Top 6 Best Camera for Paintball

Best Camera for Paintball

If you are into paintball, you know that the right equipment is crucial to your success on the field. A camera is one of the most critical pieces of equipment. You’ll need to capture all the action. It will help you analyze your gameplay, improve your skills, and allow you to relive your victories and defeats.

When choosing the Best Camera for Paintball, you should look for one that is durable and can withstand the rough and tumble nature of the game. It should also be lightweight and easy to mount on your gear. Additionally, the camera should have excellent image quality and a high frame rate to capture every moment of the game.

Best Pick

GoPro Hero5 Black

Staff Pick

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo

Budget Pick

DJI Osmo Action

However, in this article, we will review some of the best cameras for paintball on the market, considering their features, durability, and value for money. Whether you want a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line camera, we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading to find the perfect camera for your paintball adventures.

Top 7 Best Camera for Paintball

Here I have reviewed the top 7 Best Cameras for Paintball.

Best Pick

GoPro Hero5 Black


  • Stunning 4k video and 12MP photos
  • Durable by design, Hero5 black is waterproof
  • Preview and playback your shots, change settings and trim your footage, all on your GoPro

The GoPro Hero5 Black is a popular waterproof digital action camera with excellent features. Especially for those looking to capture paintball games. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its performance:

The Hero5 Black is compact and durable, perfect for paintball games. It is waterproof up to 33 feet without housing, making it ideal for capturing footage in wet and rainy conditions.

The Hero5 Black boasts a 12-megapixel camera and advanced image processing, which delivers stunning image quality.

The camera can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second and 1080p videos at 120 frames per second for slow-motion footage. Additionally, the camera has advanced image stabilization that helps to reduce blur and shakiness in the footage.

The Hero5 Black has wind noise reduction technology, which captures clear audio even in windy conditions. The camera also has a built-in microphone that captures stereo audio.

The Hero5 Black is easy to use, with a simple one-button control system that allows you to start and stop recording with just one button press.

The camera also features voice control, which lets you control the camera with voice commands.

The Hero5 Black has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you connect to the GoPro app on your smartphone or tablet. With the app, you can control the camera, view your footage, and share your videos and photos on social media.

The Hero5 Black has a removable battery that continuously records up to 2 hours. The camera also has fast charging technology, which quickly charges the battery.

The GoPro Hero5 Black is an excellent choice for capturing paintball games. Its durable design, advanced image stabilization, and high-quality image and sound make it the perfect camera for capturing all the action on the paintball field.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly-Waterproof
  • Voice Control feature
  • Great resolution
  • 2-Inch Touch Display

Reasons to Avoid

  • No external power source (you can’t connect it to a power bank)

Staff Pick

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo



Are you looking to capture your adventures in stunning detail? The DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo is an excellent tool.

This compact and versatile 3-axis gimbal stabilizer has a built-in 4K. The camera can record high-resolution video at 60 frames per second and capture 64-megapixel photos.

Its advanced features and portability make it an ideal choice for amateur and professional paintball enthusiasts.

One of the key highlights of the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo is its 4K camera. It has exceptional detail and vibrant colours. You can relive every moment of your paintball game with stunning clarity.

The 3-axis gimbal stabilization system allows smooth and steady footage, even in fast-paced paintball scenarios. This eliminates shakes and jitters. Ensuring your videos are free from distortion and motion blur. It makes it easy to follow the action and track players accurately.

The Creator Combo includes a variety of shooting modes, too. ActiveTrack 3.0 and Story Mode allow you to capture unique and dynamic paintball moments from different angles and perspectives.

However, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry during paintball matches. It can be operated with one hand for quick and hassle-free shooting.

Plus, it comes with various accessories. It includes a wireless microphone, a mini control stick, and a tripod mount. It improves its overall performance and usability for paintball filming.

In conclusion, the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo is an impressive device for capturing paintball action. Its portability and included accessories make it convenient. A comprehensive choice for any paintball enthusiast looking to elevate their filming capabilities.

Reasons to Buy

  • Pocket Sized Lightweight
  • 3-Axis Gimble Stabilization
  • Ai Editor feature
  • Compatible with most Smart Phones

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some players don’t like its small size.

Budget Pick

DJI Osmo Action


  • Dual Screens
  • 8x Slow Motion
  • 11m Waterproof

The DJI Osmo Action is a competent 4K action camera that captures thrilling moments during paintball games. This 4K camera features a wide-angle lens with a 145-degree field of view, ensuring no missing detail.

Also, its dual-screen design makes it easy to frame your shots and capture the game’s excitement.

But the Osmo Action is about more than great footage. It’s also built to last. This rugged camera is waterproof up to 11 meters without housing. And its RockSteady technology provides steady footage even during intense movement.

It comes with a 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor, 12MP, and the ability to shoot 4K HDR videos. This camera delivers stunning clarity and detail.

Time-lapse and slow-motion features are also available for even more visionary possibilities.

And when it comes to battery life, the Osmo Action won’t let you down. Its versatile batteries perform well even in freezing temperatures. And the camera will charge in just 90 minutes.

The camera features 8x slow motion and 1080p resolution at 240fps. So, you can record every epic move in stunning clarity and detail. The Quick Switch button allows easy and quick access to modes and settings.

In short, the DJI Osmo Action 4K Action Cam is the perfect choice for paintball enthusiasts who want to capture their adventures with precision and style.

Reasons to Buy

  • Voice Control Advance Feature
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Nice Material
  • Waterproof (with protective case)

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some Users have reported the camera’s audio quality is not good.

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition


  • 5.7K 360 + 4K Wide Angle
  • FlowState Stabilization
  • SUPER 5.7K
  • Invisible Selfie Stick Effect

The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition – 4K Action Camera is a unique and versatile device with exceptional functionality and quality. It is a game-changer in action cameras, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

One of the standout features of the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is its modular design. It comes with two interchangeable lens mods, the Dual-Lens 360 Mod and the 4K Wide Angle Mod, essentially providing two cameras in one.

This innovative design allows users to switch between capturing high-resolution 4K video and immersive 360-degree footage with ease.

The 4K Wide Angle Mod delivers sharp, clear video and still images. With FlowState stabilization, the camera provides gimbal-like stabilization without needing a gimbal. This means your footage will remain smooth and steady whether running, cycling, or doing extreme sports.

The Dual-Lens 360 Mod offers seamless 360-degree capture. It allows for a new level of creativity in your videos. The Invisible selfie stick feature enables stunning aerial angles and unique third-person perspectives.

The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition also boasts impressive low-light performance. Its Night Shot feature captures natural, clear, and low-noise footage even in dark environments. The camera’s HDR mode balances lighting and exposure, producing vibrant and detailed images.

In terms of build quality, the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is rugged and durable. It is waterproof up to 5 meters (16.4 feet), making it suitable for underwater use without requiring an additional casing.

The camera’s battery life is decent, providing approximately 70 minutes of continuous recording at 4K resolution. However, heavy use of the 360-degree mode can drain the battery faster.

The Insta360 ONE is an impressive technology that offers excellent versatility and high-quality results. It is a valuable tool for capturing adventures in stunning detail, whether you’re an amateur filmmaker or a seasoned professional.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Great Stabilization
  • Wide Angle
  • Good Battery Life
  • Waterproof

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small and fiddly touchscreen

DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo


  • 4K HDR Video, 1 Billion Colors
  • Smooth, Level, Incredible
  • Easy Vertical Mounting
  • Front and Back Touchscreens

The DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo is an action camera designed for outdoor and adventure scenarios. It can capture high-quality footage. Its 4K HDR video recording capabilities and innovative features make it a reliable choice for action enthusiasts and content creators.

The standout feature of this camera is its ability to record 4K video with High Dynamic Range. The result is vibrant and lifelike footage with improved contrast and color accuracy. The Rocksteady 2.0 stabilization technology ensures smooth and steady footage, even in challenging conditions.

The DJI Osmo Action 3 is an excellent camera with voice-control functionality. Users can start and stop recording, take photos, and change settings using voice commands. It will be helpful when the camera is mounted on a helmet or manual control is impossible.

However, HDR video captures vivid yet natural details, even in high-contrast scenarios. Horizon Steady technology ensures smooth and level footage. With a maximum battery life of 160 minutes. And the ability to record continuously for 150 minutes in temperatures as low as -20° C (-4° F). Action 3 is built to last.

 Its innovative quick-release mounting design allows easy vertical mounting on all your favourite gear.

Additionally, the camera is waterproof down to 16 meters without additional accessories. It makes it perfect for underwater adventures. Action 3 also features front and back touchscreens with a hydrophobic coating.

It is easy to vlog, take selfies, adjust parameters, and enjoy crystal-clear playback, even with wet hands.

Moreover, The DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo is a powerful and versatile camera.

 It provides outstanding video quality and advanced stabilization. Its user-friendly controls, voice commands, and durable design make it an ideal choice for action enthusiasts. It is best for those looking to capture their adventures in style and precision.

Reasons to Buy

  • Voice control
  • Superb Stabilization
  • High Resolution
  • Nice Durability

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t support Live Streaming.

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera


  • Superb Image Quality
  • Long battery life 
  • Instant sharing
  • Advanced features

The YI 4K Action and Sports Camera is affordable for adventure enthusiasts, sports lovers, and content creators. It can record 4K video at 30 frames per second and capture 12-megapixel photos, which is impressive for its price.

However, its advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology helps reduce camera shake and vibration.

It produces smoother video recordings, especially during activities like biking or skiing. The compact and durable camera makes it suitable for various outdoor adventures.

It features a touchscreen LCD on the back for easy navigation and quick access to settings. The included case is waterproof up to 132 feet (40 meters). Makes it perfect for underwater activities such as snorkeling or diving.

The YI 4K Action Camera is known for its impressive video recording capabilities. It can shoot 4K video at 30fps.

It produces sharp, detailed footage with vibrant colors. In addition, the camera supports lower resolutions at higher frame rates. It makes it versatile for capturing fast-paced action sequences in Full HD or 720p at 120fps or 240fps, respectively. This versatility allows users to create stunning slow-motion footage.

The camera has various shooting modes. It Includes time-lapse, burst mode, and a customizable manual mode for more advanced users. It also has built-in voice control, which is convenient when your hands are busy.

Overall, the YI 4K Action and Sports Camera offers exceptional value for its price and is a terrific choice for those looking to capture their outdoor adventures without spending too much money.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent Video/Image Stabilization
  • Great HD View
  • Fair Price
  • Touch Screen LCD

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited Accessories compared to other Cameras.

Buying Guide:

In any game, there will be wins and losses. But it’s also important to remember those moments where you shouted at your opponent and then fell, searching for an opportunity to strike. These moments are precious and should be captured with a high-quality camera. However, choosing a camera that can capture these movements with premium quality is essential.

Therefore, for the best experience in the field, you should consider several important factors:   

Video Quality: When choosing a camera for paintball, video quality is essential. High resolution and frame rate are crucial for capturing all the details of the game. A camera with excellent video quality allows you to analyze your gameplay and improve your skills. However, 4K resolution is ideal for capturing intense movements.

Battery Life: When engaging in paintball games that can last for hours, having a camera with a long battery life is essential to avoid running out of power in the middle of the game. Choosing a camera with rechargeable batteries is recommended. And think about getting extra batteries or a portable charger to ensure you don’t miss capturing any moments.

Mounting Options: However, to capture the best footage. Mounting the camera onto your helmet, gun, or other equipment is recommended. It’s best to look for cameras that offer a range of mounting options or are compatible with third-party mounts to position the camera in the optimal location.

Durable Construction: Playing paintball is an intense sport that can be tough on gear. It is vital to have a camera that can handle the elements and any impacts they may endure. A durable camera that can withstand water, shock, and dust is perfect. Ensures it can function correctly even in challenging conditions. This means that by selecting a sturdy camera, you can be sure that your equipment will have a longer lifespan and capture high-quality footage of your paintball adventures.

Advanced Features: It’s essential to look for certain advanced features. These include high resolution, fast autofocus, image stabilization, and the ability to shoot in burst mode. Additionally, a wide-angle lens is necessary to capture the entire field of play. The camera should also be durable enough to withstand the physical demands of paintball. Some models even offer built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. It makes it easy to share photos and videos.


In a nutshell, Choosing the best camera for paintball is challenging, as it needs to capture high-quality footage. It should be durable enough to withstand the game’s fast-paced nature and rugged terrain. Factors like resolution, frame rate, field of view, stabilization, waterproofing, shock resistance, and battery life are crucial. The ideal selection depends on personal preference and specific needs. However, some players may prioritize a broader field of view to capture more action. Others may opt for a higher frame rate to achieve smoother footage. This article will provide you with a path to which product to prefer.


What is the ideal resolution for paintball photography?

The best resolution for paintball photography depends on how you plan to use them. Suppose you’re sharing them on social media or looking at them on a computer screen. A resolution of 12-16 megapixels works fine. However, if you’re planning on printing larger photos or doing a lot of cropping, it’s better to consider a higher resolution of 20-24 megapixels or more. Just keep in mind that higher-resolution cameras can be more expensive.

What is the best way to protect my camera during paintball games?

Using a protective case or housing specifically made for action or rugged cameras is best to safeguard your camera while playing paintball. Consider using a lens hood or filter to shield the lens from dirt, debris, and paintball hits. Moreover, attaching a camera strap to your body can prevent the camera from falling off while playing.

How important is image stabilization in a paintball camera?

When recording paintball games, image stabilization is crucial. It reduces blurring and shakiness in the footage, resulting in more transparent and stable videos. This is especially important in fast-paced and action-packed environments like paintball. However, sudden movements and changes in direction can cause shaky footage.

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