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Paintball players try to improve their game after each play. If you are one of them too then you must think about strategies. That will make you a good, probably the best player. To play like a pro you need to have the tricks of playing the game. Such as having a good cover, playing silently. But how is this possible? Guns make a lot of noises. Then how to make your paintball gun quieter?

There is nothing you cannot do regarding guns. You can silence them without putting much effort. Today we will talk about all the methods and tricks that will help you with paintball gun quieter. 

Tricks to silent your paintball guns

  • Low pressure paintball guns
  • Make adjustments in settings
  • Longer barrels
  • Add another bolt
  • Change O Rings of your guns

Low Pressure Paintball Guns

Every gun is different with respect to its settings and manufacture. You cannot expect the same functions from guns. Similarly, guns with low pressure make less noise. However high pressure guns make chaos and noise. 

The high pressure gun’s valve works really fast. That is why they make noise. The valve traps air and then releases it quickly so the paintball can go further and faster. That is why it makes high noise. 

If you reduce the paintball’s pressure then you will see low performance in the game. That is why lowering down the noise can cause problems with the pressure of the gun. 

Make Adjustments in Settings

Lowering the voice does not always mean low performance. You can still change some settings in your paintball gun to reduce the volume. Low and quiet gun work requires a lot of trial and error tests. You will need to change the dwell time so you can regulate the pressure which will help you achieve lower noise in the paintball gun. 

Longer Barrel

If you want to know how to make your paintball gun quieter than you can use longer barrels with porting. Long barrels can give your gun some extra time to dissipate the air from porting. A 14 inch barrel works best for this purpose. Porting plays a vital role in lessening the sound. Long barrel helps the gun to produce less noise. 

Add Another Bolt

Changing a bolt can also make your paintball gun sound quieter. I don’t know if your gun has this setting. Most guns do not allow you to upgrade the bolt in them. If your gun allows it then you should definitely try this method. 

Change O Rings of Your Gun

The main purpose of the O ring is to provide resistance and blockage for air. This helps in producing less sound as well as puts more pressure so your ball goes further. But when o rings wear down they fail to seal air like new rings. 

Old rings leak air that is why the sound increases. In order to know how to make your paintball gun quieter you need to pay attention to small details. Like the built in functions and O Rings of your gun. 

Pros and Cons of Paintball Silencers

It is safe to say that the use of paintball silencers is a controversial topic. Most people think they are illegal to use. We will get into the bottom of these allegations. Let’s check out pros and cons of paintball silencers to get a better idea. 


Silent shot.

Opponent stays ignorant of your next move.


Silencer slows you down.

It is illegal.


Are Silencers illegal?

Although many paintball fields and people around the globe consider a paintball silencer illegal. But these myths vary. Truth is yes, silencers are illegal. But you need a certification to use them. 

ATF approval is necessary to use a silencer on the gun. Even if you get an ATF approval many fields do not allow the use of a paintball gun silencer. Because many paintball field owners do not want drama regarding the paintball gun issues. 

They do not want to deal with the legal proceedings and issues of the gun and its usage. But if you cannot use silencers then how to make your paintball gun quieter? That is the real question. 

If you transfer your title to someone else and still pay the fees then the theory is different. But in either case, the gun owners do not like to deal with illegal issues. If you want to play you can choose an area which will provide you with all the basic silencer and gun allowances that you need to play the game. 


To get the perfect idea of how to make your paintball gun quieter you need to do a lot of trial and error. The tests will tell you the exact results. You can make a homemade paintball gun silencer. But those do not work best. Also these silencers are illegal. Many paintball arenas do not allow the use of paintball silencers. 

But there are lots of silencers you can get from the market. But there is still a strong debate going on regarding the efficiency of silencers. I would recommend you to do your research before buying a new one. 


How to make a suppressor quieter?

You can try changing the caliber of suppressor noise reduction. But there’s a diy trick that works well to make a suppressor quieter. That is using petroleum jelly in the suppressor. Or you can use a wet suppressor. Any liquid can reduce the sound instantly in a silencer. 

Does silencer affect the accuracy of paintball guns?

Many people think a silencer does not affect the paintball. Because quieting down a gun means to tune in with the gun’s settings. You change the settings and the performance also changes. That is why the paintball gun silencers can lower down the accuracy and perfect shots of your gun. But many guns do not let the silencer change settings. Try and do some experiments to find out the better silencer for your gun.

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