Quick & Safe: Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

Paintball is an entertaining sports game. You are fond of playing paintball, so you have a paintball gun, and you are ready to play with your friends, but suddenly, the air tank of your paintball gun runs out during the game, so now you must be wondering how to fill paintball tank with air compressor at home or station? How to do it? Filling the air tank of a paintball gun is not difficult.

You can fill the paintball tank with the help of an air compressor at home or from a paintball shop by following the procedure below. Air tanks operate at 4000 to 5000 PSI. Most people fill their paintball gun’s air tank from one of two places.

  1. When playing in the paintball field, and the air tank runs out, they fill it in the field.
  2. Or they fill their gun’s air tank from a paintball gun store. 

You have to pay a small fee to refill the tank. Filling a paintball tank is easy if you’ve ever inflated a tire. These air tanks are easily filled because the gauges that come with the air compressor are convenient for filling the air tank.

You will be informed how to fill the air tank. Before this, we discussed the types of paintball tanks. 

Types of Paintball tanks:

There are three types of paintball tanks. Let’s talk about them

Co2 Tanks

CO2 tanks are made up of steel and aluminium. They are different in size from 4 ounces to 24 ounces. The tank has a capacity of up to 1,800 PSI. It is better to refill your CO2 paintball tank with CO2. Avoid filling your CO2 tank with other gas, which includes compressed gas, because it may lower your gun performance. Perhaps it causes an explosion.

CO2 tanks are cheap, so they are the most popular among players.

Compressed Air Tanks

HPA or High-Pressure Compressed Air Tanks contain oxygen and provide consistent pressure so the gun performs best. This gas offers high-range shooting capability to paintball guns. High Pressure Compressed Air tanks are expensive.

Nitrogen Tanks

Nitrogen tank is very rare. Most of the tanks used are CO2 Tank and HPA Tank. CO2 tank is famous because of their low cost compared to HPA tanks because these are expensive, so it stops people from purchasing paintball sport.

Which gas is Better? Compressed gas or CO2 gas?

Compressed gas offers long-range shooting and more accuracy to the players. If your focus is on performance and you give importance to playing the game well in competition, then HPA (High-Pressure Air), which is also called Compressed Air, is best for you, and if you can’t afford it and want to play paintball game as fun, then you can buy CO2 paintball tank. If you have a CO2 tank and your opponent also has a CO2 tank, then there is no problem because both will be at the same level to play a paintball game.

Safety Tips:

Here are some safety measures that every paintball player should consider regarding the paintball air tank.

  • Have your paintball air tank inspected every five years? That would be a good thing, but if you do not, get it checked every five years from now.
  • When you are filling the air tank, it must be empty first.
  • Do not rush to fill the tank, as it will lose pressure when it cools if you try to fill it too quickly.
  • Compressed air is explosive, so do not keep any flammable substance at the station. 
  • Do not place the air tank under the sun, in a hot place, or in a hot vehicle. 
  • Do not attempt to fill the air tank beyond its limit.

Procedure to Refill the Paintball Tank:

If you have an air compressor at home, you can fill the paintball air tank; if you don’t, you can get it filled from the station. Before filling the air tank, inspect it; if it is damaged, i.e. cracked or rusted, replace it.

Here I have mentioned a guide to refill the tank.

Things which you need to refill the air tank include:

  1. Paintball tank (CO2 or HPA)
  2. Air compressor
  3. Fill adapter
  4. Hose
  5. Protective eyewear and gloves

1. Ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area and wearing appropriate protective gear, such as eyewear and gloves.

2. Ensure your paintball air tank is empty before refilling it. That means no air should remain inside the tank. It is recommended to empty the air tank before filling so you do not accidentally overfill the paintball tank.

So open the air bleed valve to release any remaining air.

When you are sure there is no air inside the paintball tank, close the air bleed valve.

3. The next step is to connect the air compressor and paintball tank. If your paintball tank and air compressor are not the same size, you need a fill adapter to prevent leakage. Connect the fill adapter to the air hose on the compressor, then connect the fill adapter to the fill nipple of the paintball tank. After connecting the fill adapter, turn on the air compressor.

5. Slowly open the valve to let air flow into the tank. If you open the valve quickly, the air will fill up quickly. That causes a hot fill in the paintball tank, which drops the pressure.

6. Fill the tank until it reaches its limit. Please do not fill the tank beyond its limit.

7. Turn off the air compressor. That may require releasing the air with the help of a release valve attached to an air compressor. Disconnect the air compressor from the paintball tank.

How to store a Paintball Tank?

Keep the paintball tank in a dry and clean place. It should be kept away from other gases and flammable substances. Keep the tank away from children and animals. If the tank starts to leak, it can cause a fire.

Final Thoughts:

Paintball is a thrilling game. There must be gas in the gas tank of a paintball gun to play paintball. It can be CO2, Compressed Air or Nitrogen gas, but it is rare. If the tank becomes empty while playing the paintball game or if you want to fill the paintball tank after playing, a question arises: how to fill the paintball tank? Then, this article shows you how to fill the paintball tank.

Fill the paintball tank with an air compressor, but the safety measures which I told you in this article must be kept in mind. If your compressor and paintball tank are different in size, you need a fill adapter to fill the paintball tank with the air compressor.


Can a paintball tank be filled from a gas station?

 Filling the paintball tank from a gas station is not the best idea because your paintball tank needs more PSI, and the gas station can only fill your paintball tank with a small amount of gas. Filling the paintball tank with a paintball shop or scuba is best.

How much PSI should be in a paintball tank?

 The amount of PSI in a paintball tank depends on the size of the tank and the type of paintball tank. For example, High-Pressure Compressed Air (HPA) tanks carry a capacity of up to 5,000 PSI. The C02 tanks have a capacity of up to 1,800 PSI.

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