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What is Ramping in Paintball

Have you ever heard the word ramping while playing on the paintball field? Do you have a question mark in your mind about what is ramping, and you just got curious? This article will give you information about what is ramping in paintball. 

What is Ramping in a Paintball? [Explained]

Ramping means a player automatically gets multiple shots per second from the paintball gun after pulling three to four triggers. 

Instead, you shoot one paintball on each trigger. In Ramping, the shots happen at a higher speed in a second, and many paintballs are fired up to 12, 15 shots or more, depending upon the player who sets the ramping mode in a gun. But initially, you have to pull three to four triggers, and then it automatically starts ramping.

Let’s take an example to understand better what is ramping.

Suppose you pull a trigger four times in a second to fire a paintball, and still you continue pulling the trigger, then the paintball gun automatically starts ramping. Ramping usually occurs in tournaments.

Types of Ramping:

There are three different types of ramping that athletes set in tournaments. I discussed them below.

PSP Ramping:

PSP Ramping is one of the fantastic kinds of ramping in which a player can start shooting by pulling a trigger in quick succession. This causes the activation ramping. If a player releases the trigger for a short moment and starts shooting quickly again, the gun will continue shooting in a ramping mode.

The fire rate of PSP ramping is 12.5 BPS.

NXL Ramping:

NXL Ramping is another amazing ramping in which, after three shots, the ramping mode will increase the fire. In this, a player needs to hold down a trigger, and this ramping will automatically activate. Unless you release the trigger, you can fire at full speed.

The fire rate of NXL Ramping is 15 BPS.

Millennium ramping:

Millennium ramping is the simplest ramping in which if a paintball player releases a trigger for a short moment, then the ramping mode will deactivate. You need to pull the trigger again to start ramping.

The fire rate of Millennium ramping is 12 BPS.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Ramping aims to increase your firing rate on the paintball field to optimize your performance. When the gun is in ramping mode, you can shoot many times in one second.

 So, let’s see the benefits of ramping up in the paintball field.

Shoot quickly: With the help of ramping, you can shoot quickly. When you pull a trigger, you take one shot per second without ramping, but in ramping, you can take more shots per second.

Required less effort: Ramping is fun because it doesn’t require much effort. In ramping mode, you get many fast shots on a single trigger.

Helps to focus on the game: Ramping helps the player to focus on the game by getting many paintballs on a single trigger to shoot your opponents.

Gives confidence: If you are not skilled in shooting, you don’t have to worry because it gives you much confidence to play. Because you only require a little effort and can get enough shots in a short time.

While there are many benefits of ramping, it also has a disadvantage, and that is in ramping, you throw paintballs at your enemy, and the enemy runs and hides to avoid it, just like on the other side, and you are doing the same. But if you overshoot, your opponent won’t have a chance to escape, and it can hit the opponent. So, Ramping should be taken as fun only and should not be overshot.

Why is an Electronic Paintball Hopper Preferable to a Gravity-Fed Hopper?

Ramping is done because the electronic paintball gun is programmed inside, allowing a player to set firing rates using different ramping modes. It would be best to use an electronic paintball hopper instead of a gravity-fed hopper for good ramping. 

An electronic hopper is preferred for ramping because a gravity-fed hopper can only shoot 10 to 12 paintballs in a second. In contrast, the electronic hopper shoots faster than the gravity-fed hopper. Players can shoot 15 to 20 paintballs through the electronic hopper in one second.

 Players in tournaments generally prefer to use electronic hoppers. Since speed is given more importance in tournaments, the electronic hopper is considered best. But these hoppers are heavy, and their lids are also tight. I am telling you some names of some electronic paintball hoppers which you can buy from Amazon or any other best shop.

  1. Virtue Spire IV
  2. Dye Rotor R2.
  3. HK Army Pinokio.
  4. Valken V-Max.
  5. Tippmann Cyclone.

Why are players ramping? How many types of ramping? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? To know the answers to these questions, I have discussed them in detail so you can get a better idea about ramping in a paintball field.

 Players ramp up in a paintball field when trying to trap their opponents. For this, they set different ramping modes to trap them. The more they throw the paintballs at their opponents, the more easily they can trap.

Is Ramping Considered to be Legal in Paintball Fields?

 Yes! Ramping is perfectly legal. It is used in tournaments. The purpose of the three different types of ramping is to set a standard for firing paintballs, i.e. not to increase the firing rate by more than 15 BPS (balls per second). You can shoot a maximum of 15 balls in one trigger pull. No more than 15 balls can shoot at a single trigger pull.

If you overshoot, there may be damage by hitting the opponent because the opponent is unable to run or hide. You must follow the limits set for ramping; otherwise, you will be thrown out of the game.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, ramping in paintball is a firing mode that allows players to shoot paintballs rapidly without individually pulling the trigger for each shot. It adds excitement, particularly in professional paintball tournaments. Ramping creates a thrilling atmosphere on the paintball field.

However, players raise many questions about whether ramping is lethal or not. They fear that ramping could lead to excessive shooting, causing discomfort and injuries to players because, in rapid shots, opponents are unable to run or hide themselves. This may detract from the fun and friendly nature of this game.

To address these concerns, event organizers set some standards before play. They set a limit of up to 15 bps (balls per second), and everyone in the field must follow these rules.

If any of the players exceeds the limit, he will have to pay a penalty or be thrown out of the game. Therefore, different ramping modes, i.e. PSP Ramping, NXL Ramping and Millennium ramping, are set for safety measures, i.e. not to increase the firing rate by more than 15 BPS. These rules will help prevent the misuse of ramping and maintain the spirit of fair play.

This article shows you what ramping is in a paintball and which hopper you should choose for better ramping in a paintball field, i.e., players prefer electronic paintball hoppers due to their faster speed.

Besides this, I have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of ramping in a paintball field. Some questions that people commonly ask are answered. I hope all your confusion will clear after reading this entire article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People often ask some questions regarding ramping in the paintball field. Here, I will answer some questions to clarify your confusion.

How can I improve my ramping skills in the paintball field?

Three things can make you great at ramping. The first is that your paintball gun should be good, means of good quality. Second, you must be determined and practised to make a good shot in a vacant area. Third, when you practice, play with people who are better players. Following these tips will make you proficient at ramping up a paintball.

What is the best paintball gun for ramping?

 Today’s modern electronic paintball gun can be used for ramping.

Will there be any punishment if the ramping rules are not followed during the game?

Yes, of course! If you don’t follow the rules and there is a small problem, then you have to pay a fine, and if there is a big issue, you will be thrown out of the game.

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