Top 7 Best Paintball Sniper Rifles

Best Paintball Sniper Rifles

There is no doubt that paintball gear is the most important part of the game. But still, there is one thing which rocked this game. Many professional players use this item, to quickly grow their game skills and also win.

Do you have any idea which one we should talk about? Yeah, it’s paintball sniper, as you know sniper is not just a weapon rather it shakes up the good ones. Mostly it is used by the right instruct person who will absolutely know how and when to use it. A sniper texture is entirely close to the real one. You can also replace your gun with a sniper or buy paintball sniper kits. It’s all your choice. 

We know you also read this article because you are fed up with systematic shots, isn’t it? With our yearly experience, we will give you the best advice. We won’t make any promises that we are perfect. But we are confident in our experience and in ourselves. Whatever we share with you will be very effective and useful it’s our guarantee. It has many upgrade options, that’s why you make your own Paintball Sniper Rifle Build.

So, are you ready to see and select the sniper who prefers less noise, high volume fire? One by one I tell you the different snipers’ work and features. Let’s see which paintball sniper you like the most.

Best Pick

Dye Dam Assault Matrix

Staff Pick

Tippmann A-5 Stealth Marker

Budget Pick

First Strike T15 Paintball Gun

Top Best 7 Amazing Paintball Snipers in 2023

We search a lot and then find out the top snipers. These all are the best paintball guns. Just try them once we are damn sure you really enjoy and like this one. We know your time is very precious, and that’s why we like to directly jump to our claim.

What is a sniper? Do you have any ideas? A sniper is different from a gun, in look and performance. Transform your favourite marker in modern sniper with the help of sniper paintball gun packages and make even the hardest game easy.

Right now you don’t know anything but when you start reading you analyse what a is sniper, so let’s go and learn with us about paintball snipers. 

Best Pick

Dye Dam Assault Matrix


  • Semi-Auto, Three Round Burst, and Full Auto Firing Modes
  • Picatinny Rails and gas-through frame standard
  • Switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with the flip of the On-The-Fly Switch

By the way, all the guns are impressive but still, we thought why not start with the best paintball sniper? Because a lot of people are interested in them, so we’re gonna give you a quick review of Dye Dam. You love everything about this marker and also how easily customizable it is in each situation. We won’t take much of your time. Only tell you the different things we find to be important with this gun. 

Dye is really breaking new ground with a solid marker that is easy to use and shoot for both hopper and magazine-fed with the ability to use first-strike rounds. It is as accurate as any paintball marker we have used. After playing with the DAM all summer and fall, you really start to love it. The shooting was incredible when you pull the trigger and then (Boom) paintball hit the enemy with such force and speed. 

Very easy to maintain, easy to access and clean, very durable construction but the only complaint we have is the feedback because the screw used to attach it is tiny. Even if you wrench them in there, the vibration during games loosens them. After all, it’s not a huge deal, sometimes annoying but you can easily pass out with them. 

If we talk about shooting then it is better to say amazing. No one can defeat you when you hold this gun and are ready to shoot. 

Last thing, if you plan on going to Dye Dam we’d suggest getting an E14 breech, hammerhead rifle, paintball sniper barrel, and a car match supremacy, it’s about $800 extra but so worth it, you gonna thank us otherwise the choice is yours. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for intermediate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Feels realistic
  • Lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • Shoulder stock is worthless.

Staff Pick

Tippmann A-5 Stealth Marker


  • Cyclone Feed System can Fire 15 balls per second without batteries
  • Can be field stripped in less than 60 seconds without tools
  • Enhanced ergonomics with a longer front grip, lighter weight body and easier to Remove push pins

Tippmann Cronus is a semi-automatic paintball gun with incredible durability and shoots many paintballs in a few seconds. Very lightweight, accurate, and performs like a monster and when you hold it, the gun body provides you with a real military feel. Tippmann Cronus is perfect for woodball players. Another thing is that this gun has an internal gas line system which allows it to connect CO2 from the lowest point of the gun.

There’s a customized option so you can easily customize your gun according to your taste. Many players don’t like to attach the collapsing stock of the gun. So, if you want to remove it then an option is available. Cronus non-slip material to help you never lose your grip. Besides a vertical grip is more accurate and balanced. Sometimes the vertical handle irritates and players don’t like it, then remove it if you also don’t like it. 

The shoot capacity is super fast and accurate. Especially when your barrel is 14 inches then you can easily hit your target. Make sure you attach CO2 to the gun so that your firing speed is much faster than before. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for intermediate.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Feels realistic. 
  • Lightweight. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Vivamus integer non suscipit taciti

Budget Pick

First Strike T15 Paintball Gun


  • 2 Piece Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design
  • First Strike and .68 Caliber

Next, we are going to talk about the best paintball sniper First Strike T15 and specifically, we’re gonna talk about what it comes with because that’s actually changed over the years. Easily say the best choice for paintball markers as the customization is almost limitless. So, if you are interested in the features and what it does stuff like that, then be a part of it with us. 

T15 is highly accurate when shooting first-strike rounds. Just try to make sure that you are shooting a quality paintball like Valken Graffiti or New World. The very first when you start shooting the marker, connect the air stock, and entirely have no leaks. A lot of people may think they have an air leak from the barrel. But this is not the case, you must pull the charging handle back before you fill it with air or it will just come right back out. 

This marker will work with any red dot. With holographic and telescopic sights, you can make T15 look and feel like a beast. If you are a dedicated paintball player looking to take your game to the next level then must try the strong First Strike T15 paintball gun. Love this marker. 

Honestly, we did a lot of research and wanted very sure for the performance to be perfect. Invest in buying a repair kit for this gun. It comes with spare parts and runs about $60, you’ll thank us. 

Reasons to Buy

  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Shoot 68 Caliber.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not jam in the rain (Waterproof).

Reasons to Avoid

  • Price first strike round. 
  • Stock minor problem.

Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100


  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 19
  • Caliber: 0.68

Spending some time with your family and friends in the paintball field helps you to make your mood happy, but the real fun is when you have the coolest sniper rifle by your side. The best gun that has a remarkable interest in the paintball field is Planet Eclipse. This solid entry gun makes a positive review which you cannot find in any other marker. The Emek feels natural when you hold it properly. 

With this gun, your speed is 10 bps but if you are 8 to 9 bps it is better to fire continuously. You will definitely love it when you know that whenever you shoot it feels like it’s fresh out of the box. We also play different tournament levels without paintball chopped in the barrel. 

The only thing we don’t like about this gun is the barrel because it’s a 10-inch barrel. The reason is that a 10-inch barrel sounds very loud and can’t hit the target properly. On the other side if you have a 12 or 16-inch barrel then you have an ideal length to properly aim. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Shoot like a pro.
  • Comfort trigger.
  • Lots of upgrades are available.
  • Best for beginners and intermediate players. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes leaking issues.

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Gun


  • Brand: Action Village
  • Rounds: 300
  • Team Name: Action Village
  • Air Gun Power Type: Green-Gas
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum

Now we’re going to take a look at the Alpha black elite and give you some details of the gun. The US Army is best for scenario play. When you use this marker, you feel like you are on a swat team in the woods looking for an escape place to hide yourself who broke out of jail, the US Army shoots great right out of the box even with its short 11 barrel. It’s up to you which hopper you choose, a low profile which holds around 240 paintballs, if you are using full auto, then you can shoot 12 or 15 shots per second, and see all of the adults and staff were scared to go against you. 

So we saw the US Army Alpha Black which looks pretty closely resembling the AR-15 M4. The Egrip setup works amazing and is a great platform for future upgrades, if you want to go full auto then must get a cyclone or at least a proper hopper. 

Length: This gun measures just under 30 in length with the original barrel and the stock collapsed, but for a carrying case we’d suggest something at least 35 or in length, with the feed elbow (especially with a cyclone hopper) on this gun is pretty wide and for smaller cases, it’s hard to get the case zipped. 

Weight: The US Army is heavier than the other markers but not to the point that it bothers you. Some guns have so much weight which affects your shoulder and it’s a bit difficult to play but if we compared this gun to others it would be more correct to say that this gun is not as heavy as others, so just chill and defeat the enemy with this weapon. 

Sight: As some other people have mentioned, with a stock on this gun the sights are pretty useless because the mask will always get in the way so that you can’t put your cheek on the stock aim. This problem is particularly worse with people who are left-handed, but for anyone who wants to aim and is left-handed, we suggest they focus their gun red dot and set the target. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Fully automatic.
  • Does not affect the functionality.
  • Very cool and terrifying-looking.
  • Fire semi-auto.

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little heavy.
  • A bit slow to fire.

Empire Sniper Pump Marker


  • Tournament Level Performance pump marker.
  • Aluminium 2-piece 14″ barrel.
  • 3 Barrel inserts .675, .680, .685.
  • Includes a 10-round feed system for stock play.
  • Delrin pump handle and sledge.

Next is the best paintball sniper whose name is Empire Pump, super popular, great mid-range price, comes with a lot of features, they also has many colours. This marker is durable, reliable, stands with you in any type of condition and will never leave you in trouble. Our review is completely based on our experience so let’s check out what specialty in this gun. 

Shooting: The grip of this marker can please your hands and you comfortably hold it without any hassle. When you are ready to shoot with a sniper pump it attracts the attention of all the players, its popularity can be estimated from its fire speed. Empire sniper pump is the top gun because of its reliability and speed. If you distance 45 or 50 feet from your enemy, even so, you can comfortably fire at the target. 

Trigger: This gun has a comfortable trigger which can player to play the game smoothly, some guns have a very hard and rough trigger which causes pain in their fingers, if you want to increase your fire speed then simply put your two fingers in the trigger and keep moving in finger after another very quickly on the trigger. 

Maintenance: Any product you buy, not necessarily guns, will last a long time if you protect it well, so keep the gun clean after playing. It is a bit hard because when any type of product is new we will take care and feel like we love our thing very much but when time flies we forget to do all this. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Shoot like a pro.
  • Lots of upgrades are available.
  • 3-piece aluminium barrel kit.
  • Comfort trigger.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Problem with pump binding.
  • Sometimes leaking issues.

Carmatech SAR12C Sniper


  • Upper Receiver: Billet AL 6061-T6
  • Lower Receiver: 33% Glass Nylon
  • Butt Stock: Aluminum/Nylon Hybrid
  • Grip: Ergo
  • Optics: Carmatech Supremacy Scope

Let’s jump to the next one, which is called Carmatech SAR12. This gun is a bolt action rifle from Karma Tech, there are very few paintball rifles out, where only magazine-fed platforms do not take a hopper but they do make a kit that can convert to a semi-auto. 

Weight: It’s not as heavy as you think it is, honestly this handguard is very light and stripped down the compact version. So it’s huge but not as heavy as it looks, you’re not going to have a hard time kind of dealing with this. Don’t select too much weight for the gun, always choose a normal weight like this gun or lightweight, because while playing, you have to run around which wastes a lot of energy and if you add the weight of the gun to it, the chances of losing will definitely be higher. 

Shooting: It’s really hard to find the gun which shoots like a beast, but luckily SAR12C has shot beautifully, you enter the ground and distance from your competitor about 55 to 60 feet so no need to panic, you can easily shoot at such a distance. You’ve played too many games and still, it will shoot the same as before, nothing changes. 

Maintenance: Again, always clean when you finish your game, if you don’t clean the gun properly then it rusts which destroys your sniper. Easy to maintain, their tools are easily unlocked and cleaned with gun oil or a wet towel very gently. 

Trigger: The SAR12C gun trigger is really flexible and easy to hold, just chill your mood, pull the trigger and be ready to shoot. One thing we must say is don’t push the trigger too much, only push when you play the game otherwise there is a risk of becoming loose. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It’s Huge but not heavy at all.
  • Shoots fast.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Kit to convert semi-auto.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not Upgradeable.
  • Sometimes this big gun is irritating. 

Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Sniper Rifles

The very important question is where to buy snipers or other things because if we buy things on the market on our own that’s okay, but if we want to purchase online it is a really hard decision for people. There are many fraud people living in the whole world, many people don’t want to buy anything online, but not necessarily that everyone gets cheated. Always remember if you want to buy online one thing that should be always your first priority is that you do as much searching as you can, because there is only one way that you can buy your favourite sniper at a good price.

Go for trusted websites and giant platforms like Amazon, always select these, if something happens to your product you directly tell the trusted website so they can immediately react and provide you with the right product as soon as possible. 

We hope you read and set up your mind about which paintball sniper suits you and buy to a dependable place like Amazon or any trusted website. 

Understand Some Things Before Buying

First, you see which type of game you play like woodsball, scenario or something related then accordingly select the paintball sniper. Just relax if you don’t know then we explain to you. Suppose you want to play paintball just for fun and not play as a regular player. Do you think it would be okay to spend that much money on a rifle? Do not buy a sniper if you don’t play for at least half a month. Because it’s a piece of machinery when you can’t use it for like half a year or 2 to 3 months then how can he be alright, it will be completely ineffective. Otherwise, the choice is yours! 

On the other hand, if you want to play like professional and regular players then you must have to buy a sniper. We share with you the list and the reviews it’s always up to you which one suits you. Because paintball games had different play and all play had their different guns choose your gun wisely. 


Wait! Not finished yet as you know finding the best sniper is not always an easy task. Some guide us correctly and some misguide us. That’s why we give you a review of the best sniper paintball. Now it’s your turn to quickly select your favourite one and tell us which one you like. If you want to see it practically because you are a little confused then you must watch YouTube videos where they share their method and tell you all the things.

Don’t take lightly all these guns we share, every gun has its own blast features and working style. We confidently announce that these guns are stunning and improve you to perform well. We hope this article helps you a lot. There is always one thing you want to know: not to choose the best feature or well-packed guns, but rather choose the one which you hold and feel relaxed. Suppose you purchase a gun (because of its look and body) which costs $1000 and then suddenly one error after another starts appearing in it, then what will you do? That’s why you always see quality not quantity.  

This is the last part which is dedicated to reducing your confusion. After reading you have also many questions to ask and want to know the right answer because most people don’t guide you correctly. So feel free and just ask which question disturbs you. We answer your question as fast as we can. It’s better to be satisfied before buying a sniper. Some important questions we mention if you have related to them then comment to us we will definitely answer your question. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How far can the rifle shoot?

Rifles with the full power of shoot speed regarding 100 miles in half an hour, their capacity to move lengths of 85 to 100 feet. Almost all weapons shoot very well but the rifles we have mentioned have similar shoot speeds. 

Q2. Why don’t paintball guns shoot straight?

The answer is to set your target and focus on your aim. Sometimes we set our target but we get distracted from there. You can move your lower but always set and straight your upper body do not move when you shoot. With the upper body, everything stays strong and stable, it doesn’t matter where you aim your head just stays and looks straight at the barrel with both eyes. Obviously, the paintball was not a bullet shape or spherical and they’re never going to fly totally straight. 

Q3. What is the most well-aimed gun?

Every gun has its own speciality, we cannot say that this gun is accurate, all markers are precise, you change the gun into a simple one and convert it to a modern look by upgrading gun features like barrel, hopper and breach. When upgrading then see the big difference in before and after. 

Q4. How to clean the paintball sniper?

This is the most common question and everyone wants to know how to clean weapons. The cleaning technique is very simple. Just soak a towel into the water, one by one take out the parts and start to clean or if you have gun oil then it’s best you can clean with oil as the same process. 

Q5. How to fix if the gun has a problem?

Sometimes guns act strangely, so hurry and go to check where you purchased from, if they do not respond then simply open your gun and clean all the parts, especially the barrel, and check if the o ring is broken then go and change it. If you clean it properly then this problem never happens because when you play. The dust gets inside it and freezes, which is why some parts of the gun are prone to rust very badly.  

Q6. How to become a good paintball sniper?

One of the most demanding questions is “How to become the best paintball sniper?” If you can play paintball sniper, the trick is: don’t shoot a whole lot of paint. Once you shoot your first round, make that shot count and then be quiet because most people hear the noise coming from the paintball gun.

There are also different options when you use and become a paintball sniper: the mounted scope or red dot, the bipod to put on the gun to stabilize it, and the apex barrel which you can adjust the trajectory of the ball. 

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