7 Best Paintball Masks

Best Paintball Masks

Having the Best Paintball Masks means a player covering himself in the safe zone. Seeing what you’re doing without a quality mask during gameplay can be challenging. If you can’t spot enemy players in front of you, your weapon won’t matter. You can’t hit what you can’t see.

Paintball is an exciting sport that tests your skills and strategy, but staying safe is essential. To enjoy the game without risks, you must equip yourself with a paintball mask. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Best Pick

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

Staff Pick

Virtue VIO Ascend

Budget Pick

Dye Precision I4

However, various options are available to ensure a clear field of vision while playing paintball. These include a full-head mask, paintball goggle set-up, or a complete paintball helmet. Every severe player must wear headgear, regardless of whether it provides ear protection. This Article aims to rate the best masks available on the market, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Top 7 Best Paintball Masks in 2023

We’ve analyzed and found the best paintball masks available online to make selecting a suitable one easier.

Best Pick

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle:


  • Colour: Custom
  • Brand: Dye
  • Strap Type: Head Strap

It is a legendary Paintball mask known for its exceptional anti-fog performance. Many paintball enthusiasts believe the Dye I5 is one of the finest masks available. It provides comfort and ease. The soft foam, complete with terrycloth, and the GSR Pro-Strap, equipped with a broad pad that fits snugly on the back of your head, provide excellent grip and optimal comfort.

The design of this excellent mask meets high safety standards, providing complete protection for the face, eyes, ears, and chin.

The i5 Goggle boasts a top-notch lens that is optically clear and distortion-free. Its thermal lens system ensures that fogging is avoided by maintaining a consistent temperature difference between the outer and inner surfaces of the Lens.

These goggles are a game changer in the paintball market, offering 30 different colour options and a versatile visor that allows you to showcase your style while dominating the field. With these goggles, you’ll stay safe and stand out from the crowd.

The i5 Goggle features a one-of-a-kind GSR Pro Strap system that also acts as a venting mechanism. This design encourages optimal air circulation and reduces the risk of overheating during high-intensity gaming sessions.

The Dye i5 Goggle has impressive customization options. It comes with removable venting panels. So that players can adjust to change the look and ventilation. Additionally, the mask’s straps and accessories are interchangeable, providing further opportunities for personalization.

Remember that the Dye i5 Paintball Goggle is a top-tier choice. It may have a higher cost than beginner-level masks. Nonetheless, its blend of safety features, comfort, wide field of vision, and customizability has made it a favoured option among dedicated paintball enthusiasts. Who values functionality and fashion?

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly- Comfortable
  • Anti-Fog Lens
  • 12 various colour options

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive

Staff Pick

Virtue VIO Ascend:


  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball
  • Sport: Paintball
  • Strap Type: Head Strap
  • Product Dimensions: 8.43″L x 8.6″ W

Every paintballer wants an affordable mask that provides an extraordinary field of view. Paintball players need to prioritize safety while in the area. That’s why goggles or masks are crucial protective equipment.

The Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles/Masks are popular due to their superior quality, comfortable fit, and advanced features. They effectively safeguard the eyes, face, and ears from paintball impacts and other potential hazards, making them a must-have for any paintball enthusiast.

Virtue provides a range of customization options for their goggles. And available in different lens colours, foam replacements and strap designs. This enables players to personalize their goggles according to their style and preferences.

Moreover, some Virtue VIO models have a quick-change lens system for easy swapping based on lighting or player preference. Comfortable goggles are critical for prolonged gameplay. Ascend goggles have dual-layer foam padding that conforms perfectly to the wearer’s face for a snug fit. Good ventilation allows for effective paintball matches. Ascend goggles have built-in airflow systems to prevent fogging.

The Virtue VIO Ascend is the way to go if you want a paintball mask that offers high-end performance. In contrast, you can opt for the anti-fog Lens to save some money. It’s recommended to invest a little more in the thermal lens version. The additional cost is worth it as it ensures you won’t have to deal with foggy lenses during gameplay.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Beter Field of Vision
  • Easy to remove Lens
  • Affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not much Flexible

Budget Pick

Dye Precision I4:


  • Brand: Dye
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Silicone, Rubber
  • Frame Type: Full Rim
  • Frame Material: Rubber

Paintballers looking for a reliable mask should consider the Dye Precision i4 Thermal goggles. This Paintball Goggle is a famous and prestigious protective gear. It offers players comfort, protection, and advanced features that elevate their paintball gameplay.

 Many experienced paintballers believe they and the i5’s worth the investment. In comparison, many goggles claim to be anti-fog. The Dye i4 Mask has never once fogged the entire time while owning it. They even hold up against heavy sweating.

The “Thermal” designation indicates that the goggles have a thermal lens system. This system comprises two lens layers with a small gap between them. The design helps prevent fogging by balancing the temperature difference between the inner and outer lens surfaces.

This mask usually comes with dual-layer foam padding that moulds to the player’s face shape, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Additionally, the foam padding aids in absorbing sweat during vigorous gameplay. Its low-profile design has gained popularity. It provides a compact and stylish appearance. This design enhances players’ field of vision and situational awareness by reducing any obstructions.

However, Paintball goggles, such as the Dye i4, typically have safety certifications. It guarantees they meet the industry’s requirements for protecting the eyes and providing impact protection.

Yet, The i4 Goggle System from Dye Precision is the most compact, lightweight, and top-rated goggle system. Its thermal Lens leads the industry in optical clarity, ensuring a clear and fog-free view in weather conditions. So, placing this product on your budget could be a wiser choice.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfort Fit for Wearing
  • High-end Performance
  • Friendly Price
  • Good product ratings

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lens Removal Difficulty



  • Brand: HK Army
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Frame Type: Full Rim
  • Special Feature: Adjustable

Enhance your paintball game with the HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens. This innovative and comfortable companion is perfect for every player. The goggles are designed to be convenient and durable, with snap-in-place removable upper and lower goggle foam inserts. Not only do these inserts provide a comfortable fit, but they also make cleaning and maintenance easier.

It has a quick-change lens retention system. It lets players switch lenses according to their preferred lighting conditions or preferences. The HK Army HSTL comes in various models with customization options, including different lens colours and strap designs. Its durability is designed to survive paintball games’ challenging demands and impacts.

This mask features removable upper and lower foam inserts that snap into place. The dual-pane thermal Lens is optically correct and high-definition, preventing any fogging. The anti-slip goggle strap, as is the chin strap, is adjustable and has a comfort pad.

Overall, by going through the HK Army HSTL specifications. It is the optimal choice for athletes within the mid-range.

Reasons to Buy

  • Compelling dual-pane Lens
  • Adjustable ani-slip straps
  • Enhanced Anti-fog experience
  • Fair-Price

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited Stock

Empire EVS:


  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Camo/Black
  • Brand: Empire Paintball
  • Sport: Paintball
  • Strap Type: Head Strap

The Empire EVS is the biggest name in the Paintball masks market. Its unique look makes it the top choice for enthusiasts. The Empire EVS paintball mask boasts an impressive lens. It provides players with exceptional peripheral vision. At the same time, it may not be immediately noticeable. This feature is undoubtedly a major draw for those in the market for a new mask.

The EVS has a wide field of view and a straightforward lens replacement system. To replace the Lens, pull the black-plastic arm from the inside of each side of the mask (left and right), then rotate it towards the Lens. After shifting both arms, you can remove and clean the Lens or replace it with a new one.

If you wear glasses while playing paintball, having a large lens on your mask can be very helpful. The Empire EVS is the best paintball mask for players with glasses. It has a spacious area behind the Lens. Additionally, the mask has triple-density foam that is divided into two pieces. So you don’t have to worry about the foam pushing your glasses into your face.

These goggles typically feature a broad lens or a wraparound style, providing an expanded field of vision. This feature enables the wearer to observe more of their surroundings without turning their head. Nevertheless, several EVS goggles come with anti-fog technology. Which prevents the Lens from fogging, especially when the user is active or in varying weather conditions. It may be ideal for players who want a better experience in a soft environment

Reasons to Buy

  • Nice Look
  • A decent field of view
  • Easiest lens-change system

Reasons to Avoid

  • The large echo you will hear in the surroundings while speaking

Virtue VIO Contour II:


  • Size: VIO Contour II
  • Colour: Contour II – Graphic Black Ice
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball
  • Sport: Paintball
  • Strap Type: Head Strap

The VIO Contour II is an imposing model from Virtue. The mirrored Lens is fantastic, offering a wide field of view, and the mask itself is incredibly comfortable and well-made. It proves to be one of the best paintball masks on tested

The Virtue VIO Contour II paintball mask provides a modular design. It enables players to customize and alter different parts, such as the Lens, strap, and face mask, to suit their preferences or align with their team’s colours. Proper ventilation is essential during active play to prevent heat buildup and maintain breathability. Yet, this mask may have strategically placed vents to improve airflow.

The VIO mask combines various colours to complement your gear and personal style. The internal foam is of exceptional quality, providing superior comfort. The tests revealed that the mask did not experience any issues with fogging.

It has experienced enhanced security with the 3D Foam Molded Pro Pad. Which offers improved grip, comfort and protection, an enlarged goggle strap, and upgraded adjusters that adjust effortlessly.

Enjoy the proven features of the quick-change, fog-resistant thermal Lens that offers 100% UV protection and the innovative and versatile design of customizable parts across the entire VIO II Line. The mask features a large lens, making it one of the lightest and trendiest designs on the market. It is a popular choice among professional players.

Reasons to Buy

  • Available in many Colors
  • Good Design
  • It doesn’t make an echo while speaking
  • Easily Breathable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricey

Bunkerkings CMD


  • Brand: Bnkr Kings
  • Colour: Black Samurai
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Special Feature: Anti Fog

The Bunkerkings CMD is the final and ultimate product in our review list. The Bunkerkings CMD paintball mask has a bubble lens with good visibility. The CMD employs the same Lens and quick-change lens system as the Virtue line of masks.

This product features anti-fog technology with VIO thermal lenses and High-flow ventilation. Its Multi-directional air exhaust zones provide 300% better breathability. Moreover, it also offers protection through bounce flex zones that absorb impact and a skin-smooth inner shape with a tight jawline profile. And If you talk about comfort. It has a microfiber contact layer, a pressure-reducing form, and interchangeable plush BK foam.

It has improved ventilation (resulting in better breathability and voice projection). It has a flexible faceplate (allowing for increased bounces and better aiming). Come with a micro-visor (providing glare and rain protection). Provide a wider back-strap (promoting greater stability) and an overall excellent appearance. Additionally, the foam on the Bunkerkings CMD mask is superior to that of the Virtue line of masks.

Nonetheless, this paintball mask stands out as the most effective option in terms of performance. However, it comes with a price tag of over $150, making it a costly choice for budget-conscious people.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easily Replaceable foam
  • Quick Lens change option
  • Micro-visor helps reduce glare and protect against rain
  • Excellent field of view

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not Fair price

Buying Guide:

Choosing a reliable paintball mask is crucial for avoiding lens fogging during gameplay. Moreover, it has pivotal importance for enthusiasts. 

If you’ve decided to purchase the Best Paintball Masks, there are a few crucial factors that you should take into consideration:

Safety and Protection: Before picking up the product, must ensure its safety. Select a mask that meets or exceeds industry safety standards, such as ASTM or CE certifications. The mask should cover your face, including your eyes, ears, and chin, to safeguard against potential paintball impacts.

Lens Quality: The quality of the Lens is an essential aspect of a paintball mask as it influences both visibility and protection. Premium lenses are designed to be anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and offer clear vision without distortion. Opting for masks that feature dual-pane thermal lenses that can prevent fogging by creating a protective layer between the inner and outer lens surfaces is advisable.

Fit and Comfort: When playing games for extended periods, choose a compelling mask. It’s essential to find masks with padded foam liners, adjustable straps, and a snug fit to prevent wobbling or shifting during intense movements. A proper fit guarantees the mask stays in place and offers reliable protection. However, the comfort of the mask implies a better playing experience.

Ventilation: The term “Ventilation” allows us to prevent overheating. It will ensure proper airflow while wearing a mask. Masks with strategically placed vents support regulating temperature and reducing fogging chances.

Visibility: Playing with awful-quality masks will not provide the appropriate visibility. For this purpose, you should go for an Ultra HDR or Dual-pane lens. Wearing a paintball mask with an HD or HDR lens can provide several benefits, such as enhancing colour perception and reducing UV glare.

Budget: Every athlete can only dive into the market if they know their budget. Remember that investing in a top-notch mask is a long-term investment in your safety and enjoyment on the field.


In conclusion, it is crucial to prioritize safety and protection when choosing the best paintball masks for 2023. The masks should also have anti-fog capabilities, dual-pane thermal lenses, comfort and adjustable straps, ultra visibility during play, and a quick lens change system.

These features allow players to enjoy the game without compromising their safety and visibility. However, we have ended this Article to provide you with the best review of the listed products.


How do you prevent your paintball mask from fogging up? 

It is the most common question for every paintball athlete. But there are ways to prevent it. While a Mask fan can be helpful in warmer weather, it may be less effective in colder temperatures.

Consider investing in a thermal mask and a trusted anti-fog lens cleaner to address this issue during winter activities. Anti-fog spray is another good option to consider. These simple steps help keep your mask clear and allow you to focus on your outdoor pursuits.

Are the lenses of paintball masks interchangeable? 

Numerous paintball masks indeed come with interchangeable lenses. These lenses can be quickly changed, allowing players to modify their masks for lighting conditions, playing environments, or personal preferences. This is a valuable feature for adapting to unstable levels of sunlight, glare, and indoor or outdoor settings.

Can you wear glasses while wearing a paintball mask?

This depends on the mask’s design and the size of the glass frames. Fortunately, many paintball masks are designed to be worn comfortably over prescription glasses.

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