Paintball Playtime: How Long Does Paintball Last?

Do you want to play paintball and you have never played before? But before that, if you want to know how long does paintball lasts, you are in the right place.

Two or more players play paintball games. Each player has a paintball gun and a can of paintballs. The game’s object is to shoot paintballs at other players with a paintball gun and protect yourself from other players’ paintballs. A paintball game is held at a specific location. When all the players are gathered at that place, then the game starts. The players start shooting each other with paintballs. The first player who is hit by the paintballs in the game is eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one player is left. The player who remains at the end wins the game.

This article will show you complete details about how long paintball can last. So you do not need to worry. Now, let’s move towards the details of today’s topic.

Factors that Affect the Duration of Paintball Game

Though the paintball sport seems simple, the answer to the above question depends on many factors:

One factor is how many players are playing. If there are a large number of players, then the game lasts for a long because every player will have a chance to show their role in the game.

The second factor is what type of game is being played. Some games are fast-paced and short, while some games are designed in such a way that they will last for hours or even days. So, how long the game will last depends upon the players which game they choose.

The third factor is the type of paintball gun used because different paintball guns have different speeds. The higher the speed of the paintball gun, the more paintballs it can fire in a given time.

The fourth factor is how skilled the player is and how long it takes each player to reload the paintball gun. If the player is experienced, eliminating the opponent will take less time than an unskilled player.

The fifth factor that affects the paintball game duration is the playing area’s size. If the space is small, the game will end quickly; if the space is ample, the players will be spread far and wide, and the game will take longer to finish. The playing field’s size can vary from a few hundred square feet to several acres depending upon the players or event organizer where they want to play, i.e. in a small field or a large area.

Another factor is the weather. If you play paintball outdoors, the weather can affect the game’s duration. Players may be playing in rainy, snowy, windy or sunny weather. It depends upon the players in which weather they are playing.

Another factor affecting the paintball game’s duration is the players’ strategy. If players work together, the team can easily counter the opposing team.

Here, I will show you a few strategies that teams in paintball fields can use while playing paintball and can decide which approach is best for them.


It is the strategy in which the player sneaks around the enemy from the side or back. Flanking is done well when the enemy does not know your position.

Suppressing fire:

Suppressing fire is a strategy in which one team continuously fires at their opponents to keep them hidden or make it harder for them to fire back.


In this strategy, players hide in hiding spots, then surprise and attack the opponents when they come into view.

Most paintball games last 10 minutes, and some last 30 minutes or more. Scenario paintball games last for hours or days. It depends on the factors which I stated above.

Types of Paintball Games:

There are different types of games, each with its rules and timeframes.


It is the most popular game. The game is played in the natural environment where trees, bushes and ditches function as a bunker and hiding places. This game lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of players involved.

Capture the Flag:

The most common type of game is the capture the flag game. Each team has a flag which the players try to catch the other team’s flag and bring back to their base. The group first captures the other team’s flag and returns it to its base wins. The average time of this game is 10 minutes.


Another game is the elimination. In this game, players are eliminated when the paintballs hit them. The team whose player left at last wins the game. This game is also called Team Deathmatch. The average time of this game is 10 minutes.


Juggernaut is another game that is a variation of an Elimination game. This game is also known as Zombies. In this game, one team player is designated as the “juggernaut.”  Juggernaut cannot be killed, but its role is to eliminate all the opposing team members. The average time of this game is 20 minutes.

Attack and Defend

Another game is “attack and defend”. In this game, players are divided into two teams: the attacking team and the defending team. The task of the defending team is to defend a bunker. On the other hand, the attacking team try to eliminate the defending team players. The winning team is the one whose player remain at last. The average time of this game is 15 minutes.

Plant the bomb:

Another game is Plant the Bomb. In this game, players capture the bomb (or a given bomb) and bring it to the enemy’s base. There are three ways to play this game.

One way to play Plant the Bomb is one team has a bomb that brings the bomb to their enemy’s base while the other team protects their base from the bomb.

The second way to play this game is when both teams are given a bomb and try to plant their bomb on their enemy’s base. 

The third way to play this game is that the bomb is placed in the middle of the field, and both teams try to catch it and then plant it on the enemy’s base.

The average time of this game is 20 minutes.


In this game, one player is designated as president, and the rest are divided into two teams: the secret service and the attackers. The Secret Service has to escort the president to the designated location. The attacking team wins if they eliminate the president before he reaches the designated area. This game lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

Tips to Make the Paintball Game Last Longer

If you want the paintball game to last longer, from 5 minutes to hours, here are a few tips paintball players can take to make their game last longer.

The first tip is that to make the game last longer, players should choose the exemplary scenario.

Another tip to make paintball games last longer is to use appropriate tactics. Moving slowly in the game helps players to avoid getting hit easily. The longer it takes to get hit, the longer the game will be.

Using obstacles is another amazing strategy to make the game fun and exciting. By using the above tips, players make the paintball game last longer.

Final Thoughts:

Paintball games can last from 10 minutes to hours or even days, depending on how the players or event organizer plan the game. As I told you above in detail, the time the paintball game takes depends upon several factors, such as the number of players, the area the players or event organizer selects and many more. So, it is always hard to say how long paintball lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will 100 paintballs last?

The answer to this question depends on how you play the game. If you are constantly shooting in the game, you will not have any paintballs left to shoot. Shooting paintballs continuously will result in paintballs no longer. But if you use paintballs carefully, you will have paintballs that last long enough to shoot.

How many paintballs should I buy for a day?

The answer to this question depends on how many paintballs you want to shoot in a day. One hundred paintballs are enough for one round for one person. But you can buy more if you are a shooter who likes to shoot more paintballs.

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