Cost Insights: How Much Does Paintball Cost Today?

How much does Paintball cost

We all know paintball is the best fun game. It is safe to say that paintball helps in getting rid of anxiety. It is also the best sport to play with your friends and family. Initially, you need money to play the game. Yes, money is important to play every support, but do you know How Much Does Paintball Cost Today? You need this answer to play the game with your heart’s desire. 

Each game of paintball has a fee. Different clubs charge you differently. Sometimes, there are packages for players. However, players can choose according to their preferences. Let me tell you about the costs of the game.

The total expense of paintball is different. We divide it into two categories.

  • Initial expense
  • Recurring expense

Everything about Paintball cost

Here I have written everything about how much does paintball costs and the necessary things to know.

Initial expense

It consists of the cost you need to pay to play the game for the first time, such as the package fees, equipment costs, etc. 

Recurring expense

You need to pay this cost each time you play the game, such as rent of equipment and paintball fees, etc. 

You can avoid recurring costs if you buy your own equipment. If that does not bother you, you can easily rent paintball equipment according to your package. 

Things You Need to Play Paintball

It is good to have everything in check to play the game of paintball. To figure out how much paintball costs, you need to know the list of things below that you need on the initial account. 

  • Basic paintball kit
  • High-end Pack

Basic Paintball Kit

paintball cost per person

The basic kit includes

Pump Gun:  You can buy a good pump gun or a plastic gun

Mask: it will protect your face from the paint

Tank: The tank has compressed air or CO2 to push the paintball

Loader: this small chamber gives room to your paintballs before they enter the barrel. 

Paintballs: The paintballs burst and spread paint all over the place when you fire it through the gun.

Total Cost: The total paintballing price of this bundle is approximately 30 to 40 dollars. You can consider it a paintball cost per person. This is good, considering if you want to play paintball for one time only. But after the initial play, if you decide to make it a hobby, you can upgrade your equipment. But for that, you need new upgradeable equipment because you cannot upgrade a pump gun as it is just a simple gun that can not last longer. 

High-End Pack 

You need lots of money for your high-end paintball session. Because high-end equipment can lift up your game instantly, let me tell you what it includes. 

  • A professional gun
  • Air tank
  • Hopper
  • Barrels 

A Professional Gun

Most of the time a professional gun can cost you from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars. The cost changes as the quality of the gun changes. But this is the average range. You can always upgrade a professional gun. 

Air Tank

Unlike normal guns, a professional gun uses compressed air instead of CO2 in the tank. The air throws paintballs with more pressure than the CO2 gas


You can upgrade your gun to a larger hopper. So you do not have to fill it with paintballs every 15 minutes in the game. 


You can also attach a barrel to the gun. The barrel gives you clean and proper shots. It also throws the paintball with more pressure and a precise target. 

Total Cost: On average, the total cost of the high-end pack can reach approximately 2500 to 3000 dollars. But it can decrease or increase according to the player’s choice of equipment. 

How much does Paintball Cost on a Paintball Field?

To know the precise answer of how much paintball costs, you need to know the price of the paintball field you will play in. Each field holds different prices. Several factors can affect the prices, such as 

  • Theme of the game
  • Quality of the field
  • Rental equipment 

After considering everything, the total field cost can go from 5 to 30 dollars. The prices can also increase or decrease according to the seasons. If you need to figure out the most cost-effective way, keep in check with each field’s strategy. Then, choose wisely. You will definitely save some bucks. 


Now you have a complete breakdown of how much paintball costs. You can decide whether you want the basic or high-end equipment package. I suggest you go with the basic pack if you are a beginner. Sometimes, you do not know if you will like the game or not. 

If you play the game and don’t like it, your money will go in vain. That is why you can go for the expensive bundle after confirmation of your game and hobby. Buy all of your accessories and equipment. Then you just have to pay for the entry fees, and that’s it. 


Do I need to buy special clothes for the game of paintball?

No, you do not need to buy any set of clothes. You can totally use some of your old baggy clothes. The idea is to not get too dirty during the game. Just wear some old baggy pants or trousers. An old long-sleeved shirt, gloves to protect your hands from getting dirty, hat and shoes. All of these things can be old.  You can also buy new costumes for paintball, but that is totally up to you. 

How much do 100 paintballs cost?

The price of 100 paintballs is 13 to 16 dollars. But this price can vary from product to product. The change in the company can also affect the price. However, some fields do not charge for paintballs and other accessories.

They include everything in the entry fees. Other times, some fields just give you entry to the field, and you have to bring your own equipment, such as a paintball gun, case, tank and paintballs. I think bringing your own stuff gives you an edge in the game because you are more familiar with your equipment than the rented ones. 

How much does it cost to rent a paintball gun?

A paintball gun’s average rent is between 20 to 30 dollars. Some places give you all the equipment within the entry fees. While the others charge you extra. 

How much does it cost to go paintballing?

It costs from 20 dollars to 100 dollars. All prices depend on the quality of the field and equipment. Also, the theme can affect the prices. 

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