Distance Matters: How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot?

How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot

When you play on the paintball field, you set a goal of winning. Many players go for fun, but fun turns into competition in no time. To win against all odds, you need certain things in check. Your grip on the gun, the quality of your paintball gun and the shooting range of your gun. What do you think? How far can a paintball gun shoot? 

All of it depends on many factors, such as your gun type. It also depends on the aim and distance of your target. A paintball gun can shoot up to a certain distance. Apart from that range, it becomes hard to shoot your target. You will most likely miss it. 

So before you do anything, we suggest you analyze each aspect. I will tell you everything about this. Stay with me to get your facts straight. 

Paintball Gun Range

To get the perfect idea of your paintball gun range, you need to understand the total types of ranges. Each paintball acts according to its corresponding ranges. There are a total of three types of paintball ranges. 

  • Safe range
  • Effective range
  • Absolute range

1. Safe Range

The paintball gun acts in a safe range to avoid any damage. Your guns have a design which enables the paintball to hit and break on interaction. It all happens without causing any injury in a safe range. When you press the trigger, the velocity of the gun increases. It puts pressure on the ball.

The ball then goes on the target and breaks after immediate contact. All of this action causes less trouble and injury in a safe range. Your paintball can go up to 100 yards per mile when you play in this range. A short, safe range lets you play in the safe mode. 

2. Effective Range

paintball gun range

The paintball needs a certain distance to act properly. This means in effective range, when you shoot the ball, its purpose becomes to burst in a proper and effective way. To typically answer how far can a paintball gun shoot, the effective range decides that. 

You need a certain speed and pressure of your gun so it can interact and burst properly. Light pressure will cause slow movement of the ball. Which means the ball will not burst completely or at all. When your ball moves too fast, it can cause injury as it will hit harder. Trust me, you do not want that. 

To sum it all up, effective range controls all of this movement. However, the distance and pressure depend upon your paintball gun and paintballs. 

3. Absolute Range

When you do not pay attention to how far your paintball goes and whether it hits the opponent. You come in absolute range. Just find your toughest paintball and increase your speed. Shoot with it. 

Absolute range applies to you as long as you just want to fire paintballs without a care in the world. With this range, you can get your paintball to hit up to 150 yards. 

Typically, you can achieve all this with the practice of distance and paintball target practice. 

Increase the shooting distance of your Paintball Gun

Do you know you can shoot further with your paintball gun with some simple tips? This way, your gun will shoot at a further distance. 

  • Put more pressure
  • Use a long barrel

1. Put More Pressure

This trick means you should increase your paintball gun’s velocity. When you do this step, your gun shoots at a good distance. Range increases. But keep in mind to maintain velocity within the rules. Do not increase more than the rules mentioned. A higher velocity of 250 FPS should remain at it. Do not increase any further. 

2. Use a Long Barrel

Try using a long barrel for your gun. Every paintball gun comes with accessories. It also includes a long barrel. This rod helps the player with accurate shots. It also increases the ball’s pressure. Hence, the ball goes further than the normal distance. 

It will do wonders to use a backspin barrel. But this barrel affects the accuracy of your shots. I will advise the beginners not to use it. 

3. FSR 

An FSR (first-strike barrel) is also a good idea. It does not affect the accuracy of your shot. But this barrel is rather expensive than any other barrel. Only some paintballs can use this barrel


If I tell you honestly, I do not know exactly how far can a paintball gun shoot. But when you use the gun, you will get a complete idea. Moreover, using barrels will help you. But beginners will not find them useful as it messes with your ability to perform a perfect shot. 

Choose your range according to your preference and style. A safe range is better for beginners. However, if you think you can handle any other range, just go for it. Make your game more fun and become a pro. 


How fast does a paintball gun shoot?

The speed of a paintball gun differs from model to model. But the normal speed of a paintball gun is 260 FPS to 190 mph. Some say the speed of the gun lies within 220 FPS to 290 FPS. But each gun is different. So, you find the velocity of your gun and play according to it. 

What happens when you decrease the velocity of a paintball gun?

When you lessen your velocity too low, your ball does not burst. There is a chance your ball will not hit the target also. 

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