Getting Started: How to Join a Paintball Team?

How to Join a Paintball Team

Paintball is one of the most popular games among people. Some people like to play a solo game. While others love it with their friends. Playing both ways is easy. You can make your own team, or you can join another team. But how do you join a paintball team? Well, that’s also easy. 

You just need people with the same passion and love for the paintball game. After you gather such people, just announce that you are a team. Now you can play with other opponents as a team. With your team, you can enter different levels of tournaments. If you want to pursue a professional career, you can join a team and achieve many more on a pro level. 

Join a Paintball Team – [Ultimate Guide]

You can join a paintball team with some simple steps. Just keep these in mind. Because when you have determination, only then will you become capable of playing on a professional level. Playing on a pro level takes lots of skills and energy. Your game should be mistake-free. That is why getting into the professional team is a little hard. However, do not lose hope. With practice and hard work, you can get in there where professional paintball teams stand. 

  • Search on the field.
  • Check online
  • Play hard
  • Check-in tournament

Search on the Field

how to make a paintball team

When you go for your regular paintball game in the arena. Get in touch with other players there. Check out the players and their game. Look for the ones who play in teams. Once you find a team that you think will suit you. Go and talk to them.  If you cannot find the players on your own. Try talking to the arena administration. They will surely help. 

Another thing you can try is playing with strangers. Join their team for fun at first. Once you see their gameplay, ask them if you can join their team permanently. It is important to make acquaintances in paintball. These will help you in the game a lot. 

Check online

Post in online forums. So many paintball blogs and forums help players with many things in their game. Post a complete, long post about your requirements. Some players will definitely come along on your journey with you. 

In today’s world, social media platforms have made the world a really small space. That is why paintball teams almost gather online. You can tell them about your total plan. The tournament fees and also discuss your level in the game. Ask them about how good of a player they are. 

Play Hard

Practice is a regular in the game of paintball. No matter what type of game you are in, whether it is speedball or regular paintball. Practice is the only thing that will make your game amazing. The more you practice, the more grip you will get on your paintball gun. Many players find their tricks after lots of practice. Plus, you can get your aim right after each practice. 

You get good covers, and one time comes when you can totally plan your gameplay with just one look at the paintball field and battleground in the game or tournament. All of this lies beneath lots and lots of practice. 

Check-in Tournaments

Find good tournaments and enter into tournaments as a team or solo person. When you play solo in a tournament, you will find many other solo players who you can befriend. Also, there are lots of teams in tournaments. Reach out to them and ask them if they can include you as well. 

You will find this odd, but trust me, you can do wonders in your game with a team. Now, this is a great way to find your answer to how to join a paintball team. Ask the players; some of them might get interested in your offers or requests. 

Try asking with some good, catchy lines. Show them you have the determination and play a good or excellent game, for that matter. 

Make your Own Paintball Team

Is it possible? If yes, then how to make a paintball team? Well, the answer is super easy and simple. Just know some key points and have lots of confidence in yourself. You will definitely make a great professional team. If you cannot find a team, you already know how to join a paintball team.

  • Engage friends and family.
  • Post online

Engage Friends and Family

Paintball is full of adrenaline rush. It gives you joy and a sense of stress reliever. The game gets more interesting when you play it with your friends and family. Who understands us better than our friends and siblings? Gather around all of your close people in the arena. Play with them. 

You will have a stronger bond, and the team will get stronger. This is the best team you can gather. Because when you enjoy the game, that is when you win. 

Post Online 

Check in online forums and blogs. Search for paintball blogs and post them. I am sure you will find someone who will take interest in your offer. Use specific lines that will tell your main purpose. This way, viewers will pay attention to your post. 

When someone reaches you on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, reddit or Quora, tell them about your demands and requirements. See if they meet all of them. Engage with them and make your team. 

Prepare for tournaments

You can join a tournament that happens every once in a while. Many social paintball leagues take place on a higher level. Players can enrol in these leagues and play the game. 

  • Buy tournament tickets
  • Grab your equipment

Buy tournament tickets

how much do professional paintball players make

The only thing that is stopping you from getting into the professional league is your hesitation. Drop the shyness and buy tournament tickets. Pay the entry fees and play. It does not matter if you win or lose. The only thing that matters is that you will gain some experience out of it. Maybe the next time you enter the tournament, you will win it. Plus, you will get so many acquaintances here. 

Grab your equipment

Make everything ready. Grab your gear, such as 

  • Paintball suit
  • Guns
  • CO2 Tanks
  • Hopper
  • Shoes
  • Paintballs 

Keep in mind you have everything you need for paintball. I will advise you to take your best gun along with an accessible tank. Because in a league, your fast and precise shots will give you an advantage against your opponent. 

How much do professional Paintball players make?

There are many different theories regarding the professional paintball player’s salary. A paintball player can make from some bucks to grand and then all the way to a six-figure. But it takes patience and time. 

There are some ways a paintball player can earn money. 

  • Sponsorship
  • Advertisements


social paintball league

Get a sponsorship from different paintball companies. At first, the companies will give free paintballs or even some free accessories for your paintball gun. Some companies also give you paintballs to test in the field, and you have to give them your honest review. However, most companies start paying a professional paintball player after they start to show their products in certain leagues and tournaments. 


professional paintball player salary

You can also earn money through advertisements. A professional paintball player also becomes a celebrity in the world of paintball. Certain companies start to reach the player so he can show off their products. It gives the products a proper limelight. That is why your company will make lots of money. 


In the end, you know the answer to how to join a paintball team. You need to alleviate your game in order to stand out. Remember one thing: the player’s performance speaks for himself. If you have high ranks in the paintball game, then any team will be glad to play with you. As long as you are a good player, you should not worry about joining a team and playing on a professional level. 

Reach out to the potential teams and ask them if they will let you play. Most of the time, hesitation ruins opportunities. Do not hesitate and start to show your confidence. Play the game as a fun and adventurous activity.  Because when you play without any stress, your chances of winning the game increase. 


Can you play solo paintball as a professional?

Yes, you can play your own game as a paintball player. Playing with a team is amazing, but playing solo will also give you benefits. Many players are professional, and they play all alone.

A solo player also makes money in the game of paintball. But I must say playing solo is a little harder than the team player’s effort in the game. 

When you play, you are alone covering for yourself; you stay in one place until you find a good cover. But with a group of paintball players, you can take advantage of the situation. You can distract the enemy and make a clear shot from anywhere else. 

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