Top Choices: What To Wear To Paintball for Comfort

What To Wear To Paintball

Paintball is a game that you play for fun and adventure. Many people love the approach where you can just shoot the person with paint. Even if you are playing for professional reasons. It is good to have a complete attire. A proper getup for a game helps people get in the mood for playing. Today I will help you decide what to wear to paintball according to your preference. 

It is easy to decide your appearance just like parties. You rule out the clothing you do not need. Then you choose what will look good on you according to the occasion. Paintball is a sport that is messy. You will ruin your clothes. But it will all feel better. Now some players decide to go in a simple T-shirt and jeans. A full sleeve simple shirt will protect you from paint. But it will ruin your clothes. 

Do not worry about the paint because it is washable. But you can get other stains like grass stains on your clothes. They are a bit rough and stay for longer. However, some players go in full swing to play and wear complete outfits like overalls and camouflage. I will let you decide what to wear to paintball with this article. 

Paintball Outfit Checklist

Breaking down categories to see what you need in a complete paintball attire. The following are essential items that you need for every paintball game session. 

  • Long pants
  • Shirts
  • Goggles to cover the eyes
  • Headgear or helmet
  • Footwear
  • Mask
  • Gloves

Paintball Outfit Ideas 

Your outfit also depends upon the 

  • Place
  • Weather
  • Gender
  • Choice

These are the main key points you need to understand completely. Because an outfit depends upon all of these characteristics. 


If you are a diehard fan of paintball. Then you should know that you can play paintball in different scenarios. You can also set up spaces according to your game and liking. The paintball spaces consist of two categories

  • Indoor paintball area
  • Outdoor paintball 

Indoor Paintball Area

Any place where you can play paintball. Indoor spaces can be hangers and warehouses. Indoor paintballs are not much of a go for me. They limit your playing capability. You have a small space. You cannot run and hide properly. Chances of losing increase in an indoor paintball game. 

Best Paintball Clothes for Indoors

As we know indoor paintball areas have air conditioners. So you can even wear sweatshirts and trousers in the summer. Wear something that is

  • Loose and flexible
  • Dark color shirt 

Outdoor Paintball 

Get your friends or siblings ready to play at an outdoor area. When you play outdoors your chances of winning the game increases. Outdoor spaces give more places to run and hide. Plus you can see your opponent clearly. Which indoor cannot provide. 

Best Paintball Clothes for Outdoors

The clothes that you can wear outdoors need to contain certain factors such as you can wear 

  • Dark clothes
  • Multiple layers
  • A paintball mask and goggle is a must
  • Wear comfortable sneakers also


Another main factor that affects your paintball attire is the weather. We all know that hot and cold weather demand certain clothes from us. 

Cold Weather

In case the weather is cold then you should go for clothes that will stop coldness. Also that can protect you from wetness of the paintball paint. That means you need more than one layer of clothing.

  • Heavy camouflage suits
  • Hoody 
  • Sweatpants
  • Gloves without covering your fingertips
  • A nice headgear
  • mask

Hot Weather

In summers, running around and playing paintball is a task on its own. It is your choice you can wear 

  • Simple t shirts
  • Cotton sweatpants
  • Put more than two layers of thin t-shirts. 
  • Long sleeves are also best

The above options will help you stay protective of the splitter splatter paintball shoots. In heat you will get exhausted after a few minutes if you wear heavy clothes. That is why thin layers of multiple long sleeve shirts are a good option. 


If I talk honestly, there is no gender in paintball. You can wear whatever you like. But still I have some options for you.

Clothes for Men

Men can wear something that they can strip away easily so when one layer gets dirty. You can always move on to the next. 

  • Padded shirt 
  • Heavy goalkeeping shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Spare shoes

For Women

Do not think of wearing shorts and loose t-shirts. Because paintball will ruin your legs. Although the paint is washable. But still you do not want the paint to ruin your skin and game. The lowest pressure balls can hit you and hurt you. That is why it is good to wear some layers or at least clothes that can cover your complete body. 

However it is good that female paintballers wear the chest equipment. The protective gear will stop the risk of getting any serious injury.

For Hand 

Gloves are your go to metrail for paintball games. There are different kind of gloves that people use 


what to wear to paintball

These are the gloves that you use most commonly. Fingerless gloves have no fabric on the area of your fingertips. Which makes it easy to use while pulling the trigger. You can get them easily at any store such as a sports store etc. So do not become too fancy. A cheap pair of these gauntlet gloves will do the trick for you. 

Paintball Gloves

These gloves have extra grip on palms. So you can lift up your gun easily. These are expensive but totally worth the price. It is good to do some research before buying. Paintball gloves are specially for paintball games. That is why they are extremely comfortable. 

Shop Gloves for Paintball

These are just normal pairs of gloves. They can get very hot. Although some of you can find it comfortable to wear during the game. Everyone chooses gloves according to their own preference. I do not like these very much. 

Head Gear

paintball outfit ideas

You do not want a hard hitting ball to just hit your head. Mind you, paintball splash can leave bruises. It will bang on your head and leave you all splashy. That is why you can wear them.

I personally do not like helmets. It fogs up. Blurs my vision. Most of the time the reason I lost my game was because of the helmet. 


Always remember to wear a mask. A mask can also fog up but still it will cover your face. Although paintball paint washes away with water. But it can leave your face all red. If you don’t get hit hard. Then there is nothing to worry about.

Key Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Always leave valuable behind
  • Wear old clothes
  • Keep an eye on the footwear
  • Keep light layers

Always Leave Valuable Behind

Leave your valuable items at home or somewhere safe in the locker. If you bring them with you they will put extra hindrance in your game. Paintball is a game that requires your complete attention. Taking your jewelry or mobile with you will give you tension. And if you lose them during the game. Then it will cause heavy damage to your pocket. 

Wear Old Clothes

Paintball can ruin your set of clothes in an instant. It is an active game with a lot of adrenaline rush. There is so much jumping, dodging and hiding in this game. It almost feels like you are in a battle ground. Although the arena provides you with camouflage clothing. But still you have to wear something underneath. So the dirt and paint does not affect your clothes. 

Wear some old and messy clothes for paintball. Weather can have a lot of impact on your clothing. That is why to avoid ripping and getting messy. It is best to wear your old pair of clothes. 

Keep An Eye on the Footwear

As for the footwear, paintball involves a lot of running. Outdoors games are messy. There is a lot of mud. It can ruin your shoe sneakers easily. Wear an old pair of shoes. Or wear rubber and leather boots. Also keep in mind that your pair of footwear should have knee and ankle support. A lot of running and dodging can twitch and twist your ankle easily. 

Use Dark Colors

Try to wear clothes with dark colors. They give you good hiding. Light colors are easy to spot. Dark colors will stain hard. But skin colors or lighter colors will leave stains for a longer period. 


Now you have an idea about what to wear to paintball. Whatever you wear make sure to bring an extra set of clothes and a towel. That will accompany you on the ride back home. Also it is wise to wear extra layers. Thin or thick layers that can change according to the weather. As for the little paintballers, there are many free size overalls that will fit you. Because paintball specific clothes are not available in younger kids’ sizes. 

It is not necessary to wear complete armor when you are going to play paintball. An old t-shirt and baggy jeans will do the job for you. 


How to dress for paintball?

Dress in a comfortable way. That is the best solution. Do not layer up if you cannot handle it. Most of the time people think what to wear to paintball and they wear two or three shirts. Do not wear it without analyzing your playing area. Camouflage and t-shirts will not workout for you if you cannot carry them properly.

Do paintball stains go away?

Yes, the stains of paintball are completely washable. They are water soluble. You do not have to worry about them. Other stains such as dirt and grass from the playing area can affect your outfit. But the paintball stains will not.

Can I wear protective gear during the game?

It is always good to stay protective. You can wear protective gears such as 

1. Head wrap
2. Baseball cap
3. Chest pads
4. Slide shots
5. Knee and elbow pads

Does a paintball hit hard?

No it does not hit really hard. But it can still hurt a little. If a paintball hits you it will leave bruises on the corresponding area. 

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