Mastering How To Paint a Paintball Gun in 11 Easy Steps

How To Paint a Paintball Gun

A paintball gun loses its appearance with constant play. Whether you play professionally or just for fun, the gun style tells a lot about you. So, if you have a paintball gun that is worn out. Then, it is your time to design your own paintball gun. It is simple. I will tell you how to paint a paintball gun. 

I will list all the methods and tell you which one works best for me. 

Before you make up your mind, I want to show you the importance of painting your gun.

  • The player will stand out from all others in the crowd.
  • An innovative way to make your tools as good as new.
  • The new style will define the style and taste of the player.
  • Painting will leave a good impression on a professional player’s game.

Methods of Painting the Gun

Three main methods work well to paint the marker. We will look at all of them gradually. In the end, I will also tell you which is the best.

  • Spray Paint
  • Powder coat
  • Anodizing

Spray Paint

how to paint a paintball gun

You can grab a good spray paint. Any available in the local store will do the job. People who play paintball games most commonly use spray paints. 

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of spray paint.


  • Spray paint is cheaper than any other paint.
  • The fastest method to paint.
  • You can do it at home.
  • A variety of colours are available in spray paint.


  • Spray paint does not give a professional look.
  • There is no guarantee of paint.
  • The paint will flake off after some time.

Powder Coat

 It is a process that involves a free-flowing art. Basically, you spray dry powder on the gun. That dry powder is small particles of epoxy resin. It has many curative mixes. If you say it in simple language. There are many different types of powder coating colours. If you don’t know how to choose the colour, take an idea from Prismatic Powders.

The powder is small polymer or plastic particles. You spray them on the gun, then apply heat on it. The heat can be a UV light also. The heat melts those particles, and they give a finishing look of paint on the gun.


  • Powder coating gives lots of bright colour options.
  • You can paint all kinds of metals with it.
  • It is durable and long-lasting. 


  • Powder coating is available on a professional level.
  • This method is very expensive.


Do you remember the aluminum coating from chemistry class? Well, if you do not, I will simplify it for you. Anodizing is a type of painting that involves aluminium coating. In this method, you are converting the metal surface into durable and charming paint. It is an electrochemical process. Aluminum is the most common agent that helps in this process. There are also many other elements, such as magnesium etc., that you can use to anodize metals. 

Once you do the anodizing, you can apply any colour of your liking to it. It does not fade. 


  • It is extremely durable.
  • You can apply a second coat of some other colour to it.
  • It cannot peel off.
  • Your marker becomes extra durable and strong.
  • It provides a protective layer against rust and any other weather mishaps. 


  • This method is very expensive.
  • You can only paint metals with this process.
  • It is not feasible for plastics, etc. 
  • You cannot do it at home. You need to get professional help for this method.

How to Paint a Paintball Marker

paintball marker

Painting your paintball gun is a whole process. You need to do some work before applying the paint. To learn how to paint a paintball gun, then stay with me. I will advise you to follow all the steps. Because if you miss one step, the paint will not finish in the quality you want. 

Things You Will Need: 

You will also need specific tools to paint your gun. The following are the ones you need. 

  • Toolkit: to disassemble the gun
  • Sandpaper: smoothes out the old paint
  • Painter’s Tape: Helps to get rid of chips of paint
  • Primer Paint: Gives a smooth finish to your paint.
  • Actually, Paint Give your gun a new look
  • Stencils: In case you want a specific design
  • Clear Paint: Gives shine to your paint
  • Safety Gears: Gloves, masks, and goggles help you stay safe from paint.

1. Prepare the Gun

Now that you have all your tools in place. It is time for the next process. I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to paint a paintball gun. So you do not face any problems. 

  • Dismantle the gun
  • Analyze the parts
  • Clear old paint
  • Sand the gun
  • Secure the gun to paint
  • Apply prime paint
  • Paint your desired colour.
  • Let it dry
  • Put the parts together
  • Use stencils

2. Dismantle the Gun

Now, this step is very important. You need to dismantle all parts of your paintball gun. So that paint does not get in a place that blocks the pathways. You can also paint your gun as a whole. But I will advise you not to do that. Because this way, paint will not reach the inner parts of your gun. It will not look good. 

3. Analyze the Parts

After the dissembling, it is time to check all your parts. Separate them on one side. Keep all the nuts and bolts somewhere secure. Clean all the parts with some soap. After that, rinse them and dry them thoroughly. 

4. Clear Old Paint

It’s time to chip off all the old ugly paint. Take a painter’s tape and apply it on the areas. Peel off the tape slowly. It will take off the flaky paint. Remember to clean the gun with warm water after this step. So, all the dirt and remaining paint particles wash away.

5. Sand the Gun

Take a sandpaper of 400 grit and start sanding the gun. It is a crucial step. You should also always remember to sand your paintball marker before applying paint. When you properly sand all the areas, it makes your marker rough. Hence, the paint will adhere properly. 

6. Secure the Gun to Paint

Securing the gun means placing it somewhere it remains steady while you paint. The best possible solution is to hang your marker. Take a strong thread or rope. Tie your gun with it. Now apply paint. The gun is secure, and your hands are also free in this way. 

7. Apply Prime Paint

Prime paint helps you to prepare the surface of the gun properly. It covers the slight bumps or roughs of your gun. Spray the prime paint thoroughly on your gun. Cover all the parts. Now, wait for it to dry. Now slightly sand again to get a smooth texture. 

8. Paint Your Desired Color

Finally, it is time to apply your paint. Use your spray paint to colour the marker. After one coat, dry. Paint it again. Two coats will give you great finishing. You can use stencils to give your paintball gun a chic look. It is good to check on another surface before applying the paint on the gun. You will get an idea about the speed and amount of the paint. 

NOTE: Do not forget the safety tools. Always wear your mask and gloves. Goggles are a must. Because spray paint also gets everywhere. You need to take precautions beforehand. 

9. Let it Dry

The paint is done. Now, it’s time to dry the marker. You can use a blow dryer, but I suggest leaving the gun hanging. After 24 hours, the paint will dry completely. Check out the finishing of your paint. 

10. Put the Parts Together

It is time to join the gun. Take out those nuts and screws. Now, start putting the parts together. Make the marker whole again. Check the manual if you are having trouble at some point. Assemble your gun perfectly. Do not leave anything out. 

11. Use Stencils

Once you assemble the gun, take a look at the gun. Analyze the end result. If you think something is missing, you can use stencils. It will pop up the look of your paint gun instantly. 

That is it. These are all the steps of painting a paintball gun.    


Now you know how to paint a paintball gun. It is up to you to choose from all of the three methods. But also let me tell you. You can choose spray paint to get an instant lift of your paintball marker. Because spray paint does not take a lot of time. It is instant. 

You can easily do it at home. However, anodizing and powder coating are different. They go on the professional side. You cannot do them at home. These two methods cost a lot. Unless you are playing professionally. Do not take these two methods. 

Lastly, do not forget to paint after you disassemble the gun. This way, you will get a proper finish. It will feel natural. 


Which method is best for painting the marker?

There are a total of three methods. Anodizing, powder coating and spray painting. Out of all the three, anodizing is the best. It stays for the long term. You can also always put another paint after anodizing. However the other two methods require different processes.  

Is spray painting safe for paintball guns?

Of Course, it is safe. As long as you take things step by step. It is crucial to take separate parts of your gun and then paint them. Wipe clean each and every part. Then sand it properly. After that, there comes priming the gun. These are important steps that give you a good finish of paint. You can not get proper paint without taking care of the gun first.

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