Sport Trends: Is Paintball Still Popular in 2023?

Is Paintball Still Popular

Paintball is a popular sport. People play Paintball keenly. Many people ask, Is Paintball Still Popular? Paintball is still alive; people usually play it at events or family gatherings. Day by day, the beginners participate in this game and play paintball. To start the paintball, people purchase equipment such as guns, hoppers, masks, etc.

But nowadays people’s interest is in decline. The only core players are playing Paintball. But Paintball will always have new players. They will never be out of players.

There are many reasons why people are losing interest in Paintball.

Why are People Losing Interest in Paintball?

There are several reasons why people lose interest.

  • Paintball economy
  • Politics
  • Other games

Paintball Economy

Paintball demands all the necessary equipment to play, which is expensive. It is pretty costly to buy the good stuff to play Paintball. Ultimately, Paintball is becoming an expensive hobby for people, and that’s why people lose interest in Paintball.

After the covid, there was an economic downturn. People are not interested in Paintball because they need specific resources to earn.


The industry is going towards different reforms. The company is naming their product paintball marker instead of using paintball guns.

There is also a crucial factor that many companies offer different varieties of guns, but the type of guns and anti-competitive environment make it less enjoyable.

Other games

Other sports, such as gel blaster, Airsoft and many other sports, are less expensive than Paintball. You usually notice that a game that is interesting and less expensive people participate readily, such as climbing, skiing and skateboarding.

Another main factor is that people are attracted towards Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, mobile phone games or PC gaming. People lap on the couch and spend most of their time playing PlayStation, Xbox or PC gaming.

Why is Paintball Less popular?

One of the main reasons that people feel that Paintball is dangerous is that most people see players firing each other at high speed, and they think there is a chance of injuries. But Paintball indeed causes severe injuries. Nothing will happen if you play with proper protection. Use masks, neck protection, and padding to protect the lower body.

The government is making efforts to do so again, popular Paintball. The Paintball Sports Federation is developing the paintball sector. They will provide us with complete information and training and support the Paintball as well.

A report says that since 2016, the number of paintball players has been decreasing in Paintball. It may be due to the rising prices of paintball equipment.

Paintball During Covid

In 2020, people were facing the worst experiences. People cancelled their vacation plans, family gatherings, and events due to covid 19. The sports federation cancels all sporting events because of the risk of spreading covid 19. Paintball is usually played in the fields. That’s why the Paint Sports Federation also applied restrictions to play Paintball. All the paintball fields were empty due to COVID-19. That’s why there is a decline in covid days.

Is Paintball more Popular OR Airsoft?

Paintball is still more popular because it has realistic situations compared to Airsoft. Several people play Airsoft due to cheap equipment. Paintball is expensive, but people still choose to play Paintball due to the feel of realism and action in Paintball.

There are several reasons why Paintball is more popular.

  • Paintball guns are more durable than Airsoft
  • Paintball guns don’t require too much maintenance
  • Paintball guns are good if you buy one.
  • Paintball fields are larger and more realistic look
  • Airsoft fields are not much greater area-wise
  • Paintball pellets are filled with paint inside.
  • Airsoft BBs (bullets) are lightweight and not filled with paint inside.
  • Airsoft is considered safer than Paintball.
  • Paintball is a little bit dangerous because of the heavy pellets
  • Airsoft guns are lighter-weight
  • Paintball guns are heavyweight
  • Airsoft provides the safest environment for kids and adults

What is the Future of Paintball?

If you look towards paintball fields, most of them are still alive. Paintball will always have players because physical games are healthier than PlayStation or Xbox. Certain core players still promote the game awareness of Paintball. Paintball is still alive in England and in the US. But all the people are restricted to playing in their same age group to avoid injuries.

How can we make Paintball Enjoyable again?

The core players play with their strength. Sometimes, great players stop playing because of the lack of players. If we get more players, this game will continue.

When people start playing Paintball, they use essential equipment. The senior players use fancy and sound equipment, which is also a reason for less interest in Paintball. Senior players should welcome beginners to make them comfortable during the game.


Is Paintball Still Popular? Ultimately, I have discussed all the causes for the decline in Paintball, but Paintball is not a dying sport; people still play Paintball. However, there are some factors of decline in Paintball. It may be the economic situation of the people. Politics is also the main factor in the paintball decline.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Paintball popular today?

Paintball has become the third most popular game in the world. It is considered the most actioned outdoor game. But overall, Paintball is declining; slowly, people are losing interest in the game.

Which game is more popular, Paintball or Airsoft?

Paintball is more popular and natural than Airsoft. People provide you with wild action scenes, a real action weapon. That’s what people demand the most.

Is Airsoft more popular than Paintball?

Paintball guns are more accurate than Airsoft. Paintball guns can carry larger ammunition, and paintball firing velocity is more significant than Airsoft. That’s why Paintball is more popular than Airsoft.

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