How To Get Paintball Paint Out of Clothes

After a really hectic and exciting day of paintball it is natural to get stains on your clothes. With all the splish splash of paintball guns, the paint is all over the place. Be it your home, cars, trees or clothes. The paint will get everywhere. How to get paintball paint out of clothes? There is no rocket science in that. 

We have a solution to remove any kind of stain. There were time when certain stains were very difficult to remove. But not anymore. Because now the detergents are strong. We have so many ingredients that can remove paintball paint easily.

The removal depends on the nature of the paint. You choose the cleaning agent according to the ingredients of paintball paint. Some paints are biodegradable. Many small living things such as bacteria, ants and other insects can eat the paint. They tear the paint in small particles. Then the paint goes away after some time. It is not the case in alevery stain though. 

Also on the other hand water soluble paintball paint is easy to remove. You can use detergents to remove them. They washaway after 15 to 10 minutes of soaking. 

Let’s check the article to find out every solution regarding paintball game stains. 

How to Get Paintball Paint out of Clothes (Steps)

After the game of paintball go home and get ready to clean your clothes. If you want to clean them properly then follow all the steps below. 

  • Remove debris and dirt 
  • Use paint stains remover
  • Detergent
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • White vinegar

Remove Debris and Dirt

Do not toss your clothes directly in the washing machine. Separate all of your clothes. Check if any pair leaves color in the water wash them separately. Or else you will ruin all of your clothes and washing machine. 


  • Remove burrs and dirt from your clothes.
  • Wash them first with clean water. 
  • Take out all the dirt.
  • Now you are ready for next step

Use Paint Stain Remover

How to get paintball paint out of clothes with a paint stain remover? Well you know i find the easiest method to remove stains. 


  • Take some of the remover 
  • Dab the affected area with it
  • Wait for 15 minutes
  • After that wash your dress with regular detergent
  • Wash and dry now. 


We all know detergent can remove all common stains and dirt. They can make clothes neat and clean. Not to mention they can make your clothes fragrant too.


  • Take some amount of regular detergent
  • Put it in the bucket
  • Add lukewarm water
  • Soak the clothes for some minutes
  • After that wash in a regular way
  • Now dry

Hydrogen Peroxide

A lot of you think that hydrogen peroxide is a strong ingredient for clothes. But instead the case is totally opposite. Paintball stains are water soluble. The paint consists of food components. Then there are dyed colors in it. That is why you get blue, green, yellow and all the other colors in paintball paints. 

Hydrogen dissolves the paint and removes all the stains of paintball paint.


  • Add your clothes in a bucket with water.
  • Add some amount of hydrogen peroxide
  • Soak for some time
  • Wash with simple water
  • Now again give it a wash with detergent
  • Dry and see the results


will paintball ruin clothes

All of the reactants are safe to use. But you can always do a patch test on the inside of your clothes. Ammonia is also a strong stain remover. 


  • Soak the stain in ammonia for 5 minutes
  • Wash it with simple water
  • Now wash with detergent water
  • Rinse and dry

White Vinegar

how to get paint out of a jacket

Another amazing thing you can perform to remove dirt and stains from your clothes is white vinegar. We all have it in our home. 

  • Take some vinegar and baking soda
  • Mix them in a bucket full of water
  • Soak your clothes
  • Rub the areas after 15 minutes
  • Rinse and wash again with detergent
  • Now rinse and dry. 


Now you have all the solutions and steps to know how to get paintball paint out of clothes. It is easy to remove the paint when it is wet. The stains will not remain for long. If you get stains somehow. You know that harsh detergent ingredients can remove them. Your clothes will get dirty in the game. The key is to wash them right after. Then use the pair of clothes for next time. 

Remember the game is dirty and messy. But it is all worth it. An easy way to get rid of stress in your life. 


How to get paint out of a jacket?

It is easy to remove paint out of a jacket. 

1. Soak it in a bucket of lukewarm water and detergent.
2. After 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Rub the area. Until the stain goes away.
4. Wash and dry

Does paintball paint wash out?

Yes, paintball paint is easy to remove. It is exactly made to wash off. The paint is water soluble. It is completely safe for clothes. If you wash them right after the game. Then there is no need to worry about staining. 

Does paintball stain clothes?

Yes they stain clothes. The stain will not appear right after. It takes time. Such as in case you forget to wash your clothes immediately after the game. Then the paint will leave stains on clothes.

What to do about harsh stains?

The paint stains become harsh because of obvious reasons.

1. You did not wash them properly.
2. Washing them after two or more days of the game. 

If you wash the paint right after the game then they do not leave any stain. But waiting for days on end, procrastinating about washing them leaves stains. Some of the stains become too hard to remove.

Will paintball ruin clothes?

If the stains are hard to remove then of course they can ruin your clothing. Nobody likes clothes with blue and green stains. Unless you are comfortable wearing them in your everyday life.

What to do with clothes if the stains do not go away?

You can still utilize the clothes if paintball paint ruins them.

1. You can use them as a rough pair of clothes for cleaning your house.
2. They will make great substitutes to wear on a paintball game.

Can paintball paint leave stains on wood?

Paintball paint can leave stains anywhere if you do not wipe them right away. Clean it when it’s wet. There will be no staining.

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