Choosing Sides: Speedball vs Woodsball?

Speedball vs Woodsball

Paintball is a thrilling and fun game that people of all ages can play. The paintball game also has its variations. But there are two most popular games: one is a speedball game, and the other is a woodsball game. People who love to play paintball games want to know the differences between these two games and the similarities they have. So, In this article today, you will be told about the differences and similarities between speedball and woodsball games.

First, we will briefly learn about them and then go further.

What is Woodsball?

Woodsball was the first game that gained popularity in the world of paintball. This game was first played in 1981. In this game, players play in the natural environment and attack their enemies with the help of a paintball gun. Equipment required to play woodball games includes paintballs, CO2 or HPA (High-Pressure Air), a paintball gun, and goggles. The woodsball game includes elimination and capture of the flag.

What is Speedball?

Speedball is another fun paintball game. It is played in a small symmetrical field. Two teams are involved in this game, and artificial bunkers are placed equally on each side. In the United States, speedball is also known as tournament paintball..

Speedball vs Woodsball – The Difference

Here, I will compare both games so that It can be easy for you to differentiate them.

The field is smaller, with lots of bunkersThe field is more extensive, and players play in a natural environment where they experience trees, rivers and other natural things.
The team is smaller because of the small and symmetrical field.In woodsball, the team can be enormous.
Fast movement is expected in speedball because this game has few restrictions on the field. Woodsball requires slow movement. It is a strategic game. The field of this game is also considerable. There are many places to hide until you find your opponent to target him.
Direct communication among team members is feasible.Direct communication is not possible because the field is extensive. Walkie-talkie is the best way to communicate with team members.
It is less strategic. Players can easily fire a shot at their opponents.Players must be more strategic to win the game against the opposing team.

Paintball Field size:

Woodsball is an outdoor game. Its playfield is large and is played in the natural environment.

The field is covered with trees and rivers, which works as a bunker where players can hide from opponents.

But if I talk about speedball. The field is small compared to woodsball, and many artificial bunkers are equally placed on each side of the field, where players hide during the game and plan to target their opponents. Speedball can be played indoors.

Team members:

If we talk about team members, woodsball has an extensive team because, as I told you above, this game is played in a natural environment, which is a large field to play. The team size can be twenty players or more.

In comparison to woodsball, speedball has fewer players. A team can have a minimum of 3 to 5 players and a maximum of 7 to 10 because the field of play is small.

Pace of Play:

In woodsball, the pace of the game is slow because it is an outdoor game, and the field is large and covered with trees, hills, and mountains, so players have a chance to hide behind them to protect themselves from the attack. Trees, plants and mountains work as a bunker here. So, due to the larger field, players take time to shoot paintballs. In this game, it is not wise to hit the paintballs quickly; it demands patience and planning to shoot the opponents. So, the players plan and then attack the opponents. Players can easily execute ambushing and flanking while playing woodsball.

Speedball is a fast-paced game. It is played in a small space, so fewer players are required. There is no need to take more time to fire on the opponents. You must plan fast and attack quickly because there is limited space, so if you do not shoot at the opponent, they can easily shoot you.

Equipment Needed to Play These Games:

Equipment needed to play woodsball includes a gun, which can be mechanical, a military replica paintball gun, paintballs, goggles, a protective paintball face mask, and dark-coloured camouflage wear. As there are ditches and slopes in the field, it is advised that players wear elbow pads, knee pads and gloves for safety.

On the other hand, the equipment needed in speedball is very similar to woodball. It includes paintballs, goggles, a protective face mask, and a high-tech electro-pneumatic marker. Wear paintball jerseys, which are designed for speedball, but it is up to you whether you want to wear them or not; you can wear thick hoodies, baggy pants and shirts or wear jeans. You can wear elbow pads, knee pads and gloves for safety.

You can customize the equipment if there is no restriction in the competition.

Strategies and Planning in these Games:

In woodsball, there are variations in strategies because the field is big here; people cannot apply a single strategy in the whole game because of the distances. Only one strategy may not work here. Sometimes, you have to break your team in different directions, and for this, you need to apply multiple strategies because you cannot communicate with your team members due to long distance.

While in speedball, there are not so many variations in strategies, some general variations can be changed during the game. Since it does not have a large field, players can communicate with each other and change their strategy comfortably.

Tips to play these games:

  1. Do not remove the mask during the game. You may find the mask uncomfortable at the beginning of the play, but with time, you get used to it. If you take the mask off, you may get hurt in the face when a paintball hits you in the face, or you may get hurt if you fall while playing. Not only this, but not wearing a mask can get you banned from playing.
  2. Fill the air canister well so that you can play the game comfortably. You should arrange to refill the canister if it runs out of air.

Woodsball Pros & Cons:

Woodsball ProsWoodsball Cons
A mechanical, military replica paintball gun is in use.Woodsball takes a lot of time.
It involves a large number of players in a team.Fewer actions are involved.
It is played in a large field.Players have to exert more energy because the playing field is bigger.
Players get to enjoy the natural scenery. 

Speedball Pros & Cons

Speedball ProsSpeedball Cons
It is full of action games.In speedball, the field is small.
Players can play this game indoors.Players in a team are less.
It takes less time to play.There is no natural environment.
Artificial hiding places are made for players. 

Final Thoughts:

After reading this article, I hope you understand the differences and similarities between speedball and woodsball game. Both games have unique characteristics.

Some players prefer to play the woodsball game, which is played in a natural environment and requires strategies and planning, and some prefer the speedball game, which is fast-paced and not much strategy is needed.

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