How to Clean a Paintball Gun – Complete Guide 2023

Do you play paintball often? If yes then it means you are a regular player. Playing paintball often means you use your gun many times. It is natural for the gun to get dirty. While you may think that cleaning your paintball gun does not matter enough, it really changes your game. Daily use of paintball guns can lead to greasy and dirty paintball guns. It is important that you clean your gun every once in a while. But how to clean a paintball gun? Don’t worry we will tell you.

Cleaning a paintball gun is not a big deal. But it’s also not a simple task. You need to perform each task carefully so you do not damage your gun. Firstly, examine the build of your gun. Check its assembling. Because you cannot clean the gun without disassembling it. Secure all the parts and clean them one by one. We can discuss all of this further in this article. 

Parts of Gun to Clean 

  • Grip
  • Bolt
  • Hammer
  • Barrel

You will also need a paintball cleaning kit 

Paintball Kit

The paintball gun cleaning kits are different for different paintball markers. But The kit consists of following things

  • Brass rod
  • Brush
  • Oil
  • Wipe cloth

Methods to Clean Paintball Gun

Cleaning the paintball marker is no big deal; you can do so in just some simple steps. First you need to know what parts of the gun need cleaning. You will also need a paintball cleaning kit. This kit will help you get rid of any debris off the gun easily. 

  • Dissemble the gun
  • Remove gas tank
  • Clean the barrel
  • Wipe the grip

Disassemble the Gun

In order to do a deep cleaning of your marker you need to open it all up. So you can easily clean every single part of the gun. It is easy to open a gun completely. If you still cannot figure it out then you can use certain websites that will surely help you. 

But firstly, check the manual of your paintball gun. The manual has all the instructions on how to disassemble and assemble the gun. Keep all the parts safe once you open the gun. 

Remove Gas Tank

First remove the tank and make your gun gas free. Shoot multiple times away from anybody so there is no gas left. Because if you do not remove the gas the pressure of gas can harm you. That is why safety comes first. 

Wipe the Grip

The grip is the most dirty part in my view. It needs more cleaning than any other part. Because you pick your gun using the grip. It is always in your hands. That is why keeping the grip oil is the most important thing.

Make sure to clean the grip with rubbing alcohol or paintball cleaner. 

Clean the Barrel

Now that you know how to clean a paintball gun it’s time to remove the barrel from the gun. Now clean it. You can do so using two things

  • A swab 
  • Squeegee


Swab is like an ear bud but in larger size. You basically put it in the barrel and it cleans the inside of the barrel. Of Course you need to put a paintball barrel cleaner on the swab first. The cleaner breaks down any debris inside of the barrel. 


It is a long rod type thing which has rings on it. The rubber rings help in cleaning the internal barrel. 

Oiling the Gun

After cleaning is done, it’s time for you to lubricate your paintball gun. It is a crucial step and you should do it when the gun is still in pieces. It is easy to lubricate a disassembled gun. Moreover you can keep certain steps in mind.

  • Dry the gun and all of its parts completely. Do not put paintball gun oil on wet areas. This can damage your gun’s inner parts
  • Make sure to use a quality oil. Do not put any oil in your gun. Use specifically the ones that are made for paintball guns. 
  • You only need a little amount of oil. Too much lubrication can make your paintballs slip away. Therefore you will become unable to shoot perfectly. 
  • Oil the O rings of your paintball gun. Do not oil in an excessive amount. Otherwise it will lose its strong grip and the CO2 gas will leak out of the gun.

Importance of Cleaning the Paintball Marker

It is necessary to clean your paintball gun after each use. Now pay attention. I am talking about cleaning externally. Once you are done with your game. Remove your tank and hopper off the gun. Now start cleaning the exterior part of the gun. As far as the deep cleaning concerns you, just do a full clean after a week or so. Now that you know how to clean a paintball gun. Start cleaning without hesitation. After all, it is your gun. You should be comfortable with every aspect of it. 

A clean paintball gun can shoot to accurate distances. It is possible that the paintball bursts inside your gun and there is paint all over in your barrel. You may think it does not matter but it matters a lot. Because a dirty barrel can block your paintball or it can affect the accuracy of your shot. That is why cleaning your paintball gun is very necessary. 


I am sure now you know how to clean a paintball gun. As you can read it is a simple task. But it can save a lot of your time and gaming energy. If you are not confident that you can clean the gun properly, you can always seek help. But remember a clean paintball gun can suddenly lift up your performance. 

Do this every week. Because paintball guns can easily get debris and leftover paint in it. The tricky part is disabling and resembling the gun. Just keep every little part of your gun safe. Play with all your heart now. 


Can you clean a gun with rubbing alcohol?

Yes you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your paintball gun. Because alcohol can dissolve any kind of oil and debris off the gun. This is why rubbing alcohol is ideal for cleaning stuff. Because it is mild and does not damage any gadget or product of paintball gun. 

How to clean a paintball barrel?

Take the paintball gun squeegee and pass it through the barrel several times. Use rubbing alcohol or water as a cleaner. After the barrel is clean, dry it thoroughly and attach it to the gun. A clean barrel hits and shoots perfect shots even from a distance. 


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