching something.

Run it for years and not a single problem appears if you care properly. Fast shooting to 150 feet distance. Not a single paintball chop.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to hold the front and grip.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pretty air-efficient.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It becomes a bit difficult for good players to play with a gun of this mini size.

Budget Pick

Spyder Victor


  • Brand: Spyder Paintball
  • Colour: Polish Orange
  • Rounds: 6
  • Air Gun Power Type: CO2
  • Barrel Material Type: Polymer

Are you waiting for such a gun that is popular as well as affordable? If so, then there is no better gun for you than Spyder Victor. This gun has been the worldwide leader in paintball markers for over 30 years. If you are a beginner, the Spyder Victor is a great choice. 

It is fully adjustable to observe with all paintball rules. Spyder is a household name in the paintball industry. The modern Spyder Victor comes in a variety of colours but the colour that is considered the most is black.

There’s not a lot of electronics going on inside of this gun, very easy to understand and easy to maintain on your own. If you’re looking for an aftermarket barrel make sure you get a spider threaded version. There is no regulator system just running air straight from the tank into the gun. 

It features an eco valve, high impact, 10-inch micro ported barrel, two finger double trigger. This gun is fully adjustable; you can easily adjust the marker’s speed from 280 feet per second to over 350 feet per second. 

Thanks to the gun body because it’s waterproof. Affordable priced when compared to other markers. Recommended for beginners because it doesn’t have dangerous power that’s why there will be no hurt.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Carbon Fibre body.
  • Very cheap price.

Reasons to Avoid

  • After a lot of use, its screws become loose.

Umarex T4E Hds


  • Brand: Umarex
  • Colour: Multi
  • Rounds: 2
  • Item Weight: 4.26 Pounds
  • Air Gun Power Type: CO2


T4E is double-barreled home defence shotgun 68 that combines power and speed. The large 68 calibre allows you to use rubber balls, paper rounds, chalk balls and paintballs. With rubber steel powerballs you can aim for the face and waist to stop your attacker.

Another exciting thing about this gun is that you can just load the shot indirectly which is actually really nice. Anyone who’s used those shell-loading shotguns before then they knows that they’re a hassle, a lot of work and putting an effort in per shot but with this gun, you do not need to worry about it.

You got a little button underneath which means your barrel is gonna pop. Open up and then just load the paintballs directly. Close it up and you’re good to go. It has a barrel selector so you can easily select left, right or both at the same time. If you fire from both barrels at once the velocity will be lower. Because it’s using the same amount of gas to push paintball rather than one. 

We’re pretty sure you guys have figured that out now. What do you think? Are you as excited about this as we are? Hopefully, you have a great experience with this gun. 

Shoot near 300 fps and accurately. There is a barrel switch option to choose the left, right or both barrels to shoot. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Automatic loaded.
  • Easy to hold
  • Double barrel shoot at the same time.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little Overweight.

Valken M17


  • Brand: Valken
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 18
  • Air Gun Power Type: Electric

One of the most popular and fastest-growing guns in the paintball world. The thrill of the paintball combines with the challenge of making every shot count with limited bullets.

Valken M17 paintball will help you to accomplish any mission. This gun offers also serious magfed tactical performance at an amazing price. A mechanical paintball gun with no batteries needed but the valken m17 in semi or fully automatic modes.

Attach this gun to any standard paintball tank whatever you like, it’s up to you, Valken has considered all types of people whether they are left-handed or right-handed. If you’re getting started and don’t want to spend a lot of money just try this gun and don’t look for the rent because sometimes rental equipment can be really terrible.

Valken has a variety of accessories for the m17 from optics like scopes and red dot sights to barrel stocks and remote adapters. Allowing you to build your ultimate loadout. Lock and load with this paintball gun and accomplish your mission.

The Valken mechanical gun has no batteries to operate and it fires in a unique way with consistency and accuracy. Reasonable price and high-quality marker.

Reasons to Buy

    • No batteries to operate.
  • It’s full auto, reliable and accurate.
  • Most modifiable paintball marker.

Reasons to Avoid

  • While shooting it has a very loud sound.

Tippmann A5

  • Package Weight: ‎2.13 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: Tippmann
  • Colour: ‎Black
  • Material: Other



Next, we are going to do a review of the Tippmann a5. If you want a good gun and want to destroy your competitor in one shot then this gun is perfect for you. The A-5 is the most popular scenario, well regarded and very rugged durable gun. After hours of searching for many guns, we chose the Tippmann A5. Here’s why:

This gun comes in three different models. You can also get an electronic version which will give you higher rates of fire plus auto three-shot burst and ramping modes. Let’s show you the features of this gun. The A-5 is like the AK47 of the paintball world. It’s true that there are faster, lighter and more advanced paintball markers on the market. Play woodsball where tactical movement and strategy do more for you than having the most equipment out there, and using older markers like A-5 more or less forces you to play better to keep up. 

  • You’ve got a 10-inch barrel.
  • The bottom line is set up.
  • Strap holder.

The Tippmann a5 comes with a built-in loading system so you do not need to purchase a loader for this gun called cyclone loader. The a5 is so popular with a lot of players because of its customizability options and shooting speed. You can turn this gun into any real-world-looking gun that you would like m16, mp5, G36. The A-5 is one of the most customizable markers available with a ton of upgrades both practical (barrel for distance and accuracy, triggers for rate of fire) and aesthetic (barrel, shroud clips etc.). 

Grab A5

However, it does promote a more conscious play style that will ultimately be more successful in large fields. The cyclone feed works great and never fails during a paintball firefight, if you are going to go Tippmann, spend a little extra money and grab the a5. 

The Tippmann A-5 gun has two button selectors, which means they allow the user to switch between safe mode and firing mode. Best for players who are newbies which helps them to increase their skill level. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It can play for a long time.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great functional design than others.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is not light in weight.

Tippmann Cronus


  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Colour: Tan and Black
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Team Name: Cronus

Tippmann Cronus is a perfect choice for those who want to play at the next level and do something different in their paintball game. You might be wondering what’s even in this gun. Isn’t that so? Well, we don’t take up much of your time. Let’s jump to the main point. You are a new paintball player, maybe you have been playing paintball for a long time Cronus is good for you. 

The most popular part about the gun is that the grip is super comfortable because of its soft rubber. It is an affordable gun under your budget and it’s crazy reliable. Tippmann Cronus is just super reliable, incredible durability in a milsim body paintball gun that is gonna work pretty much in every condition. If are you looking for a really inexpensive gun then pick Tippmann Cronus.

Another drawback of the Cronus is there aren’t a lot of upgrades. So, like other Tippmann guns, Cronus is not fully upgradeable. Tippmann cyclone hopper or the E grip, nine of that stuff will fit on this. If you think at some point you’re going to want the e grip then look at the Tippmann a5 which already has Cyclone or the Tippmann 98.

Cronus works on compressed air or CO2 and also works with any hopper, there’s even an optional modification kit that includes a mock, silencer, stock and carry handle. Take your game to the next level with the attention-grabbing semi-automatic 68-caliber Cronus marker. The “gun” or “marker” works very well, from our experience, it is accurate, and the weight is heavy but not excessive. With the CO2 screwed on then it is easy to get into shooting position.

Cronus is designed with the best user experience in mind. There is a way when Cronus becomes valuable. You can turn Cronus into any kind of gun you like the most.

Reasons to Buy

  • Least expensive
  • Nylon body.
  • Easy to hold and grip.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The barrel squeegee provided is too big.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2


  • Brand: Action Village
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 20
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum

There is another gun that has attracted everyone towards it very quickly called Planet Eclipse Etha. No matter how difficult the game is, this gun will handle everything comfortably. There are also a couple of things that we like in Etha 2. This gun has some features which are amazing and easy to use. If you are a starter or beginner and looking for something that’s gonna be really reliable, with extremely good shot quality then the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is freaking awesome.

First, the regulator is adjustable with the pops in the On and Off position. 

Second, there are slots of your barrels and guns that are going to keep well protected from shock and scratches. 

Etha 2 has a lot of nylon parts like the frame, neck, and body. Almost the entire gun is made out of nylon. Some guns’ shoot level is very normal or low but compared to all of them, the shoot level of Etha 2 is very surprising. Shot quality is stunning and feels more solid just put your finger on the trigger and be ready to shoot your enemy because it is impossible to lose the game with this gun. 

It does come with a two-piece aluminium 14-inch barrel, the trigger is super comfortable and walkable as well buyers can definitely enjoy the trigger system. The grips are removable just put your finger on the grip and slightly pull it off easily, if you want an olive or different colour grip buy those and swap out the grips. 

Worth The Money

Well worth the money for what you get! We have a lot of markers and no comparison to ease of maintenance, accuracy and value of the etha 2. This marker is made to take extreme temperature changes, beating and still perform as well as any high-grade tournament marker. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a magnetic trigger, but you can upgrade to that on Amazon or eBay for 18$.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is known as a high-quality and high-performance marker. As you know it will make a nylon body and be durable. So, you can easily play in harsh weather without any problem.

Reasons to Buy

  • The wire-free connection between the frame and body.
  • It’s not as hard as the other eclipse cases.
  • Easy to remove the battery.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not Upgradeable.

Empire Paintball Axe Pro


  • Brand: Empire Axe Pro
  • Colour: Dust Tan/ Dust Olive
  • Rounds: 6
  • Air Gun Power Type: Gas-Piston

Again we are here to show you the best paintball gun according to your budget which is the Empire paintball Axe Pro. This larger body equipment gives you a larger volume of air making and the gun operates more smoothly.

Empire Axe Pro gives you an LCD screen in the back of the grip and joystick allowing you to change features. It’s a great option for any kind of player whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. Any type of player can use this gun, especially intermediate. 

Also speaking of the front grip it’s a new waterproofing system. By coincidence, if the gun falls into the mud, it will not suffer some damage. This gun has a powerful frame which can never break easily and when you shoot harshly and go somewhere while playing then it will not be uncomfortable to carry it. 

It has a powerful frame which will not break easily if you properly care. It is smooth, extremely reliable, and also has a rotor and ninja HPA on it that makes it look on point. Already shot +6K paintball and not a single break. The only thing is the feedback piece somehow gets loose or doesn’t screw tight enough in the right place, this causes the rotor sometimes to move but it doesn’t affect the game. 

The shooting sequence is smooth and not a single paintball delay. Empire Axe can shoot 5,000 paintballs without breaking any of them. Spend many hours and not a single second feel tired.

Reasons to Buy

  • No need to protect from water.
  • No difficulty while cleaning.
  • Powerfully built frame.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is a bit heavy in terms of weight.

Tippmann 98 Custom


  • An easy-to-use semi-automatic marker that delivers reliable performance that can easily be upgraded
  • Split receiver design provides quick access to internal components for installation of upgrades and modifications
  • Picatinny rail along the top of the marker makes it easy to add a carry handle, scopes and other mods
  • Anti-chop Technology (ACT) minimizes paint breakage

Let’s talk about the best-selling paintball gun Tippmann 98 Custom. 98 is the most popular gun ever made. We think you have to read this topic to find out why you should buy a Tippmann 98, you have to buy a Tippmann 98 because it’s reliable, durable and customizable. 

The 98 custom is so amazing and you can use it as your rental gun at outdoor fields. You can also run it through the water, dirt or mud and it still performs well. 

Whether or not you’re also going to have to upgrade your gun that is always depends on you if yes then go with the Tippmann 98 because it has a lot of stuff, magazines, more barrels, more shrouds just everything and also has a cyclone feed it. 98 has a bunch of kits like ak-47 kit, m4 kit and it looks amazing when upgraded just like a real marker. 

The 98 custom is a tank of a marker, it would be hard-pressed to find another marker which can withstand the beating that a 98 can. It’s a solid-built marker with plenty of upgrades floating around for it. Would recommend it for anyone who is a beginner or for those people who play occasionally. Great, basic marker if you plan on staying on the mechanical side. 

Overall, this is a solid well-firing gun, with a few improvements to the barrel and an addition of a stock (to make it look really adorable).

Fire 8 shots per second and the speed is very amazing. For anyone who wants to invest in their first paintball gun then Tippmann 98 Custom is the best choice for you. 

Reasons to Buy

    • Pretty comfortable to hold.
    • Upgrade option.
  • Made with full of metal.

Reasons to Avoid

  • This gun does not have such a good barrel, so upgrade the barrel.

Where To Purchase The Product? (Full Guide)

Don’t believe in everyone because you better know that nowadays there are many scams online. They make promises to impress their client when the client agrees then they deceive them. Therefore, order your item from a place or website that is trusted and known, Don’t get too thrilled while searching for the product, Let’s say you didn’t do the proper research and buy the product but in the end, you will be scammed. So try to research properly and then buy.

You can search as much as you can. First, read reviews and don’t trust those who take a good picture to reassure the client. Wait a little and avoid getting stuck in the wrong place, try as much as possible to buy from a trusted brand or the biggest market such as eBay

Wait, this is also the main part, we hope that you read that and make a proper decision, which will be easy for you to decide what type of paintball gun is perfect for you and where to buy. Be sure to check out each gun and its reviews. In this way, you can easily buy your gun with the help of reviews.


We are going to give you some tips for buying your first paintball marker, if you’re looking to get paintball or to buy your first marker then pay attention to these because this will be helpful. 

  • Do proper research because, with the help of this, you can better know where to buy and know what you want. In particular, try to talk to people who have the markers which you are interested in, and they tell you what’s good and bad about markers. Do as much research as you can and then hopefully you’re not gonna be scammed from anywhere. 
  • The second tip is that nobody reads the manual, there’s a lot of stuff in there. We also sometimes don’t read manuals when buying things but it is compulsory to read or on the other side if you purchase online then buy from a trusted website. 

Best Beginner Paintball Guns

Choosing a beginner paintball gun is sometimes very easy and sometimes you also never know which gun will be right for you. First, check your budget then select the gun accordingly. It’s not important that all expensive things will be perfect, occasionally expensive items are not good for us. It’s your choice which type of gun you select: mechanical, electronic, magfed or super basic. We will guide you with a beginner gun so that it is easy for you to select.

This type of question is very common how can we select the best starter or beginners pro paintball guns? This time we discuss a few guns and categories like super basic, a mag fed, pump, electric and mechanical gun, and higher-end starter guns.

Spider MR 100

The first one is Spider MR 100, the reason why we want this one on the list is because it is super simple and durable, easy to maintain and cheap too. There are not a ton of moving parts, a small handful of O rings, springs and stuff. When you do have to maintain and take off the part all you do is to take out the middle screw, take out the little push pin and all the stuff is going to come out. 

GOG Enemy

Moving on we got GOG Enemy, it’s not gonna be too challenging for anybody who has no experience. GOG Enemy is Simple, nice, light and doesn’t weigh a lot for younger kids or smaller players. This is gonna be a really good choice. 

Best Low-Price Paintball Guns 

Only for you, we bring the best paintball gun for the money at the very cheapest price and good quality. There are many questions about how to get a good gun for less money, what’s the best entry, cool paintball guns and things like that. Sometimes you play paintball and really don’t know which one is best because no one guides you properly but you don’t have to worry about it. We are here to guide you on how to get the best paintball at a low price. 

We are going to be very picky on this. It is also the best way to spend your money with these types of guns we mention below. First, we are going to start with the lowest one and then move up. So, without wasting your time let’s get to the point. 

Azodin Kaos ($250) 

If you want to spend a hundred bucks to buy a paintball gun then we recommend our favourite and popular one which is Azodin Chaos. This gun is very similar to Spider Victor. The main difference is that it has a front handle which is made of all metal and it’s extremely reliable.  

The day when this gun is released people buy it hand to hand and the best part is that it comes with five or six multiple colours. Different types of colours are so eye-touching and it is a bit heavy because this may have a metal grip but you don’t need to worry about tripping, falling and breaking. 

To clean the gun you just have to pull the right top, slide out the back and run like a swab or squeeze. You can even use a paper towel if you’re new to it. Odin Chaos will last a very long time if you clean it properly. 

Azodin Kp 3.5 ($300)

Second, the best paintball gun under $300 is Azodin Kp3.5. It just happens to be pretty inexpensive, super smooth and extremely easy to fix. Let’s clarify something first, the Kp 3.5 is the same gun as the Kp 3 the 3.5 is the new version, and this comes with two barrel backs instead of one. Those two backs just allow you to match paintball better to your barrel to improve correctness. 

The Kp is a pump gun so every time you want to shoot with this gun you have to physically pump it. The Kp 3.5 and pump gun are the same way so you have to physically pitch when the ball falls down and push the pump forward and you are easy to shoot. Kp is really easy to fix pump strokes, super smooth and also if you get the 3.5 version then you’re going to get two barrel backs. 

Proto Rise ($250)

The next one is the proto rise and this gun is going to be the least expensive good tournament paintball gun, where you have a normal hopper on the top normal tank. What really makes the proto rise great though is the bolt system, which operates at about a hundred and eighty. Psi have a very low pressure which means it’s gonna kick very little, really quiet, shoot higher end. Proto Rise is an electronic gun.

It’s gonna have all the firing modes that you need so it will have full auto and all the ramping modes as well as semi and really lightweight triggers that can allow you to shoot super fast. It doesn’t have the sharp feed neck like the KP3 though but it does have an adjustable feed neck you just have to use an Allen wrench to adjust it on the right side. 

Dye Rize CZR ($350)

In 2019 this model was released and many people bought it as well as given good reviews. Dye Czr have the newly updated two-piece 14-inch barrel which you like a lot, another good feature is that they did expand the actual width inside. 

Now for the part most people want to hear, it is “fully automatic” and does have another mode named ramps which is really good and shoots just a little slower than full auto. 

Empire Axe 2.0 ($350)

Empire Axe 2.0 comes with a nice spiral 2-piece driver barrel and it also comes with external eye covers, a very nice smooth-looking marker, push button bolt system when you push that button the bolt is straight out of the gun. In our opinion, any other gun which is under $400 or $500 never beats the Axe 2.0.

Just relax, there is no restriction on you to select any of them, you can also choose a normal-range gun, if you select any of the guns we mention then we will guarantee you that these guns will be exactly the same as we told you.

Need To Know About Paintball

We are here to bring you a basic beginner’s guide to paintball. If you’re a seasoned player or play before then this topic probably isn’t for you. This topic is for those who don’t really know anything about the sport of paintball. So, what is paintball?

Now there are about three different types of paintball, rec ball, milsim, woodsball and speedball, it’s completely up to you to play. All paintball types have different rules. Apart from these, there are many more but these are the most famous. If you want to play there are some rules you must follow because these rules are ones to either break or make your time at the paintball field. 

Rec Ball And Milsim (Military Simulator)

Rec ball is the fun type of ball. It is an easy way to play with your friends without following any rules, you can build your own rules and play, just go out and enjoy. It’ll be really fun. Rec ball is amazing, go to the field and have an adventure. When you are out there you seek out somebody, working with the team of buddies to try to capture the flag and bring it back. 

Milsim is known as a military simulator. Most experts play this paintball and the equipment looks realistic which makes the game more attractive. When all people practice their military gear, they can never use easy paintball guns, rather they use realistic military techniques realistic guns like Tippmann TMC, Valken M17 and Tippmann Cronus.

Speedball vs Woodsball

Speed Ball

As you can guess from its name speedball, it is a faster-paced paintball game, you make your own team. It’s totally up to you how many players you want to add in your team. Speedball was played in an open area, Did you see the football field? It is also played in some such open spaces. It is the faster game because you’re not hiding in the woods or behind the trees. That’s why the name is Speedball. The weight of the gun should be very light to defeat your enemy comfortably. Choosing an electronic hooper and HPA tank will further enhance your fire technique. 


If we talk about woodsball, it’s very different from speedball because woodsball is played slower than speedball. In woodsball, you have to hide behind a tree and shoot, choose any paintball gun which you can comfortably hold. It doesn’t matter which type of gun you use, even you have to definitely use a speedball marker in woodsball, 

Best Tips To Play Paintball

These tips are special for those who don’t know much about paintball. If you follow these tips then the game will be yours. 

  • At first, you don’t have confidence in yourself that you can’t win the game very easily if you think this then you can’t beat your enemy with this attitude. Set your timetable and practice as much as you can, not only in the field, but you can also practice in any type of field or game, hold your gun and learn how to take grip and shoot well so that you get into the habit of holding it and then use it to the fullest in every game. 
  • When you do your training-related shots, it’s the best way to know how to shoot in different ways like lying and standing because when you start to play there are many situations where you need to shoot, lay down and stand as well, if you already learned all this then it will not be difficult while playing.
  • We already tell you not every expensive gun and things be perfect, but if you take good care, upgrade and clean it in every use then your gun is freaky awesome. Do not waste your money to buy expensive guns and wasteful guns.

Look Carefully While Select Paintball Gun

In the end, you make up your mind and want to purchase the paintball gun. Before you buy look after some features which can help you to choose the perfect gun, these features are very important for all guns. 


This is the main element to determine which type of gun you select. The weight of the gun also depends on your game. You can win or lose the game because of the weight of the gun. Why? You already wear many things like masks and clothes, the weight of all these things will be a bit heavy if you also carry a heavy gun on your shoulder. So it may be difficult for you to play, whenever you select your gun make sure you check the gun weight, always select a lightweight gun. 


Make sure while buying the gun that the grip is soft and comfortable. When you start to play and the grip is rough it will be very irritating to hold it, you feel itching on your finger and you can’t focus on your play. Everyone wants to find something comfortable. The more comfortable it is, the better it will affect the game and you can shoot easily without any hassle. 


Barrels are also an important part of paintball because with this you can continuously shoot on your competitor. The bigger the barrel, the more your game will benefit. If you want to shoot sharp then upgrade your barrel. If you are interested then invest your money in carbon fibre, aluminium and stainless steel barrels. 


Not only grip or barrel are the important part but the trigger is also very important. Each gun has a different trigger, you push the trigger and Boom you let out the shot. When you start playing and are ready to shoot press the trigger first test the trigger of the gun and check if it is not too tight or loose. 


Hopper is the main category of the gun, it sits on the top of the gun and the paintball feeds into the ball chamber of the gun. Inside the hopper, a lot of paintballs, each holding roughly 200 paintballs on average, due to this the firing speed is also very fast. It’s really important to choose the perfect hopper because it depends on winning the game. The better the hopper, the faster the gun will work. 

Find the Best Paintball Marker

You want a paintball gun but don’t know which one, mechanical or electronic. Both are really good and work in different ways. How? Let’s go, we are going to tell you the details. When learning the difference between both guns then it’ll be really helpful for you to choose the right one. 

Mechanical Marker

So, in mechanical you just have to pull the trigger and be ready to shoot. All mechanical guns had different prices and worked differently as well. These guns are extremely easy to use. Mechanical markers are very durable and need to be cleaned and maintained. After playing the game, properly put oil into the gun and clean it in every use. Mechanical Guns are mostly low-priced as compared to electronic markers, they may not be fast and when you pull the trigger the sound of the shot is very loud but overall it’ll be a great experience and fun while playing with these guns. 

Electronic Marker

Let’s jump to the electric gun. So, as you know the electric guns are definitely going to be a little bit more costly but at the same time, you get better performance for spending extra money. It’s really hard for us to pick two good starter paintball guns in this electric gun category because there’s a lot of stuff. Proto Rise and the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 are the most demanding guns and both shoot very well.

Electronic markers are really in demand on the market and mostly professional players use these markers because they are really fast. Due to the double trigger, you can shoot at a very high speed, about 15 shots per second. 

Safety Precautions

Safety is our first priority, it’s very important to know which type of things we want to protect ourselves in every situation in paintball. If you know about safety precautions that’s good and those who don’t know and never focus on this then you must learn before you go. 

1. Do not take off the mask while playing because it protects your face specially eyes, you even don’t know in which direction your enemy can attack you so it is required to wear a mask. 

2. Take position, set your aim and start firing on your enemies.


Wait! Not finished yet. You must have to read this topic. Finding the best paintball gun is not always an easy task, it definitely needs someone’s guidance. If you are a beginner and don’t know which one to choose then this article is a gift for you, just read it and observe the good gun.  Even after that you don’t understand it, then just ask us and share your problem. 

If you have a problem or you don’t want to read the full review because it takes too much time and is sometimes boring isn’t it? That’s why we will briefly tell you the main guns. You can choose (the Umarex T4E HDS) double-barreled home defence shotgun 68 combining power and speed. (Tippmann Stormer Elite) is entirely modular for all levels to play in a relaxed mood. Another popular and fastest-growing gun we recommend is the (VALKEN M17). It will help you to accomplish any mission and it also doesn’t require any batteries to operate.


Finally, after reading all the product reviews if you are still having some confusion that disturbs you, just ask us. We will definitely answer your question as fast as we can. It is important to be satisfied before buying and we will help you to come up with the best paintball gun for you to play. 

Do you want to play? Haven’t thought about it yet? First of all you should be also aware about paintball markers. What things and features do you want in paintball, If you don’t know about paintball then you need to learn this game first. The question must have come to your mind: how? 

The answer is very simple: we help you out of this problem. Any question you have in your mind feel free to ask whether it is related to buying guns or similar we will respond immediately. Here are some things you need to pay attention to: 

Q1. What kind of paintball gun will be right for beginners? 

If you are playing for the first time then Spider Victor is best for you. It is a super cheap, affordable, totally functional paintball gun and basic semi-automatic. It is also pretty and easy to maintain, there’s no moving parts in there so if you have to get in there and want to fix it even if you’re a beginner then you have no problem with that. 

Q2. How can I make a gun last longer?

It doesn’t matter how expensive or least expensive your gun is if you can’t take good care then your gun will not be working longer. Maintaining a gun is very important and will support you for a long time. You have to oil your gun properly on time and clean it up after using.

Q3. Would it be okay to buy a used gun?

If you want to play just for fun and never wanted to play in a professional field then you can definitely buy or rent a used gun. And if you want to play it for your passion and hobby then you should have to choose a new gun.

Q4. Does a paintball gun hurt a lot?

Does it hurt? Yes, it can but after you are done with this it actually feels like snapped in of the towel in the washroom, it stings about 8 to 12 seconds. It’s a sharp shock, that wakes up the body and thinks Oh yeah I’m tagged that’s what it feels like. 

If you think that paintball gun hurts a lot and that’s why you get so scared. First of all, relax yourself because nothing like this happens, it’s all rumours. In case you are not wearing a shirt and your enemy shoots with full pressure then it’ll hurt a little. Therefore, wear protective gear for your safety. 

Q5. If the gun has a problem, how to fix it?

If such problem occurs, first let them know where gun was purchased from and tell them to fix it. Then if there is no response from there then follow these things.

Make sure your barrel sleeves are on and the gun is unloaded, go ahead and gas up the gun, screw the tank into the air source adapter and see if it has any leaks. There will be a hole on the side of the bottom of the gun that indicates there is a broken O ring on the tank. If the ring is broken, go ahead and replace it. 

Q6. How to Clean the Paintball Gun?

When you are cleaning the gun the first thing you want to do is check the barrel, and clean it for any obvious breaks when this process is done then go check the rest of the parts and clean it. You need a towel, water and a paintball gun tool to clean perfectly. When you start cleaning, keep in mind that all its parts are very delicate, so clean very carefully. 

Q7. How to shoot accurately?

Everything about aiming the paintball gun is about how strong you can hold it and everything is stable with your upper body. 
Anything you are moving, running or crouching is going to be your lower half so with your upper body everything stays strong and stable it doesn’t matter where you are aiming. Just focus on the target and start shooting, if your attention is even slightly diverted from your target, then think for yourself what will happen. 

Q8. Which one is better: CO2 or Compressed Air?

The most common question for new paintball players is what is the difference between CO2 and Compressed air? First, you have to know what CO2 is and what compressed air is. CO2 comes in a variety of sizes the most common size is probably 20 ounces. When trying to shoot paintball guns that require gas not liquid, it can be costly. CO2 comes in a liquid form while a paintball gun needs gas to get good pressure. 

So compressed air is also what sounds like just air, it’s just compressed air they just pull the atmosphere from the air compressor fill it up and screw it onto a paintball gun. So, compressed air because it’s not liquid gas all the time. In the end, CO2 is not always good for your game and gun. You need to use compressed air but one of the good things about CO2 is that these tanks are inexpensive. Overall Compressed air is the best one. 

Q9. What is the best paintball gun?

By the way, all guns do a very important job but if you want a specific gun which is best for you then select Planet Eclipse Etha 2 and Empire Paintball Axe Pro. These guns shoot smoothly, have easy maintenance and are also air efficient, the quick change battery is nice and the entire kit comes with really good quality which makes these guns great in general. Easily say these guns are the best at this price point. 

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