Where to Fill Paintball CO2 Tank? – Quick Guide

Where to Fill Paintball CO2 Tank

Where to Fill Paintball CO2 Tank? Well, paintball is a popular game. People used to play games in different situations, such as mega-events, family gatherings or office events. The necessary equipment includes guns, hoppers, clothing and all the safety protection.

There are many types of guns in paintball. But the main thing is how to power the gun. In this article, I will discuss where to fill the CO2 tank.

Where to Fill Paintball CO2 Tank? Best Options

There are several options for you to fill the CO2 tank.

  • Go to the paintball store.
  • Go to local shops.
  • Buy a CO2 filling station.

Steps to Fill the Paintball Tank

  1. Check your tank type.
  2. Check the PSI limit of your tank.
  3. Empty your tank
  4. Attach your tank to the filling station
  5. Pay attention to the gauges
  6. Don’t go towards superhot fills

1. Check your tank type

First, check your paintball type. There are two types of tanks: CO2 and HPA (High-Pressure Air). Make sure your tank is compatible with the filling station. Carbon dioxide CO2 was the first fuel and set the standard for many years, but now CO2 has declined. HPA is pressurized to the tank’s 3000 PSI to 4500 PSI rating.

2. Check the PSI limit of your tank

Find the PSI limit of your tank. Look at the number by checking the label on the tank. This label will give information about the PSI of the tank. Both the CO2 and compressed air tanks are made up of aluminium. If your tank is carbon fibre-wrapped, you have a compressed air tank.

3. Empty your tank

Remove the air slowly from the tank and check the leaks. You can press the trigger until all the layer has left the tank. You can also depress the fill nozzle.

4. Attach your tank to the filling station

Attach your tank to the filling station. When your tank is full, de-attach your tank. Otherwise, it will overfill and result in an explosion of the tank.

5. Pay attention to the gauges.

Closely observe the two gauges. One gauge is for the tank, and the second is for the filling station.

6. Don’t go towards superhot fills.

The majority of the filling station offers superhot fills. But don’t go towards the superhot pills. Push the CO2 gas slowly and listen to the insertion sound.

Keep in Mind about PSI

Be aware because PSI tanks can cause severe damage to you due to filling. Check the PSI before filling the CO2 and the PSI of the filling station. For example, if your tank has 300PSI, you must go to that filling station that used to supply 300PSI constantly. Beginners usually refill the tank randomly, which can be harmful.

Refill your tank

There are different ways to refill your tank. I will discuss a few of them.

1. Nearby paintball facility

First, you have to find the nearby paintball facility. If you are playing paintball in the field, there is a chance that a paintball filling station is nearby. Sometimes, most areas acquire the facility of refilling the CO2.

But if you are looking towards a field facility to refill your gun, there may be a chance that these stations are incompatible with your tank. It is better to ask your surroundings about nearby filling stations.

2. Try to fill the tank by yourself.

If you are a paintball player, you must know how to fill the tank. CO2 gas is also used for different purposes, such as in-home aquariums or fire extinguishers. You can purchase a paintball tank station.

Filling a paintball tank by yourself is a good idea. But be aware that overfilling because overfilling can cause serious injuries.

There is a simple process to refill.

  1. Measure the amount of gas you need
  2. Set the PSI of the station
  3. Press the trigger and fill it.

But only some people tend to buy gas-filling stations. Because it is easy for the people to go to the shop and fill the gas. Refilling is also a business. You can earn some money by filling the gas of others.

3. Local shops or stores

Local shops usually have CO2 gas. But the fact is that find the station which is compatible with your tank. The local shops are cheaper, but you have to guide them according to the needs of the equipment you use.

4. Tank exchange

You can also exchange your tank to refill it. It is a little bit expensive to exchange the tank for the empty one. Most people recommend that you fill your tank by yourself.

Cost of CO2 to refill

If you talk about the cost of a refill, the average charge to refill is 5$.. Price depends on the size of your tank. The Price should not exceed 10$.

Can I fill a CO2 paintball tank with air?

No, you can not fill compressed air in a CO2 tank because the average shop compressed only goes to 150 Per square inch.


Ultimately, I have defined all the techniques to fill the paintball tank. You need to broaden your view. Stay alert while filling your tank. Measure the PSI of your tank and then fill it. By measuring your tank, you can avoid injuries. I have discussed some options to refill the tank.

Frequently ask questions

How long does a paintball tank last?

Paintball tanks have an average lifespan of approximately 15 years. The tank is inspected for cracks and put in pressurized water to check the leaks.

What is the difference between compressed air and CO2?

The pressure of the compressed air is much higher than the average atmospheric pressure. You can easily store carbon dioxide at low pressure. Compressed air is good for the environment, but it is pretty expensive

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