How To be Good At Paintball (Tips and Tactics)

Paintball is different for everyone. Some play this sport only for fun and joy. Others take it seriously and enter the professional level. In both conditions one thing is similar. That is to win this game. A professional player keeps on practicing so he gets better every day. Hence he can win the game. Even if you are playing for fun it requires certain tactics to get better. So what do you think? how to be good at paintball?. 

I will say practice and hard work everyday. But with these two characteristics you still need some good tips and tricks. So you can perform better in each game. I will tell you some good strategies for paintball in this article. Keep all of them in mind and you will see a huge difference in your performance. 

Paintball Tactics That Will Help you Win

  • Know your field
  • Analyze your paintball equipments
  • Teamwork
  • Alway keep moving
  • Protect yourself 
  • Enjoy and play for fun

Know Your Field

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Before you start the game, keep a close idea about the field in your mind. Analyze all the areas from left to right. When you do so you need to look for these areas 

  • Hurdles in the field
  • Hiding spots
  • Wide and open area

Once you have all the above areas in your mind. Start making your strategy. 

Benefits of analyzing your field beforehand are down below. This exercise will help you to

  • Minimize risk of hitting
  • Stay ahead of your enemies
  • Find good covers 
  • Look for blind spots to shoot without worries

Analyze Your Equipments

Your marker is your best friend in the game of paintball. You should know about your gun inside and out. Pick your gun and start practicing your best angles with it. Look which angle is best for you. Also when you practice with your gun it will help you with its weight. You will get used to it. 

Master the art of shooting with a paintball gun. Attach a laser light to get the perfect shot. When you practice with it your aim will get better. 


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The only best answer to how to be good at paintball is trust. Always trust your teammates. A good win happens when all of the members of your team involve themselves. Communicate with your players. Discuss all the strategies that you have in mind. Assign different players in different directions. All of you stay steady and active. Win or lose, you will have fun either way when you play all together.

Always Keep Moving

Do not stay at the same spot in the whole game. The enemy will spot you easily. You will lose. Keep moving in different directions. If you expose yourself in front of the enemy, start running. Do not run straight. Run in zigzag directions. The enemy will have difficulty in shooting you. Because moving targets fluctuates the aim. 

Protect Yourself 

Wear essential gears. Dress up according to the requirements of your game. Wear camouflage and overalls. Do not forget the knee pads and elbow pads. Wear a helmet to protect your head. When a paintball hits it hurts a little. That is why it is good to stay protective. 

However, do not forget to take cover when you are playing in the field. Nothing else will help you more than taking cover. You will shoot easily while hiding. Find blind spots so you can shoot without getting hit. 

Enjoy and Play for Fun

Remember the only way to find out how to be good at paintball is to play without fear. Trust your instincts and move freely. No matter whether you win or lose. Just play with fun. When you play with fun chances of winning increases. Paintball will make you feel relaxed and cheerful. 

Paintball tips that work all the time

  • Clean gear
  • Do not pick anything 
  • Perfect aim
  • Keep the gas intact
  • Quick reload

Clean Gear

Dissemble your guns and clean it properly. Make sure there is no dust and debris in it. Clean gear works best in a game. 

Do not Pick Anything 

I know all the pellets on the ground tempt you. But do not pick them up. Sometimes they work as a trap. When you stop to pick up something it slows you down. There are high chances that your enemy will shoot you. If you have to pick pelletes up, do so with extreme care. 

Perfect Aim

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Shoot when you know your aim is intact. Practice your aim at home. Now aim at the enemy and pull the trigger. A wrong shot will make your enemy aware of your presence. Always grab the opportunity to fire first. 

Keep the Gas Intact

Check your gas in each game. Make an estimate how long it will last. Fill up the gauge. Do not hesitate to fill it upto 3000 levels of pascal. 

Quick Reload

Reload your gun as quickly as possible. Do this task somewhere in the cover. So no one can spot you. 


Always asking yourself how to be a good paintball player will not help. Unless you pay attention and start practicing the details. Paintball is a game that works best when you play in teams. Always keep your teammates closer. When you play with communicating the succeeding rate increases. 

On the other hand, have complete hold of your gun. Practice it. Master it. Your paintball gun skill will save you many times. Try to avoid hitting at all costs. Paintball is a game of instincts. If you think you should take cover. Then take it. Do not hesitate to trust your instincts. In the end it is just a game.


How do paintball guns work?

The gun works with its parts. It has a trigger, a gas tank and the paint balloons or container. When you pull the trigger the gas in the tank moves up. It puts pressure on the paintball. Hence it shoots the balls. And the paint bursts when it collides with anything solid. The gas that you use is normally carbon dioxide, simple compressed air or nitrogen. 
The function is simple on the external just like any other shooting gun. But on the inside the gear is completely different. 

How many paintballs do I need?

On average a player uses 200 paintballs in an hour. You can increase the quantity of paintballs according to your mood. Sometimes when people want to relax more they add up 100 or 200 extra paintballs. It always depends on your mood.

Does paintball hurt?

Well it does not extremely hurt. Paintball is a small ball that just pops on your body. It does hurt a little. But the damage depends upon the distance. More distance means it will hit you harder. Paintballs hit feel like a strong finger flick. The amount of pain it causes depends on the part of your body too. 
Anyway it leaves some bruises on your body. They go away after some days. The marks are also not permanent. Now you do not need to worry about anything. 

How to protect myself from hitting during paintball?

To protect yourself from paintballs you need to wear protective gears. Such as pad shirts, knee and elbow pads etc. also you can wear camouflage clothes to avoid any hit. Long sleeve shirts and pants or trousers are also awesome. Wear boots that cover your feet at all costs. Trust paintball hits hurt the most on feet. 

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