Sniper Setup 101: How to Build a Paintball Sniper Rifle?

How to Build a Paintball Sniper Rifle

When you start to become nearly an expert in the game of paintball, you wonder about advancing the game more. Paintball is a versatile game that gives you a lot of options to grow. You can change your playing style. Moreover, you can update the guns too. Speaking of guns, I think you want to know how to build a paintball sniper rifle. 

Firstly, I wanna tell you more about the sniper rifle. A sniper rifle is a gun that can shoot your target at the exact spot. The target will not know what hit him if you have good cover. It gives an exact, clean, and precise shot. In short, getting a paintball sniper rifle is a good idea. 

But you can do some DIY stuff on your Magfed marker. It will become a sniper rifle. You just have to attach some fancy accessories to it. Upgrade the gun and enjoy the marker with sniping qualities. Let’s check how

How to Build a Paintball Sniper Rifle (Complete Detail)

In order to make a sniper rifle, you need a certain gun. Then, you can improvise the build of a paintball gun and transform it into a sniper rifle. Let me show you how to build your own paintball gun.

  • Select a gun
  • The red dot is necessary.
  • Add the sniper barrel.
  • The sniper is incomplete without buttstock.
  • Keep it light
  • Add a bit of colour

Select a Gun

The first step in building a sniper is to choose an adequate gun. The gun can be a magfed or hammer 7. Any gun which can shoot first strike. Guns which can shoot first-strike rounds easily are perfect if you want to change them into sniper rifles. Because the fins on the back of the gun are precise, they provide gun support and are photodegradable. 

The precise angle of the fins gives the strikes the best shot of precision and accuracy. That’s what makes it ideal for rifle guns. 

Red Dot is Compulsory

The next thing you need on the gun is a red dot. A compulsory item in the paintball gun while building the sniper rifle. Now, do not get all edgy thinking about how to attach the scope, let alone how to build a paintball sniper rifle. It is easy. Do not go for high-end optics at first. Play along with just normal ones. Because you do not know if you will succeed in the sniper rifle setup, attach it so you can easily see your target. The scope can show you the target in zoom view. Besides, What is a sniper without a scope and a red dot? Make sure you add these accessories. 

Add the Sniper Barrel

A barrel is non-negotiable. It can increase the accuracy of your paintballs instantly. When you choose to upgrade the magfed, you can easily tell that it needs a barrel. Sniper guns have long barrels. These barrels provide the paintball extra distance. It helps the ball go further and faster. 

The size of the barrel can differ. It is totally up to your personal choice. You can either use a 14 to 15-inch barrel. There is a barrel with a 22-inch flute. The size is your choice. Long barrels give advantages to long shots. 

The rifles that have long barrels help the paintball travel faster and longer. You can easily hit a target that is in the distance from you. 

Sniper is Incomplete Without a Buttsock

You can totally skip this part, but a buttstock is necessary, in my opinion. Because building along the sniper gun, you are forgetting something. That is the weight. Your sniper gun, which is technically magfed, will get heavier. 

That is why it will strain your shoulder. A buttsock will give you some rest. You can easily fix the sniper somewhere stable. Now, take as many shots as you want while on the cover. Your opponent cannot see you, and you are not straining your arm, shoulder or back. 

Keep it Light 

Do not put extra weight on the gun. Instead, use a lighter gun and then upgrade it with sniper accessories. Adding too many accessories will make moving along the playing field hard for you. You will get tired after only 10 to 15 minutes of the game. Can you afford that during your important game? 

Hence, you will easily get tired and lose the game. Try to avoid that. Just use important accessories. 

Add a Bit of Color

Still bothering how to build a paintball sniper? I’d say stop the worry. Act upon all of my tips and keep moving further. Anyhow, Last but not least, add a slight colour to your sniper, like camouflage. So the gun looks cool. Hide the attachment parts with cool bohemian-looking threads and cloth. You can also try dying your gun. Stickers are also popular among paintball guns.

You can attach a stencil and then spray paint over it. This way, your gun will give a really cool vibe. It will also hide all the possible upgrade proofs. 


In the end, any change you make in your equipment is your own choice it is up to you to rebuild the gun. Whether you want to add the barrel or not, the sniper gun will give you its qualities. Do not get upset about how to build a paintball sniper rifle. The only thing that matters is that you want to upgrade your game. If it is your first time, then try to use a simple gun. If your experiment succeeds, then move on to the high-end gun. 

Besides, the real sniper gun is always an option if nothing else works for you. There are many guns you can buy from the market. Prices go from low to high. Enhance your paintball abilities and keep winning the game. 


How to make a paintball gun?

You can make your own paintball gun. 
All you need is:

1. A barrel
2. Gas tank 
3. Paintballs
4. The process is trickier, but you can still make it at home after some trial and error.

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