8 Best Paintball Guns for Self Defense 2023

You find the best weapon to achieve your goal but if you put the best paintball gun for self defense instead of the good one, how will it be? There’s no doubt that a self defense gun will fire the ground, not suffer any damage and you will also win comfortably. Yes, these guns are very effective and protect you and your family with any loss. As you know that all guns will not protect yourself. Only a few can be found with which you can play the hardest guns like rubber rounds, semi-auto, self defense pepper ball gun and many more if you have a self defense gun then no one can hurt you. When you play pepperball police grade VKS launcher, Valken m17 and tippmann cronus paintball markers then definitely you will rock the ground and your competitor.

Honestly, we say if you are a beginner player then you must use these guns. Don’t think that we are saying all this on our behalf, but this is our years of experience that we are sharing with you all. It’s really challenging to find the best paintball gun for home defense because everyone knows about paintball guns but finding self defense guns becomes a bit difficult, Use any type of calibre markers 68 or 43, all work very well. Let’s close this topic and jump to the extreme main and your all favourite points. 

Top 10 Paintball Guns for Self Defense

Here we show you the top 10 best paintball gun for self defense. Before going further, let’s be clear on one thing: first strike self defense paintball guns are best for self defense. Many people don’t believe and they think all these things are nonsense but they are wrong because we try these guns first then tell you from our experience. If you don’t believe it, then try it yourself or read the reviews. 

115 hours of research

10 products considered

1. Pepperball Police Grade VKS Launcher

best paintball gun for self defense

This is the best Pepperball launcher on the market to civilians because players are able to comfortably reach the 3000 psi mark. It is simple in its design and outstanding for its launching capability. Definitely an enjoyable way to practise with a non lethal just go outside in your backyard and easily play with this gun. This is not a lightweight paintball gun because it has solid, well crafted pieces of defense equipment. 

Pepperball can shoot about 155 feet away. All features of this gun are awesome, especially shooting which can help the player to shoot accurately at the target and no other markers can have these features. One other best thing we find about VKS is that it has an on and off option. 

The whole gun is made from metal and comes with a functional charging handle (Only used to handle the pepper balls). As you know the pepperball is the best paintball gun for self defense therefore the US Government can use this gun for their police and crime agencies. If this gun is good for the police then it definitely is best for you as well. 

First Impression

So, the first impression is that this marker is a very powerful and less lethal shotgun. If we talk about the quality then it is better to say that it is really hard to beat this gun. As we have said before pepperball actually has a government contract and they provide these to law enforcement all over the country. 


  • It will shoot 155 feet. 
  • On and Off ASA. 
  • Very Solid Body. 
  • Less lethal shotgun. 


  • Due to its heaviness, weak people cannot lift it. 

2. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker

best paintball marker

Tippmann cronus since it is an actual upgrade of the 98. It is the absolute best choice for all beginners and intermediates. The bolt system and grip is more comfortable especially when playing for longer hours. It costs less 200$ on amazon and comes with a mega set that contains an anti fog paintball mask. It also comes with a paintball harness that has six standard paintball pods with 140 rounds. 

Our rating criteria for this gun is good because if the product works as is advertised and the quality is in line with the price then we will definitely choose this gun. From our experience it is accurate and seems durable. The weight is heavy but not excessive, and with the CO2 screwed on then it is easy to get into shooting position. It’s a great gun to begin with, but you can grow with it as well. If you are looking to get into the support, this package literally does contain everything you need. The sufficient quality that you won’t feel like you are wasting money or will need to immediately replace something. 

Shooting is really authentic and accurately hits the target. When you have a 150 feet distance from your target then just chill because you will not miss a single shot even from such a long distance. 


  • Easily hit the target at 150 feet. 
  • Accurate and durable. 
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Grip is still comfortable when you play for longer hours.


  • Sometimes CO2 leaks issues appear. 

3. Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker

best paintball gun for home security

The next in our list is empire mini GS. This marker has taken paintball guns to the next level. Empire products are always associated with high quality, reliability and always get good reviews from customers. This specific model is based on the mini model which is legendary. However, this model is a transformation of the older model to create a versatile and high efficient marker. It has an improved grip to ensure comfort when used and lots of upgrades from the previous models. 

It comes with a mini engine that is battle proven and a Gs that is full wrap around to ensure a firm foregrip. Sometimes people don’t like the size of the gun because they can’t fully wrap their hands around the fore handle. Despite all of this, if you think about your self defense while playing then no gun can be better than empire GS. Fastest shooting, high accuracy and the biggest thing you won’t have to load it again and again. 

The grip is smooth, comfortable and the trigger is also pleasing to your hands. Empire mini comes with many features and upgrade options which is really impressive. 


  • Comes with a mini engine. 
  • Foregrip trigger. 
  • Best for beginners.  
  • Fastest shooting and high accuracy. 


  • People are fed up with this because the size is very small. 

4. Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker

pepper spray paintball

The next blast gun is dye rize. It comes with many benefits and it was a bit difficult to find anything wrong with it. This gun is programmable and electric. So, let’s just dive into the details. The CZR is extremely durable and can shoot way more than 4000 rounds. The repairs and maintenance all can be done at home and solutions can usually be found either by youtube. 

It does have another mode named ramp which is really good and this mode helps the gun to shoot fast because it shoots just a little slower than full auto. Now after all said and done we truly recommend that and after every use you take out the battery and clean the gun with a microfiber rag and some water. With so much facility with this gun we don’t think you can ignore this one. Shooting is miserable. Very easy to set your target and go to war. 


  • 1 year warranty. 
  • Such a reliable and durable gun. 
  • Very easy to maintain at home. 
  • Shoot 4000 rounds easily. 


  • The trigger on the czr is very light and some newer players have difficulty adjusting. 

5. KingMan Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun

home defense paintball gun

Spyder mr6 is the latest version of the popular mr series. Features are absolutely new and unique edition of a dual loading system capable of shooting. This amazing system uses an innovative design that is distinct and enables players to feed on both magazines and loaders. A long barrel is incorporated for easy handling and the muzzle break enhances the performance of the markers. An additional nine round magazine is included in this marker so players can shoot consistently for a long time. 

It is very easy to clean and after cleaning just once you can operate it very smoothly for a long term. When you use hard or best paint like graffiti then this gun will never be chopping or getting broken paint in your mags. With a hopper the gun shoots good but nevertheless still chops paint so don’t worry just change to the harder shelled paint and it works great. Now onto the barrel, the barrel is not good and not accurate, at all paint will fly everywhere because the barrel bore is so big. We recommend buying an adapter so you can easily change barrels to any spyder barrel and still use first strike. 

It’s not heavy but with a tank it would be a lot heavier. Without a tank the weight is fine and feels good in the hands. Overall, you’ve had a lot of fun and success games with this marker. Only needed a few tweaks and upgrades to make it work perfectly. 


  • Don’t have any loose screws. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Cleaning and taking the marker apart is easy and can be done really quick after a few times. 
  • The squeegee works well. 


  • The barrel is not good and accurate because when you start shooting the paint flies everywhere. 

6. Azodin Kaos 3 Paintball Gun

43 caliber self defense ammo

Azodin Kaos 3 is another mind blowing self defense paintball gun. Comes with five colours and you can easily buy it because it comes with a budget of only 300$. If you are that type of player who can love to play action and hard paintball games with their family and friends then you must have to buy this gun. The Kaos 3 gun is very lightweight. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the time anywhere and anytime you can easily carry this and be ready for war. What’s more there’s already a double trigger, smooth nylon and adjustable screw lock. 

The gun has attached both CO2 and HPA which help to shoot fast and continuously. The kaos 3 got a few changes. One thing we really like is the grip frame which is much smaller and more slim. So, if you have small hands or you’re new to paintball and want something easy to handle then definitely consider this gun. It’s a very nice fitting, got the finger double trigger and of course a nice ported 12 inch barrel. In HPA 3000 psi type of setup you’re probably gonna get about six to eight hundred shots per fill air. Pretty reliable most of your local paintball field where you need unlimited air. 

We personally love the gun, it’s all metal, very durable, easy to clean and maintain. If you want to play with your friends or family then you must pick this one because this gun saves yourself in every way. When we think of playing paintball the very first question in our mind is that Is there any type of gun who can protect yourself. The answer is, Yes all these guns list are meant for you. 


  • Both CO2 and HPA attach. 
  • Extremely lightweight. 
  • Glass nylon frame. 
  • Very reliable and durable. 


  • Sometimes there is an issue of gas leak. 

7. Umarex T4E HDS Paintball Gun

self defence pepper ball gun

We confidently say you will know this gun because in a very short time Umarex ran a huge fan following. This .68 calibre shorty is perfect as it can fire paintballs, high density solid rubber riot balls and even defensive pepper balls. It is as accurate as one would expect, pretty good to around 10 yards or so. With 12 gram CO2 you can fire a single shot (2 shot with the shotgun) from the same distance. 

Is it cheap? Not really you can get 350$ easily. Use it for fun, use it for peace of mind or both. Highly recommended because it provides the simplicity, comfort and familiarity of an actual firearm while also providing the confidence to stop any powerful attacker. With rubber steel powerballs you have to aim for the face, waist or genitals to stop your attacker. 

Don’t listen to all those people who would ridicule this alternative. If you take the time to make a plan then be comfortable with the weapon and practice using it. It’s definitely enough to defeat anyone on the ground. 


  • .68 calibre fastest gun. 
  • Very authentic and accurate. 
  • Simplicity, comfort and familiarity. 
  • Soft and comfortable grip. 


  • While using a double barrel it will be difficult to shoot at the target. 

8. JT ER4 0.68 calibre Paintball Gun

first strike self defense

JT ER4 paintball is a low profile vertical feed port gun which is capable of withstanding high impacts. It comes with a strong and sturdy construction that is made up of composite material. Due to composite construction it is not only lightweight but also capable of carrying more accessories without getting heavier for the user. The push button safety feature helps to keep you safe from any attacker. 

This gun comes with a 12 gram co2 tank which is very uncommon. The downside is you do not get nearly as many shots but if you attach high quality co2 then you never face this issue. 

The grip and trigger is good and very effective for your game. Don’t talk about shooting because it’s very cool let me tell you how. At 150 feet you can easily shoot your target and when you connect high quality co2 then you can easily shoot further. 


  • 12 gram co2 tank. 
  • Push button safe from any attacker. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Strong and sturdy construction. 


  • Air leakage problem. 

How to Choose Best Paintball Gun for Self Defense (Buying Guide)

This is the most important part because many people misguide and don’t know which is best for themselves and their family. That’s why we are here to guide you completely. As long as you follow these tips which we will give you, we damn sure you can never waste your money and protect yourself by bad purchasing. Without wasting your time let’s go to the main point. 

Which Calibre to choose 43, 50 or 68?

When you enter into the paintball field you want high quality paintballs like pepper spray paintball for self defense. On the other side if you use a 43 calibre self defense ammo then the only choice for you is to use rubber balls for self defense. 

Therefore, if you want to play in a professional way then we consider you to upgrade your gun to .68 calibre paintballs. The benefits of 68 calibre self defense is that when you start shooting it will hit its target with full pressure and also this calibre is great for self defense. So, we hope you always choose the gun by seeing the calibre first. 

Electronic vs Mechanical

If you want to play just to pass your boring time then our opinion is to select a home defense mechanical paintball gun. Most professional players can use electronic markers because when all your competitors will gather to attack you it would be difficult for you to load the gun. So, with an electronic gun you can simply push the button and start shooting continuously. But one thing we don’t like in electronic guns is that these guns’ batteries should die soon, especially when you use them in hard games. Another way is if you can take good care and use it carefully then it will fully support you. 


So, finally we finish our list and wait for your response on how you felt, We hope this article helps you a lot, especially buying guides. You can ignore fake websites and follow these tips we gave you. When we start to research about best paintball gun for self defense then we find the most common question is how can we find the best paintball gun for home defense. Every person asks this question there’s only a few trusted websites. If you also count our website like others then we only say just try once then you can easily get your answer. 


If you have any questions about anything related to guns then go ahead and comment below. We are always waiting for and answer you as fast as we can. It’s good for you to remove all confusion before buying. Don’t feel shy just ask what is bothering you? We never ignore your question. 

Q1. Can I use a paintball gun for self defense?

Why not, of course you can use a paintball gun for self defense but not all, only a few guns you can use for your self defense like pepper police or tippmann cronus. These are the best paintball gun for home defense. 

Q2. How can we shoot properly with these guns?

We see many people who don’t know how to shoot well and they put all the blame on the gun that the weapon does not work properly or there is a defect in it. However, nothing like that happened. Just follow what we told you is that you can straighten your upper body and most importantly set your target. If you move even a little while shooting, you will miss your target. 

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