Getting Started: How to Play Paintball Like a Pro?

How to Play Paintball

Paintball is an exciting game. It is a combat sport. Players used to shoot each other with the help of guns. Most people ask How to play paintball. People used to play paintball at different events. Sometimes, people organize tournaments to compete with the other teams as well.

In this article, I will guide all beginners on how to play paintball, what equipment is necessary, what are the cost, what are the gear outfits and what are the rules and regulations to play paintball.

Necessary Equipment to Play Paintball

You don’t need to purchase the equipment before arriving in the field. It would be best if you rent the equipment. 

The rental equipment includes the following things.

  1. Paintball marker
  2. Mask 
  3. Hopper
  4. Compressed air or CO2 tank to power up the gun

But you must purchase the equipment mentioned earlier to practice alone in the field. It is a tip for beginners to practice alone in the area to become a pro.


There are many paintball masks in the market. Choose according to your comfort, size, weight, price, colour, style, etc.


This is where you put your pellets. There are two types of hoppers.

Gravity-fed hoppers: It depends upon gravity. The paintball pellets are usually stuck in a gun hopper, so you must shake it to Fire.

Electronic hoppers: These hoppers use batteries and motors to produce the force to fire quicker and do not give you paintball break problems. 

What is the Cost of Playing Paintball?

It depends on you how long you want to play paintball. The average cost is 40$ to 90$. At this average cost, the paintball service federation provides you with full-day field access, all the necessary equipment and paintball pellets. If you talk about the cost of ammunition, which is 15$ to 40$ in this cost, they will provide you with 250 to 1000 paintball pellets.

Outfit to Play Paintball

Every game has its own certain outfits. The main thing to know about paintball is the necessary dressing or outfit. Most people wear olive green, earthy colour and different types of natural colour which matches their surroundings.

Always choose your footwear carefully. Choose footwear, which is something narrow (hilltop) at the bottom. The firm-grip shoes will help you move correctly, especially when running.

Rules to play paintball

  • Don’t turn off your Mask while playing.
  • Fire at the opponents from beyond and try to shoot with some distance
  • Don’t shoot at the player who has already been marked
  • You will be out of the game if you get shot. 
  • You are responsible for telling the players you are out after getting shot.
  • Don’t rub the bruised area. Other, it will give you a mark on the skin.
  • You can clean the paint and return early if you are out of the game.

Paintballing Tips

Your vision: The most essential gear is goggles. It protects your eyes and gives you a clear look at the field. If your vision is disturbed by sweating or mist, it will disrupt your shots. If you have a clear-vision goggle, you can win.

Gun basics: It is most important to know the gun basics. When you are about to fire, hold it in an upright direction. Test a few shots before play. If your gun is set and you are entirely comfortable, you fire at the opponents quickly. Just do the maintenance of the weapon to use it long.

Using cover: When you are on the field, keep moving smartly. Try to use cover using trees, bushes, and mounds. If you are behind the obstacles, look at the feet and legs of the enemy to determine who is coming towards you.

Objectives: Every game has missions to complete. Listen to your leader’s commands and move according to the plan. There are different kinds of games in paintball and tasks to complete, such as capturing the flag, fox, hounds, etc.

Play aggressive: Stay alert and play aggressively according to the plan. Grab the opportunity to shoot the opponent. Use lightweight shoes for a firm grip. You can’t play aggressively if you feel a heavy burden on the legs.

Different paintball games

  1. Elimination
  2. Capture the flag
  3. Attack and defend
  4. King of the hill
  5. Bomb squad
  6. Fox and Hound.

1. Elimination

In this paintball game, there are two teams, and the task is to eliminate all of their opponents. It can also be played individually; the last person left in the game will be declared the winner.

2. Capture the flag 

In this game, the player has to cross the enemy’s territory. The task is to capture and return the flag to your base flag station. Keep in mind you have to capture the opponent’s flag.

3. Attack and defend

In this game, players are divided into two teams. Players’ division depends on their opponent’s team position. The attacking team must start the game by standing at the opposite end of the field. But there is a time limit in this game. You have to be aggressive. The defending usually has an edge. Just play aggressively and stop the attacking team from completing their objective.

4. King of the hill

In this game, you may need to search the hill. There are two players competing one-on-one to knock out the opponent. The winner will stay on the ground and be challenged by the next player. Once a winner is declared, everyone has to be the King of the hill.

5. Bomb squad

In this game, one bomb is provided to the players to hide in different positions on the field. The number of bombs depends on the number of players. If the bombs are placed, then the other (bombed squad) team will enter the field. The task is to find all the bombs and return them to their base start station.

6. Fox and hound

It is called the ultimate game of survival. In this game, there are many players called “the hounds” against a team of heavily armed players called the “foxes”. The task for the hounds is to eliminate the entire team of foxes or vice versa.

Safety tips for playing paintball

  • Wear a mask to protect the face
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • Also, wear neck protection.


Paintball can be dangerous if you don’t follow the tips mentioned below. 

  • Shooting pellets with high velocity can be dangerous
  • Don’t shoot someone whose Mask is off
  • Don’t shoot at the eliminated player.
  • Shoot with some distance. Don’t go too close to the opponents. 


How to play paintball? Ultimately, I have defined all the strategies for how to play paintball. I have discussed all the costs of necessary equipment and the types of games in paintball. It is essential to know about the rules and regulations of paintball. That’s why I have discussed the rules of playing paintball games.

Frequently Ask Questions

What exactly is paintball?

Paintball is the fastest-growing sport in all over the world. People carry guns and shoot at each other with paint pellets. It is played indoors and outdoors, varying in the size of the field.

How to play paintball with glasses?

1. First, go to the paintball store.
2. Set your glasses in the goggles first.
3. Please put it on, breathe hard, and check whether mist is occurring.

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