Starting Strong: Paintball Tips For Beginners

Paintball Tips For Beginners

New paintball players are always feeling excited about the first game. The reason for choosing paintball can be different for everyone. But we shouldn’t forget the uncertainty that comes with it. Every player is nervous at first. Because they do not know how they will play on the field. But I have some paintball tips for beginners that will help you in getting a grip on the game. 

Their strategy is different for everybody. Because there are so many paintball tips and tricks that work best for one person but are different for other players. You just have to play along with some common and general tips so that you can come across the ones that suit you. 

After playing with some expert players for a while, you will pick one or two strategies that will elevate your game. 

Paintball Strategy Tips for Beginners

Many new players want some shortcuts to know how to win at paintball. There is no shortcut but only practice and determination that you need. 

  • Keep your calm
  • Do not play solo
  • Participate in the game
  • Be quick and reckless
  • Check the field
  • Follow the rules
  • Master your equipment

Keep your Calm

As a beginner, you will find the first game in the arena pretty overwhelming. In such cases, remaining calm and playing with focus is appropriate. Do not get afraid of losing the game. Play in silence. Keep yourself hidden and stay low. 

Examine the opponents and hit them when the right time comes. Do not stay hidden for too long. Because hiding is easy, playing with an intelligent strategy of hiding, taking cover and then striking when the time comes is one of the best paintball tips for beginners. 

Do Not Play Solo

When you play paintball for the first time, it is good to play with a team. A solo player cannot play and complete the objectives of the game. Playing with a team will give you extra hands. Your game will be more fun. Also, you can take cover and fire paintballs according to the situation. 

Teammates keep a lookout for you and can also give you good cover when you fire paintballs at the opponents. Many beginners make the mistake of playing alone. I know you want to increase your body count and show your potential. But when playing for the first time, it is best to play with some expert players rather than against them. 

Many times, beginners make acquaintances with experienced players. They can give you amazing paintball tips that will work for you. 

Participate in The Game

paintball tactics

Many newbies of paintball have this strategy of staying hidden for too long and then coming out and shooting at the end. This is not helpful at all. To win or to gain some confidence in the game, you need to stay in the game. Play the game. Shoot some players. Take good cover. These paintball tips for beginners are useless if you are not putting them in practice. 

Run toward your target. If you are playing with a team, make a plan with your fellow members. When they run, you will cover them. This is how the game works. Cover as much area as you can. This will give you almost the whole field. Your opponent will remain in the same place. However, you will win the game. 

Be Quick and Reckless

Play with speed inside the field. If you move slowly in the field then you will lose. Slow players always get hit by other players. This is also one more trick that helps a lot. Shoot immediately when you see a player in your sight. Do not keep waiting for the right moment. Or else that player will shoot you. Hit them with your paintball right away. Stay reckless in your game. 

Check The Field

Before you start playing the game, it is best to know the area of your game. Move around in the field. You will know some hidden points you can use during the game. Examine the whole field. This will help you make up a plan for your game. Many pro players check the gaming area beforehand as it gives them a clear guide. You can choose your covering spots and hiding spots as well.         

Prepare For Game

Apart from common paintball tips for beginners, many players do not know the proper attire for paintball. If you are also a beginner and asking yourself what you should wear to paintball for the first time, then you are not alone. 

Below is the list of proper paintball attire.

  • Eye cover such as goggles to protect your eyes
  • Face masks
  • Head covers such as bandana, scarf or a baseball cap
  • Gloves to cover your hands
  • A good pair of comfy sneakers
  • Paintball clothes such as a baggy T-shirt, a trouser and a jacket

Follow The Rules

paintball attire

Read the rule guide of your corresponding gaming arena and paintball. Stick to these rules. The best player is one who wins by the rules. The fair game will give you a fun and exciting experience. Many players do not follow enough rules. What happens at the end is the referee disqualifies them. This is the last thing you need on your record of paintball. Whether you win or lose. Do it with dignity. This is what counts as the best sportsman.    

Master Your Equipment

Buy a good pair of equipment. Then, practice with it. Play with your paintball gun all the time until you master all of its qualities. A player who knows his equipment inside and out wins best. You do not need a fancy gun in order to win the game but a well-functioning gun. Fill your tanks properly. Always fill your hopper, too, so you do not waste time between the game. 

When you are off the field, cover your barrel. Absolutely, you do not want to waste paintballs outside the play area. It will waste your paintballs. Also, this can hit someone and hurt them. Always try paintballs in the gaming arena to see whether your gun works fine.         


You know paintball is not as easy as it seems. Going on the field and shooting blindly does not work for players. You need a proper plan to play and stay in the game. No matter how many paintball tips you have for beginners. 

They are all in vain if you do not practice them. We all say practice makes a man perfect. The main reason for winning in paintball is that the players play with smart choices. They keep the equipment clean and ready. Stay in comfortable clothes so you can play easily. 

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