8 Best Woodsball Paintball Gun

Best Woodsball Paintball Gun

Well, there are many games to play like scenario, speedball, and Milsim but the fun of playing woodsball paintball is unmatched. Just imagine you hide under the bush or trees and protect yourself from your enemy. Doesn’t feel like an action movie? But the main problem is how to choose the best gun which can easily fit in a woodsball paintball game.

Let us tell you some Konkor Mk47, Dye M3 and Mercury Rise Venom but our favourite top list is Empire BT DFender and you will soon know why. Wait! Do you know about woodsball properly? Not really, then first know what woodsballs are. Woodsball is the most popular game which is played in forests, grassy fields and any place where the speed of the game is fast. 


A scenario paintball gun will not give you high accuracy and capacity as a woodsball paintball gun does in grassy fields. We have compiled a list of the best woodsball paintball guns using our years of experience which are best in range, price and quality. We all know that a few paintball guns will absolutely give us a big edge in woodsball environments.

Best Pick

Empire Bt DEfender

Staff Pick

Konkor MK47 Marker

Budget Pick

Dye M3+ Paintball Gun

The reason for this is because all of them have a hopper, laser and many tools attached with which you can easily set your aim. In order to avoid you getting bored and save your time we’ll show you some top 8 woodsball guns list. We hope that after reading this article you will be happy with our hard work. 

Top 8 Best Woodsball Paintball Guns in 2023 

Let’s show you some blast guns. Out of which you have to use one according to your taste. Snipers are also used in woodsball but our focus is to maintain the gameplay that’s why we select guns instead of snipers. Well don’t get confused, come straight to the point. The very first one is our favourite best woodsball paintball marker whose name is….

Best Pick

Empire Bt DEfender


  • High-performance paintball marker with integrated loader
  • Magnesium shells for high strength and lightweight
  • Break Beam Eyes in breech prevent ball chops
  • On/Off Regulator with easy-to-mount T-Slot rail

Empire is the first paintball gun which comes with a full-size loader in stock of the gun. The defender is designed to look and feel like an aggressive, painful weapon. It is a completely new paintball playing experience with no loader being a large target for your puns ahead.

You can snap better, rap bunkers better and don’t worry about your loader just being hit by opponents. Takes a bit to get used to the size but after practising you can easily hold it. Everything is set up straight out of the box, even the FSP was tuned into around 275. 

The fundamental issue with traditional paintball markers is the loader on the top of the gun. It also creates a much larger target for your opponent to hit. The electronics in this marker are far superior to anything of its kind. The gun and the loader that’s built into the stock are on the same electronics platform.

The trigger, the eyes as well and the motor on the loader are all fully connected. So, we can turn them on and off immediately. This gun is fast, reliable and really fun to play. We’ve got a ton of field testing with different corner players, and different employees and nobody wants to give this comeback. It’s badass. There is a bit of a learning curve…

  • The speed-feed door on the hopper for this gun is way lower than usual, so be careful not to get too much debris in there while playing woodsball. 
  • If you want to go full tactical and put a sight on, get a huge riser. With a mask and a low stock position, it makes the sight almost impossible to use without a riser. 

Overall, This gun is straight fire. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate and just get it. Seriously, it absolutely rocks. If you agree then go and buy this marker otherwise the choice is yours.

Reasons to Buy

  • The built-in hopper works amazingly.
  • Every shot flew straight.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • An easy switch between firing modes was incredibly useful during the game.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The stock is a bit wide which makes it difficult to line up with any sighting device you might want to mount on it.

Staff Pick

Konkor MK47 Paintball Marker


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Team Name: Konkor
  • Air Gun Power Type: Electric
  • Barrel Material Type: Alloy Steel

The next one is a Konkor MK, this is a 68 calibre and single-shot blowback (semi-automatic) paintball marker designed to run on high-pressure airborne CO2. From our experience using this marker, you will get the best performance using a normal remote line. We’ll let you know about the interesting secrets that will turn your gun into the best gun out there. This gun has such killer features that the player will be drawn automatically. 

Extremely eye-catching body which is made of solid wood and looks realistic. There’s no need for special skills to utilise and keep using this gun as it comes to you. The hand foregrip is original and comes with a concord. The shooting range is about 130 to 150 ft and believe us it’s a really hard hit. The trigger is also made of soft aluminium so that the player won’t feel irritated with their fingers. The price is also low, that’s why this gun is bought so much and this is the first priority of every player. 

While using we notice one thing, there are two options to save you and your gun. You see the button which is below the trigger has an option if by chance your marker didn’t work in semi-auto then simply change the option. For that reason, if you hurry and something happens to your gun then change the option. It will be very easy for you to play the game smoothly. You can play 5,000 rounds and you see there’s no problem with Konkore. 

Overall, definitely recommended for those who want to play without anyone’s help and also want a gun whose tools won’t get loose. Don’t think too much just pick this if all these things are according to your taste. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Strong and accurate. 
  • It’s semi-automatic. 
  • Don’t chop balls. 
  • Easy to take apart.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The wooden parts are loose and tend to wiggle from time to time. 

Budget Pick

Dye M3+ Paintball Gun


  • Brand: Dye
  • Colour: Black
  • Team Name: M3+
  • Air Gun Power Type: Battery
  • Barrel Material Type: Alloy Steel

Next in our top list is Dye M3+ so let’s check it out. A lot of the same features that were in the m3s like the wireless charging and many more related. The way it shoots, feels, design, simplicity and maintenance everything looks perfect. High accuracy when you shoot the sound will be pleasing to your ears. If you are rich in terms of money then definitely try this gun because you know it’s a bit expensive. 

When we did unboxing of this gun it really looked like an M3s but after use, we know there’s a lot of difference in both models. Dye put a lot of effort into making M3+. Another good thing is, this gun trigger which is super cool. This gun trigger is huge at the tip and enlarged from the midpoint. It helps you to control your paintball gun while playing hard. So, play like a professional and don’t be afraid, but stand back and fight back. 

Performance: While playing, you will shoot about 8k with this gun and after shooting the very first word in your mouth is “Magnificent Marker”. Velocity wise it is 280, and 546 shots about 2500 psi which is good. This marker works extremely low pressure and even if you can use cheap paintballs the refined bolt cycle will help the gun to shoot silently and smoothly. 

Are you sick with large outer eye plates? If so, then dye m3+ comes with a high-quality and cute little eye pipe system. Moreover, if all paintballs break inside of the gun then the eye pipe will immediately clean it because its a self-cleaning system.

Are you sick with large outer eye plates? If so, then dye m3+ comes with a high-quality and cute little eye pipe system. Moreover, if all paintballs break inside of the gun then the eye pipe will immediately clean it because its a self-cleaning system.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to exchange barrels.
  • 6-year warranty if any damage. 
  •  High-quality eye pipe.
  • Shoot silently and smoothly.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Replacing parts is expensive. 

Mercury Rise Venom Semi Auto .68 Caliber Paintball Gun


  • Brand: Mercury Rise
  • Colour: Black
  • Rounds: 6
  • Item Weight: 34.7 Ounces
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum
  • Frame Material: Plastic

If you want a gun that is lightweight and shooting sound is quiet then go for Mercury Rise Venom. Why? Let’s talk about it in detail. So, the very first, is a great cycler, easy maintenance and a great just all-around gun. Maintenance is easy because there are tools which are free. That’s why Venom performs great in the paintball field as compared to others. A lot of things we tell you which we observe about this gun. 

There’s an anti-dust mechanism which can help to clean the dust and dirt stuck into the barrel. High high-impact double trigger is soft and well-balanced which makes this gun look even better. Shooting wise it’s better to say “Blastttt” because this gun shooting is incredible.

Before we tested this gun the first question was in our mind, does venom shoot well?  And then guess what happened. Yes, this gun passed 100% in every way. 150ft distance to your target, in such distance you can easily set your aim and hit the target. 

The grip was also very important not only for the gun but also for the game. Don’t worry this gun has a soft silicone grip so that you can easily hold the gun and if your hands get sweaty while playing, then with the help of this silicone, the gun will not slip from your hands. So, how do you feel about this gun? Now it’s your turn to decide. We damn sure if you pick this one then you won’t regret it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to buy, it’s in your budget gun. 
  • The silicone grip won’t slip if your hands get sweaty. 
  • Free tools are provided.
  • High-velocity adjustment.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes screws loose which irritate the player. 

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball Gun


  • Officially licensed product of the US Army All aluminium
  • Proven high-performance in-line bolt.
  • System Compatible with 98 Custom Series.
  • Removable and adjustable front and rear sights

As you all know, Tippmann’s models are freaking awesome but we focus especially on the US Army because its features and velocity was really good. When buying this marker you will also get a toolkit so that you cannot buy any kit. Some guns you buy have separate toolkits but this gun has all of these facilities and going forward we have to show you even more great performance. Let’s find out what’s more interesting about this gun. 

Almost every time we play we have several younger players come fawn over it. They think it’s milsim styling within is different or special but the truth is, it’s not. This marker is best for amateur players, and intermediate players. If you just like playing and having a kick-ass marker then try once. Just know that the US Army is well worth the money and the upgrades or possibilities for this marker are endless and vast. Also taking the marker apart for maintenance is easy peasy. 

You will be wearing a paintball mask. Basically, the mask prevents you from aiming the marker properly and you can easily shoot to look at where you’re hitting. If you want to upgrade your gun then it will be possible. Easily customise your barrel, trigger and grip.

Note: This is not the type of marker you want for speedball because in speedball you want a fully authentic and high-accuracy gun. Another thing is to always wear a Mask during a game if you can’t wear it. Then you can’t set your aim and by chance, your face may also be injured. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to hold. 
  • Not a lot of maintenance.
  • Shoot smoothly at the target.
  • An upgrade Option is available.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Quite heavy. 

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball Gun


  • .68 caliber
  • Proven Tippmann 98 Custom internals
  • Quick release hinged feed elbow
  • Removable M4-style carry handle with rear sight

We’ve been playing paintball for about 9 years and always used Tippmann products in the past and thought this year we’d get something for the holidays. So, we saw the US Army alpha black which looks pretty closely resembling the AR-15 M4.

The gun length measures just under 30” with the original barrel and the stock collapsed but for the carrying case, we suggest you do something at least 35” or longer. 

This gun is heavier than Tippmann 98 Custom but not to the point that bothers you. Easily play woodsball with this gun and not even a single problem appears. Honestly say at the end of the day you feel like your arms are a bit more tired than before but don’t worry it will never affect your game at all. The cleaning process, then the gun itself is easy to clean. 

As some other people have mentioned, with a stock on this gun those sights are pretty useless because the mask will always get in the way so that you can’t put your cheek on the stock to aim.

This problem is particularly worse with people who are left-handed because left-hand people can’t aim to shoot properly. If you want to set your aim and are left-handed we’d suggest an offset hopper or mount a scope on top of the carrying handle that you can actually see through while wearing a mask. 

Overall, We are very pleased to purchase this gun. Our review is completely based on our experience. We also recommend you try this gun and tell us about your experience. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It does not affect the functionality. 
  • Fire semi-auto 3-round bursts or fully automatic. 
  • Very cool and intermediate-looking. 
  • Resembles AR-15 M4

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little heavy with the tank. 

Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker


  • Brand: Spyder Paintball
  • Colour: Polish Orange
  • Rounds: 6
  • Caliber: 0.177

If you are just getting interested in paintball and want a gun that can fully support you then the victor is a great choice. Spyder Victor is a non-electric gun, purely mechanical so it’s only gonna go fast when you pull the trigger. The Spider brand or the Kingman brand has been around forever.

The guns they make take a lot of beating, will still just keep on working and they’re all very simple. The hopper, tank and mask are pretty awesome but keep in mind the mask is as cheap as it gets so after a couple of uses you will want to switch with something a bit better but don’t be fooled that this mask is a good mask. 

We mostly see that every player can use their gun only to shoot, therefore they do not know how to properly maintain their weapon. Note that if you didn’t clean your marker then, what do you expect your gun will support you?

Nope, it will get worse day by day. The shooting is fairly accurate with what you expect for an entry-level-style gun. As you know it is mechanical, meaning it’s not going to have a fast rapid-fire type of shooting but if you try you’re gonna shoot pretty well. 

One thing that we did not like about this gun is the feedneck which needs an adapter. If you upgrade your feedneck then gun hoppers stand exactly in their place. It doesn’t have to happen every time. After all, it is perfect for beginners and for those who wanna save money. If it’s your first turn then trust us you won’t find a better gun than this anywhere.


Reasons to Buy

  • Best for beginners. 
  • Shooting is fairly accurate. 
  • Non-electric gun.
  • Comfortable trigger.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Feedneck losing problem. 

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker


  • Package Weight: 2.13 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: ‎Tippmann
  • Warranty Description: ‎Limited
  • Model Name: A-5 .68
  • Colour: Black

If you want to play paintball in the woods and defeat all of your enemies then go with the Tippmann A-5 paintball gun because it is a very powerful gun. We confidently say that there is no better gun than the modified Tippmann a5. It’s a golden chance to win any game with the help of this gun.

Sizewise, you can actually get a good hold on this gun. Some of the other companies make the same style feedneck but their thumbwheel, you can’t really get a good hold on it because it’s super tiny and it doesn’t have ridges like this does. 

There’s a three-set screw, at the top is your trigger spring sensitivity set screw. The second one is gonna be the activation point set screw and then the bottom one is gonna be the post-travel means how far the trigger goes back forward. Do you want a real snappy quick shot or do you like the longer pull? Just customise them as you want to. 

The shooting range is 210 ft away from your target. Smoothly, quietly and accurately hit the target. Just make sure you straighten your upper body otherwise you can’t set your aim properly. There are also available Tippmann a5 accessories which will help you while shooting.


Reasons to Buy

  • The shooting range is 20 feet away from your target. 
  • Three set screws. 
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Easily get a good hold. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Costly. 

How to Select the Best Woodsball Paintball Gun (Buying Guide)

There are many guns, some of which are for professionals and some for beginners, and intermediate. When it comes time to choose, it is hard to understand which one will be right. All guns’ design, accuracy, durability and structure are different from each other. That’s why we are here to help you out of this problem and tell you the right path to choose the best woodball paintball gun. 

Here are some tips we share with you. When you purchase the gun, deeply read all these things which we’re gonna tell you. If the gun looks like what we told you, then don’t think too much just go and buy it. So, here are these tips. 


The very first thing to always keep in mind is your budget. Never choose a gun which cannot fit in your budget. Listen carefully just imagine you buy a costly gun and after use, there’s some issue or you get bored of this weapon do you have any idea you wasted your money

So, always spend your money carefully. Costly weapon tools are also very costly and you know it’s machinery that keeps breaking, so how often do you keep fixing it? There are great guns available for cheap too, so start with a little money to begin with. 

Shooting Range

The one is the shooting range which is very important for a good gun. The player can always select to see the shooting capacity if it’s good then everyone can buy it. Just see if the gun shooting was 190 ft to 210 ft and has a capacity of about 230 to 360 FPS to mark your aim faster. 


In the end, we only say this information will help you to protect yourself from fake people who misguide you. If you are getting bored and don’t want to read the full article then we mentioned some best woodsball paintball guns in the first paragraph. It will be really helpful for you. We don’t think we forget anything about the woodsball guns. This information is basically to help you to select the best woodsball paintball marker on your own. 

All guns are for all ages like Tippmann a5 custom and all which we share with you in the list. Also tell you in the buying guide before you buy, just read properly then decide which to choose. 


Here are some questions which will help you if you still have any questions that will confuse you then feel free and ask. 

Q1. How far can a woodsball paintball gun can shoot?

A paintball normally shoots 250 feet but if the paintball is high quality then the gun will shoot about 210 mph.

Q2. How much time do the woodsball guns accurately?

Well, it depends on the barrel. If the barrel is tiny then your marker didn’t work accurately. Most professional players use a long barrel to accurate their marker and shoot right at the target. If you also want to shoot well and accurately then simply upgrade your marker. 

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