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How to Clean Paintball Mask

Suppose you want to become a good paintball player. In that case, you need to have clear vision to play the paintball game, and that is only possible when your paintball mask lens is clean, which means having no dirt and no scratches on the lens because if the lens is damaged, foggy or dirty, then it will cause improper vision. As a result, you will not be able to see your opponent’s movements well. Moreover, soiled lenses can also harm your eyes.

That’s why in today’s article, we will tell you how to clean the paintball mask lens. to be a good paintball player, you should know how to keep the lens clean, but before that, we want to give you some advice, and that is:

  • Always use a good and high-rated paintball mask for a good gaming experience.
  • Be sure to replace the thermal lens of the mask once a year. 
  • Never wear a paintball mask frame with a damaged goggle lens.

How To Clean Paintball Mask Lens?

Leaving the lens unclean can cause blurry vision. Some people complain of headaches and eye pain. This is because of the use of dirty, foggy or scratched lenses.

For cleaning the paintball mask lens, beginners need to correct a mistake. They use glass cleaner or paper towels to clean the paintball mask lens, which damages the lens and makes it lose its properties. Never use any glass cleaner or paper towel to clean the lens, but the easiest and best way is to remove the lens from the mask frame first. 

Then, always use a lens cleaning solution. Polycarbonate spray is designed to clean the plastic lenses as present on the paintball mask. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens because they are very effective for cleaning dirt. Microfiber cloth is made up of tiny fibres that cause no lens damage. Always rub the lens with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion, but apply gently.

If you use any other chemical or glass cleaner, your lens may get scratched.

If you feel that your lens is foggy, use compressed air to clean the lens, but do not blow air directly on your paintball mask lens because this also causes scratches.

Your lens must be dirty every time you play, so whenever you come back from playing, clean the lens immediately. By doing this, the lifespan of the lenses increases.

Always use a paintball mask bag or goggle case when cleaning the paintball mask lens after using it to prevent scratches on the lenses.


This article shows you how to clean your paintball mask lens. The best tips are given to you for your ease. If you follow them to keep your lenses clean, they will not deteriorate as quickly, and you can use them for a long time. Apart from this, we have also given the answers to some questions in this article which often arise in people’s minds so that they can clear their confusion by reading them.


Players who use paintball mask lenses often ask some questions regarding lens cleansing. Here, I will answer some questions to clarify your confusion.

Can we clean the paintball mask lens with alcohol?

No, alcohol is not recommended to clean the lens because it weakens the plastics and causes scratches. Another reason is alcohol evaporates fast, so the lens becomes foggy. Foggy lenses cause blurry vision.

If the lens cleaner is unavailable, how can we clean the lens?

 Players can use mild soap with water to clean the lens. Here I will guide you with a few steps.

1. Remove the lenses from the mask frame first.
2. Then, make a mixture of the small amount of mild soap with warm water.
3. Dip microfiber cloth in a mixture and then squeeze the excessive 4. liquid from the microfiber cloth.
4. Gently apply the cloth on the lens.
5. Then, use a dry microfiber cloth on the lens to dry.
6. Then, apply the lens on the mask frame for use again.

Can we use vinegar to clean the lens?

Players can use vinegar to clean the lens with water but with the proper ratio. Use the vinegar and water with a percentage of 1:1. But it is recommended to check the instructions before cleaning because not every material is effective and safe for different lenses.

Can we wash the lens with water?

No, it is not recommended to directly wash the lenses with water because it lowers the ability of the lens to remove the fog.

How can players prevent the lenses from fogging up before playing?

– It is recommended to use anti-fog spray before playing. Adjust the strap properly, but avoid fitting too tightly on your face.
– Wash your face before wearing because oil on the face may cause fogging.
– As mentioned earlier, you can use compressed air to clear the fog.

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