8 Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns

When you enter the paintball field there are many different games like woodsball, speedball, scenario, Milsim and mag fed paintball. So, in this article, we will discuss the best mag fed paintball guns. Mag fed is the new game than others. Where players prefer magazines instead of loaders to power up their guns.

The best thing about using a paintball gun with a magazine is that you can play smoothly and feel like you are holding a real gun in your hands. When you play with a mag fed gun you also have to face some downsides as well, but if you use blast guns like Tippmann Stormer tactical, Planet Eclipse EMF100 and dye assault matrix then definitely you never face these types of disadvantages we mentioned.

Best Pick

Tippmann Stormer Elite Paintball Gun 

Staff Pick

First Strike FS T15 Paintball Gun


Planet Eclipse EMF100 Paintball Gun

Honestly said, when you use the mag fed gun, it feels like you are loading and shooting a real gun. We will not only impress you with our words but also show you the evidence. Sometimes other people misguide you in selecting the right gun, and that’s why we are here to save you from all these difficulties, we will give you all the details based on our hard work and experience. We have tried many guns and made a list of the top 8 best mag fed paintball guns and present them to you in detail. 

Top 8 Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns 2023

As we told you before, mag fed is the newest version of paintball. That’s why many players don’t exactly know which magazine-fed paintball guns are best. If you also have this confusion then stay with us.

We will tell you in detail and tell you all the best mag fed paintball guns and also tell you which one is best or which one is harmful to your game. We know you are super excited to know about magfed paintball markers. Before you get bored let’s go to our main topic. 

Best Pick

Tippmann Stormer Elite 


  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Rounds: 20
  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Air Gun Power Type: Gas-Piston
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum

The Tippmann Stormer Elite is an amazing gun, especially for beginners and can easily adjust to your budget. Well constructed, feels great when you hold it and is fun to shoot. We remember the first time we held this gun and felt how comfortable and well-designed the Tippmann Stormer was.

Many guns had their corners which weighed a lot but if we compare the Tippmann Stormer to the other guns then it will be better to say that no gun can compete with this monster gun. It’s available in three models, the stormer basic, tactical and elite. 

On the other hand, we honestly said to you, when you first held this gun the first impression on your face was, can there be a better gun? Because the Stormer is an incredible and very fast shooting gun. Assembly is a little tricky to understand how to fix the inner parts of the gun.

The other problem is the gun weight because Stormer Elite is not a lightweight gun and with a standard aluminium tank which is not filled with air it definitely weighs more than ten pounds. We would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into paintball or mag fed paintball. Just have to be strong and fight for your victory. 

We tell you the secret thing which is gonna help you to shoot full high pressure. Should you be told about this? Ok, the very first thing is that when you purchase the gun look carefully at the top starter point if this type of point hasn’t been then never buy.

See Why: You may be wondering what the purpose of the starter point is. When players start to shoot they can’t focus properly but if you buy this gun which we tell you then you can easily focus with the help of a laser. And also had an automatic springboard pressure to shoot 150 feet easily. 

Overall, we had a great experience, now it’s your turn.

Reasons to Buy

  • Crazy shooting performance
  • Well-designed and comfortable to hold. 
  • Best for beginners
  • Reliable and durable. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not easy to fix the inner parts of the gun. 

Staff Pick

First Strike FS T15 Paintball Gun


  • Brand: First Strike
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 20
  • Item Weight: 4.41 Pounds
  • Team Name: First Strike
  • Air Gun Power Type: Electric

The very first time we entered the paintball field we didn’t know about this marker, then our friend said “Try this marker and you will forget your beloved one”. And think about what happened. Yes, you are right we forget about the guns which are our best and choose First Strike FS T15. We tell you how the accuracy is INSANE when shooting first-strike rounds. You can also buy adapters (if you can) to attach various barrels from other brands to shoot best but we disagree.

As far as the gun goes, its weight isn’t an issue for strong guys but if we talk about kids then it will be difficult for them to lift it. For that, we recommend 20 pushups a night and you will easily carry this gun any time LOL. 

The gun is highly accurate when shooting first-strike rounds. Less accurate when shooting round paintballs but still much more accurate than the majority of the markers available in the market. Just try to make sure you are shooting a quality paintball like Valken Graffiti or New World. The very first time we shot with this marker we connected the air stock and it had no leaks. A lot of people may think that this gun has an air leak from the barrel but that is not the case. 

Sometimes jams and chops issues come forward in every 2 balls if you also have this issue then you have to ensure the barrel bolt is snug on the top of the gun. Also, you want to ensure that your V2 magazines aren’t too loose. This marker is very picky in what kind of paint it takes. But once you get the specs down and know how the gun works then it is the best in its class. You can make this thing look and feel like a beast. 

Overall, you must have to buy if you want a mag fed marker that has the shot quality and accuracy.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to clean and take apart.
  • No leaks issue.
  • Any type of player can use this marker. 
  • Highly accurate when shooting the first strike. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes Jams and chops issues come forward in every 2 balls. 

Budget Pick

Planet Eclipse EMF100


  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 19
  • Team Name: Planet Eclipse

So, let’s start off by saying go ahead, this is going to be your favourite marker because this marker is accurate, consistent and quiet. No doubt in this season Planet Eclipse EMF100 is best for all players. You can primarily run FSR rounds through this gun, and also can get some crazy consistent shots from 80+ yards away and hit players as far out as 100 yards in the chest.

The reason why Planet Eclipse performs well is because this gun body is super cool and its inner parts are waterproof. When you pull this gun out of the box you are blown away by weight. This material is glass-infused nylon which is really hard plastic. 

If you run this gun all day long then this gun will never once have any firing issue. We are seriously considering buying the Deadlywind Null carbon fibre barrel for weight savings and cool factor.

The body is made out of some type of “reinforced polymer” which is amazing. EMF100 can seriously take a beating and continue to shoot remarkably. There’s a Pwr stock in the gun which allows you to maintain your head position at the back of the marker and with this help, you can easily set your aim even when you wear a mask. Lots of guns do not provide drop-down stock, for that reason you can’t set your aim exactly at the target to wear the mask. 

If you are just starting out and would like a massive upgrade over the Tippmanns that you are most likely renting. Stop doing this, go ahead and buy yourself an EMF100.

Reasons to Buy

  • Super cool body and its inner parts are waterproof. 
  • Reinforce polymer body. 
  • Shooting remarkably. 
  • Pwr stock position helps you to straighten your head and shoot exactly at the target.  

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit heavy

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker


  • Brand: Valken
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 18
  • Caliber: 0.68

Valken M17 is one of the best mag fed guns which comes with full capacity and .68 calibre. Maintenance wise this is not difficult and also has many features. 

Shooting full auto 15 bps will not attract the player but if you don’t use a battery and shoot you can see the result with your own eyes. M17 will give you 150 or 160 shots which makes this really efficient. It also has a safety option if you click on the button then easily you can play semi-auto and full-auto.

When you already play 18 rounds mag’s going to be empty so you’re gonna be reloading all the time and probably fed up so just try loader if you want to. From our experience, the barrel of this marker will not be good for you because you can’t set your target. That’s why you have to upgrade to perform well. 

Wait, there are even better things ahead.

The reason why we love this marker is because it has a reasonable price (under 300$) and is best for beginners to play as a professional in paintball. Full auto cycling folio style without having any electronics in the gun and no battery in this it’s just semi-auto and full auto style shooting.

All good in this marker but one major problem is when you shoot 900 or 1,000, then the gun will break slowly. We wouldn’t recommend you to fire full auto overlong. When you use full auto occasionally there would be less chance that marker will break.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very easy to maintain. 
  • 160 shots in one play. 
  • Safety option. 
  • Pretty Freaking accurate 

Reasons to Avoid

  • The sound of the shot was very loud and sometimes irritated the players. 

Tippmann TMT TMC Paintball Magfed Marker


  • Brand: Valken
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 18
  • Caliber: 0.68

Look at the modern mag fed gun which will fully support you in your gameplay. This gun provides dual-fed options so you can easily load your marker on both sides. It’s your choice if you want to use dummy magazines, otherwise, simple magazines are good to play with. Compared with other guns, TMC is better for lightweight and durability. 

A 12-inch barrel will help you to shoot accurately and if you want to shoot more accurately than before then simply upgrade your barrel. As well as a squashy rubber grip to help you to shoot perfectly even if your hands are covered with mud, you can set your target comfortably.

Don’t fear leakage gas because this marker internal gas line was covered all around so just chill and play the game recklessly

Reasons to Buy

  • Super comfortable grip. 
  • Easy to hold. 
  • Upgrade barrel option. 
  • Extremely durable. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy

Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine


  • Brand: Umarex
  • Colour: Multi
  • Rounds: 14
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Air Gun Power Type: CO2

Umarex t4e is also known as the training for engagement law enforcement and military training rifle. It comes with solid case foam to protect against major damage. As you know this is not a real gun but when you hold a T4E you feel real. Because the weight and the grip are so freaking real.

With .43 calibre you can shoot powder balls and rubber balls to hit your competitor. The finish is nice, everything externally on it just feels good, it feels like a lot of real AR-15s and m4s. 

A lot of people want to know what simulation UTM is. It’s basically taking a real firearm and either mod in it or using special ammo that’s much lower power. It’s meant to be able to be used in close-quarter training, room clearing house clearing for law enforcement. 

Basically, there are two models, you can get your standard m4a1 and can also get the hk416 styled one. It’s a little tough to unscrew that cap for the CO2 cartridge at first since it’s new, but make sure to let the pressure out first then open it.

In every shot, the paintball distance is at least 25-50ft. Most accurate within 30 feet. Definitely feel better walking around with this marker since you don’t need a licence for it and it’s not gonna kill someone as you don’t aim for the head. 

Reasons to Buy

  • High pressure can shoot. 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • Easy to upgrade. 
  • Protective case. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little expensive. 

Tippmann TMC Magfed Marker


  • Package Weight: 5.76 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: ‎Maddog
  • Part Number: HPA2063-16400
  • Style: Tan HPA Package
  • Size: 48/3000

Let’s talk about a famous and very cool marker called the Tippmann TMC magfed paintball marker. Very authentic look and is easy to move. The build is high quality and the gun/mags appear to be able to take a beating. When we played the first time during a game with this gun this happened we weren’t sure how to diagnose this, so we fired and nothing happened.

The first thought in our mind was the air issue and once realized that was not the right issue. So, we dropped the mag and saw a chopped ball stuck in the chamber which caused the gun to completely not fire. So, this is the purpose of telling you about all of them because in most case newbies who use this gun has the same problem, it’s better to try this method than to worry. 

The barrel seems a little overbored. So, upgrade your barrel to 14 inches to help improve accuracy. The TMC says it has a high-performance barrel already but we would disagree.

The first time opening this gun up was a challenge because there were a lot of pins/parts that fell out which made it hard to re-assemble. It’s really fun to play with if the tank is not installed directly on the marker (less weight). The only downside is cleaning it. Lots of little pieces on the inside if you open it up to clean the inside. So, be patient and be prepared. 

Overall impression: Whether you’re a beginner or a vet, this gun will bring a smile to your face only for 200$. Highly recommend it for anyone who plays.

Dye Dam DTM-2 Magfed Paintball Gun


  • Weight: 5.15 lbs
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Barrel Length: 14 inches standard
  • Eye System: Rotating Eyepipe™

Next, we are going to take a look at the Dye assault matrix or Dye Dam (as most people call it). This gun comes with great features and performs super cool. It’s a dual-purpose magazine, it’s not all twenty balls in one stack.

So, shoot your first ten rounds, press the release button down low, flip it around and then you’re on to your next ten shots. There’s a hopper fed or mag which is pretty neat. With two of these, you can essentially have six rounds on one side and six rounds on the other side and you have to flip it halfway through. 

With this marker, you can use the first strike drum mag and also can use the hard rubber paintball and one other exciting thing. If by chance your marker fell down into the mud then there’s no worries because the gun and the magazine are waterproof. It also protects your paintballs. 

Comes with removable stock, on and off Si which you can easily turn on and off the flow of air to your marker. It is an electronic semi-auto, burst fire, full auto and it’s totally programmable so you can mess with your rate of fire.

As you know the stock is way drop down if you are using some kind of optics and you have a mask on then it will protect you. Maybe you’re looking for something that you want to be able to shoot lots of paint then must try this one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight. 
  • Great rail system. 
  • Comes with 2 great mags and one dummy mag. 
  • The attack feels well-made and not wiggly. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t take first-strike rounds. 

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Magfed Paintball Guns

Note these things before buying by which you can avoid huge losses. 

  • Shooting Capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Dual Feeding
  • Affordable price

Shooting Capacity

Okay, the very first is shooting capacity which is very important for your game. Just make sure you always select a shooting capacity of about 240-350 FPS to mark your aim faster. If you shoot the gun slowly and lazily then by some miracle, you can win the game.

Many people have the same problem, guess what? How to choose the best mag fed paintball guns and that type of gun that can shoot like a beast. Simply, if you buy the gun on your own as you look at some shop then make sure to test first not only the shooting range but also other features you must check all these in a relaxed mood. 

On the other side if you want to buy a gun online then make sure you comfortably research and then buy. Read properly all the features, see reviews and see the proper shooting range if they are as we mentioned then you can buy them. Hopefully, this will help you. 


We have made it clear in almost every article that accuracy should always be your first priority. Believe us, if you never choose any one factor in accuracy then it will ruin your game and all mood in one second. So, carefully select the gun according to these tips which we will show you right now.  

  • First the grip, always remember that a comfortable grip is the most important factor of any marker. A soft and gentle grip will help you to win the game. We hope that you can choose the gun whose grip is super soft and comfortable so that you can hit the right target easily. 
  • The next one is the barrel, the size of the barrel is also another important factor. With the help of a barrel, you can set your target easily. Don’t use a small barrel 9-12 inches because with this size you cannot shoot properly. Rather choose a 14-17 inches long barrel to shoot accurately. 
  • The last one is gun weight. Suppose you hold a very heavy gun, do you think you can enjoy your game or win the game? Not a chance, how can you shoot right at the target with such weight? That’s why weight is also another important factor to play smoothly. 

Dual Feeding

The third and the last was dual feeding. With this dual option, you can access the loader and magazines. Sometimes if the loader did not work then you could easily use a magazine and sometimes if the magazines didn’t work right then you could use the loader. It has this advantage. 

Many players don’t like the magazines because they don’t want to feed the magazines over and over again because magazines can hold only 20 to 30 paintballs. While loaders can hold 300 paintballs. That’s why they can simply use the fastest paintball loader. And we know you also choose a loader because we also choose this but sometimes magazines can also be helpful a lot.  

Affordable Price

Everyone has their own preference but always select something that suits your budget. When you purchase a costly gun and when time begins there are many problems, So, that’s why always select the gun that can fit your budget and will not be a problem after purchasing. 


We tell you all the details about the best mag fed paintball guns. Now it’s your turn to choose the best one. We have tried as best as we can and tell you to complete in detail about the guns in the buying guides. As we said before, our team has done too much research to select the best guns which are affordable in price.

Don’t take all these guns lightly if you don’t believe us, then you can research your own and then choose your best. Some people think only mag fed guns are available but there are also mag fed paintball pistols

Don’t take a hassle and choose lightweight, .68 calibre and under-your-budget guns. Suppose you like a gun which costs 1000$ and after first the problem occurs. Then what do you think you will do? All your money is wasted, isn’t it?

We do not hesitate to tell all of you that these guns were incredible and improved your performance in the paintball field. Don’t select a gun to see its beauty and package. Rather always choose the gun which you can hold comfortably and feel relaxed while playing. 


If you have some confusion and face problems solving some issues then feel free and tell us about your problem. We will try to help you as much as we can. 

Q1. Which one is the best mil-sim paintball gun?

We will give you the list of the guns but if you want an expert opinion then we will recommend you some:

1. Tippmann TMC
2. Tippmann Stormer Elite
3. Planet Eclipse MG100 
4. These are all the best mil-sim paintball guns. You must try these and tell us about your experience. 

Q2. What is mag fed?

Mag-fed means you can feed your paintballs with the help of magazines. In mag, you can’t use a loader or hopper but some guns had which can use both loaders and magazines. 

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