Top Picks: Best Paintball Fields in The World?

Best Paintball Fields in The World

Paintball looks best when you play it in full spirit. A good field and great equipment can immediately enhance your mood to play the game. Only a paintball player can understand the value of a good playing field. That is why I will tell you about some of the best paintball fields in the world. 

I am sure you will like them. Especially if you are someone who enjoys travelling a lot, then you can put these places on your bucket list. You can enjoy travelling and playing paintball once you hit the city. Without further delay, let’s check out all the places. 

Top 10 Paintball Fields in the World

Yes, you are reading it right. I will not tell you about good places for paintball in your city but the whole world. Later in the end, I will also describe some of the best out of these 10 places. 


This is probably the best paintball park in America. Skirmish is a place that is 700+ acres long, which makes it the world’s largest paintball location. All of the field has more than 40 theme areas. Players can play to their heart’s fullest. The themes include castles, parks, villages, schools, container yards and many more. 

Apart from these themes, skirmish also holds different events each year in the summer. Over 4,000 participants joined the game. They also have a themed event, which is a replica of World War 2. The invasion of Normandy is the event which lets the player experience a great play among helicopters, tanks, guns and many other war accessories. This is the biggest paintball arena in the world. That is why it is one of the best paintball fields in the world. 

LOCATION: Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, US. 

Hollywood Sports

The area of Hollywood sports is almost 28 acres. That is why they have many themes of paintball. You can play paintballs inside replica sets of movies, such as Godzilla, Mad Max and many more. They have a total of 8 theme sets. This is one of the best paintball USA fields you can visit. 

Many celebrities also play in this area. You can enjoy the area privately with just your friends and family. Other than that, you can select to play with different stranger groups to make your game more convenient and fun. You will not regret your visit to this field. 

LOCATION: California, USA 

CPX Chicago

Almost consisting of 143 acres of land, the CPX Chicago gives you an experience of amazing themes. You can go back in time and enjoy the America of 1800. Play your paintball game in an exclusive field. The unique themes attract players from all over the world. The CPX also hold events each year. Almost 2,000 people joined the event. You can also join to get an amazing paintball experience. 


Manchester Paintball Arena

This paintball arena plays a little different game. For example, players do not get out after someone shoots them. They simply start the game again from the starting point. The purpose of this rule is simply to encourage players. 

If you are into some industrial aesthetic, this arena is your game. It takes place in a windmill with many tracks, tires and struts. This game area is for you if mud disturbs you. Because it is an indoor arena, you can typically play without getting dirty. 

LOCATION: Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Battle Park Dubai

If you ever visit Dubai, then also do visit this paintball park. It gives you an exquisite paintball experience. The park consists of half a million square feet of land. It has 7 theme areas where you can play the paintball game. The good part of this park is that it is an indoor park. So you can definitely not get dirty except for the paintball shots. 

The park features the look of a forgotten city, which has many broken cars and trucks. It also has old buildings, which give you amazing crime-solving vibes. 

LOCATION: Ghantoot UAE. 

Pursuit Games Dubai

Another paintball area in Dubai. It also provides you with many paintball shooting themes. You can take your kids there. This area allows kids above 10 years old to play. This is probably a good idea to take your kids along with you. Different themes are for different packages. You can select the one you like and enjoy playing paintball. 


Battle Ground Poland 

This area is the largest arena in all of Europe. You can enjoy your best paintball battles here. Players can also stay overnight in the guest rooms. Then, the next day, you will start early on your game. It has 22 theme areas.

Players can enjoy whatever theme they like. This battleground is not the PUBG royale battleground. But it gives you the exact vibes. You can even ride a tank in this game of paintball. German owners have made it one of the best paintball fields in the world. 

LOCATION: Poland. 

Hot Shots Paintball Park

This is the second skirmish-like park. It has movie props from Hollywood movies. The backgrounds and sound effects are all the same as Hollywood pictures. It has 11 fields. All have different movie themes, such as Assassins in Ruined City, Mission Impossible, etc. 

The park has awesome themes to offer its players. You can never regret going there. 

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia. 

Asylum Paintball

Amazing creepy vibes of a hospital. This area also provides you with the best experience of goofy and creepy hospitals. You can play indoors and outdoors here. 

The age limit is amazing. It goes from 6 years to 18 and so on. All age groups can enjoy gaming in the asylum paintball. 

LOCATION: New Zealand. 


Now you know about all the best paintball fields in the world. I hope this article will help you. Do visit all the places or even one of them to get an exclusive paintball experience. You will like different fields as per your taste and playing preferences. Go and choose because paintball lets you experience all the different fun and suspenseful themes.

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