Safety First: Is Paintball Safe for Kids?

Is Paintball Safe for Kids

Children love to play paintball. Everything that is messy and active is likeable in children. Paintball gives good opportunities for exploring to your kids. Especially if your kid is hyperactive, this sport will definitely suit him. But is paintball safe for kids? The answer is YES.

We all know that paintball can cause bruises and cuts on your skin. Children are likely to get bruises on the skin in every sport. For example, soccer, football, cricket, and many more sports can cause bruises. These are part of your child’s grooming. A wound is the last thing that a parent wants on his children. But with some safety rules, you can make paintball popular among children. I am sure your kids will love it. 

Make Paintball Safe for Kids – [Parents Guide]

Stop asking yourself if paintball is safe for kids? and start some work. Make it safer for your kids with some precautions. The game of paintball is risky, and it can injure your children. It does not mean you cannot make the game safe for children. You can take some precautions so your children will have fun while remaining safe at the same time. 

  • Use kid-friendly equipment
  • Safety gear is compulsory.
  • Always supervise closely
  • Set some rules for paintball.

Use kid-friendly Equipment

how old do you have to be to paintball
  • Small paintballs
  • Kids paintball guns

Small Paintballs: Regular paintball guns and balls hurt and sting. The intensity of regular paintball is more stingy. That is why it leaves bruises on your skin. However, some other paintballs have low intensity. These balls are smaller in size. That is why they hurt less. 

Low-intense paintballs have low velocity. Manufacturers especially design them for kids. The small area of the ball makes it less painful. That is what makes the balls ideal for kids. 

Kids Paintball Gun: The children who love to play paintball want their shot to become perfect. They can only do so if they have the best equipment according to their capacity. Use a paintball gun that is not heavy. Probably, an easy-to-use gun is good for your kids. Children can shoot precisely with lightweight guns. Plus, a mechanical paintball gun helps a kid operate more precisely. 

This way, instead of worrying about using the gun. Kids can focus on the game. 

Safety Gear is Compulsory

A fit safety gear is necessary for anyone in the sport. That is why kids need it more than anyone else. Getting proper attire is not the only thing you should do for paintballing. You should focus more on the safety gear. Make sure to use a proper fit according to your child’s size. 

Safety Gear Checklist

  • A proper fit of helmet for head safety
  • Mask to protect eyes, ears and face
  • Gloves 
  • Proper shoes
  • Clothing pair to protect body from paint and bruises

Always Supervise Closely

Now you must be thinking, is paintball safe for kids if I supervise closely? Yes, it is safer this way. Play along with your kids. This way, you can easily get along with your children and spend quality time with them. 

Play the game, but do not interfere in the kid’s game. Watch them from a distance without disturbing them. Interfere when necessary. Also, I will advise you to divide children according to age group. Older children can easily get carried away. Maybe they will get aggressive. That is why we keep younger children away from these games.

Set Some Rules for Paintball

This is a perfect way of securing the game for your children. Set some ground rules for your kids. So they can easily play the game without any damage.

  • Shoot from a minimum distance; then the chances will be very low of getting hurt. 
  • No jumping when the gun is in your hand.
  • Make your children focus on the surroundings as well. So they can focus on the game and protect themselves from getting hurt. 

Paintball Age Requirement

age to play paintball

The ideal age to play paintball starts from a minimum of 6 years. Children of 6 years and above can play paintball. The age depends on the requirements of the fields. Many arenas do not let children under 10 years old to play paintball. It depends highly on the location and rules of the paintball arenas and organizations. 


Paintball is an active game from running over to your opponent to shooting your target perfectly. This game requires lots of focus and attention. It is a great exercise for your kids. But despite all of the pros, is paintball safe for kids? Your children will learn planning and teamwork with this game. 

As long as the injuries and bruises concern you, you do not need to worry about them. You cannot always protect your children. Let them explore and feel the pain. After this pain, they will surely learn one or two lessons. 

I am not saying you should unleash them in the play area alone. Of Course, parental guidance and support are important. Play with them in the play area but remain invisible. Protect them without interfering in the game.


How old do you have to be to play paintball?

There is no specific age code in order to play paintball. You can start the game as soon as you are six years old. Many parents feel safe letting their children play once when they are 10 years old. Some let kids play only if they are 13 and above. Age groups differ according to the perspective of parents as well as the paintball organizations. 

Is paintball safe?

With extra care and precautions, you can make paintball the safest sport for your children. A sport which requires stamina and power is not the safest. That is why it is good to supervise your children in the game of paintball. We all know kids get excited, and in their excitement, they can hurt themselves or other children. That is why setting some ground rules and perfect supervision is good in the game of paintball. 

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