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Can You Play Paintball in the Rain

Can you play paintball in the rain? That is the question asked by players who love rain. So, the answer to this question is yes. You can play a paintball game in the rain. It will be an exciting experience. But before playing paintball in the rain, remember a few things. You have to wear waterproof clothes and also protect your paintball gun. Moisture in the air reduces paintball accuracy.

Precautions to Play Paintball in the Rain

To play and enjoy paintball in the rain, here are precautions that we will discuss further in this article.

Follow some steps if you want to play and enjoy the paintball game in the rain. So, let’s see what those measures are:

1. You have to protect the paintballs from rain:

 It is obvious that while paintballs are non-toxic, they are also water-soluble. So when rainwater falls on them, they can disintegrate. Therefore, before shooting, paintballs should not be exposed to water; otherwise, their outer shell, which is made of gelatin, will weaken and burst, and not only will it create a mess, but you will have no paintballs left to shoot. Also, when you shoot wet paintballs, they can coat the gun barrel, affecting your shooting. So you must protect your paintballs from water while playing in the rain. 

So when playing the paintball game in the rain, keep paintballs in a closed container and check that no rainwater has fallen in it. Also, when you are ready to go to the field to play the paintball sport, load the paintballs into the hopper while staying indoors and then go out to play in the rain. Do not load the paintballs into the hopper under the rain; otherwise, the paintballs will get wet.

2. Wear the suitable goggles or mask:

 You should wear appropriate goggles or a mask to play paintball sport. If you don’t wear goggles while playing, the paintball may hit your eye, causing damage. Also, seeing clearly to target your opponent while playing in the rain is a big challenge because if you can’t see properly, your opponent will hit you with the paintball as soon as he gets the chance, increasing his chances of winning. To avoid this problem, you can buy a mask visor.

With a mask visor, the rain will not fall directly on your goggles or mask. On the other hand, if you use a mask fan instead of a mask visor, the mask fan will remove moisture and provide ventilation. You can use whichever one you like best.

Another thing you can do is to cover the top of the mask with tape. The tape will prevent rain from entering through the openings on the top of the mask. This way, your lens will be protected from water, and the vision will not be blurred. You can also wear a baseball cap to prevent the rain from directly hitting your mask.

3. Protect the paintball gun from rain:

 You can’t protect the gun from the rain because of playing paintball sport in the rain, but you can prevent moisture build-up inside the gun barrel. Playing paintball in the rain causes rain droplets to build inside the barrel, creating a small trench of water at the bottom of the gun’s barrel; this causes the paintball to disintegrate before it comes out of the gun.

To avoid the paintballs to be disintegrated, you have to do one thing, and that is take a tape. It can be medical tape or electrical tape. Cover the porting on the paintball gun’s barrel with tape. 

This way, your performance will not be affected.

4. Use the proper footwear:

 When it rains, the ground becomes muddy. So when you play paintball in the rain, you risk slipping. For this, you have to use footwear that has good traction. Traction helps you to avoid falling and slipping. Hiking boots are suitable footwear which helps to prevent slipping. Also, keep an extra set of shoes.

5. Choose the right clothes:

Choosing clothes for playing paintball is crucial whether you play on a rainy, snowy or sunny day. When you play paintball in the rain, the clothes should not be the same as what you wear in the snowy season or on a sunny day. Avoid wearing thick clothes because when they get wet, you will feel extra weight on your body, which may slow you down. Wear light and tight clothes.

Wearing waterproof clothes is the best option. You can wear a poncho or rain pants, which helps to protect against the rain. Also, keep extra clothes in your bag.

6. Change the strategy:

Playing paintball in the rain slightly differs from playing on a typical day. You must change your strategy to win the game while playing in the rain. In usual days, you can shoot your opponent without giving him a chance, but when playing in the rain, the timing of your shoot is more important than running behind your opponent to attack him. Don’t rush to shoot the opponent, but wait for your moment and be patient so that you can win the game.

7. Use a mechanical paintball gun:

Use a mechanical paintball gun instead of an electric one to play in the rain. Many manufacturers of paintball guns have started making mechanical markers like the Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R or SP Shocker CVO. They have good accuracy and fast firing speed. They can compete on speedball fields.

Final Thoughts:

Playing paintball in the rain can be a fantastic experience, you can go paintballing in the rain, but you must take precautions while playing on a rainy day. Safety should be your priority. I hope you have no confusion in your mind after reading this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for players to play paintball in the rain?

Playing paintball in the rain is not 100% safe because you can get injured while playing it in the rain, or your paintball gun can be damaged.

Are the paintball fields open during rain?

Generally, outdoor paintball fields remain open in the rain unless the rain is heavy or the weather is too windy. But indoor paintball fields are open because you don’t have any problem playing it indoors.

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