Where to Sell Paintball Guns – 7 Best Places

Where to Sell Paintball Guns

Are you playing the paintball game for some time? Then, this is the time to upgrade or replace your paintball gun with a better one. Buy the new fast gun so you can enhance your performance in paintball. Now, you probably don’t know where to sell paintball guns. No problem. We will help you. 

Our team knows about good paintball-selling stores and websites that will help you get a great deal for paintball markers. There can be plenty of reasons why you want to sell your paintball gun. 

Why do we need to Sell guns? 

The reason for self-paintball guns is different for everybody. Below is the list of reasons that lead a person to sell his/her paintball marker. 

  • The gun is old, and you want a new gun. 
  • You need a new and best weapon for a paintball game.
  • Need for money.

The reason does not matter: nobody will dig into your need to sell the equipment. So, as long as you stick to the protocol and sell according to it, everything will be fine.

Best Place to Sell Used Paintball Gear

Usually, there are two main platforms where you can sell or buy old paintball equipment. The platforms are

  • Online market 
  • Offline market

Online market

  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Paintball forums
  • Craigslist
  • Etsy


best place to buy used paintball gear

When it comes to buying something online, a trustworthy website is everything. EBay is one of the emerging platforms that has positive ratings. You can buy and sell your goods here. It is the best online market to buy used paintball guns. 

The procedure is simple. Follow some simple steps, and you will see buyers lining up.

  • Take good and clear pictures.
  • Showcase your products.
  • List your guns.
  • Pick a reasonable price. 
  • When buyers reach, respond well.
  • Sell after you to an agreement. 

Although this seems pretty convincing and easy, you still need to do a lot of work. You need to pack and ship the product to the buyer. 

With eBay, you can sell globally. Buyers reach you from every region of the country. Your circle increases. Hence, the selling possibilities also increase. 

Overall, eBay is a good option if you want to know where to sell paintball guns. But you need to contact a courier company so they will carry the product to the buyer. 


how to sell a paintball gun on facebook

Another awesome option to find where to sell paintball guns. You need two things on Facebook to sell the gun.

  • Have many followers
  • Join selling and buying groups

If you have a friend circle big enough, you can easily sell your gun here rather than wondering where to sell paintball guns. Negotiate and make a deal. After you come to a common conclusion, sell the gun. 

Or you can join some e-commerce groups where many people sell and buy different types of products. 

Paintball Forums

This is really popular among paintballers. The paintball forums help you with all the paintball queries. You can find many tips and tricks there. 

Apart from the strategies of playing a paintball game efficiently. You can sell your paintball equipment. You can also get an answer about where to find paintball gear online. 

Once you get your answer, go to the website and buy or sell. You can also sell on the forum. Who knows, maybe you can find an interesting buyer here. 


Craigslist is an old platform where you can buy or sell old paintball gear. Although many websites like eBay, PB Nation, and Craigslist itself are in this competition.

You just need to go on the website, and it will show you your corresponding items and search for paintball gear under the sports section.

The one thing about Craigslist that I find appealing is that it shows you the buyers or sellers that are within 1 mile of a radius.

Of course, you can change your area, depending on How far you are willing to travel to sell your equipment.

You must stay over a fun thing on Craigslist, which is a scam. Many times, people promised to pay an amount and then refused to do so, claiming they only have a little bit of money left, so you need to stay alert.


Do you still want to know where to sell paintball guns? Then you can visit Etsy also. There is a big platform for many small entrepreneurs running their businesses. You can try some paintball guns.

Just like any other e-commerce site, do your research here. Send accordingly if you find a suitable buyer.

The deal on selling on Etsy is simple: upload a good picture of your gear, attach the pricing, make it online and wait for the buyer to respond.

Offline Market 


A pawnshop is a shop where you can give your item and get something else for it. Other than cash, paintball guns are in high demand in these shops.

Especially if you have a high-level paintball gun, you can find something exact to replace your gun. But the shops are not my favourite, because if I am selling something I want it for money.

Old Paintball Shops

You can stop searching for where to sell old paintball guns. Rather than that you can look for a paintball shop near you.

Many paintball shops, except all paintball guns, resell it after some modification. You can catch the moment and sell your paintball gun.


I think now you have your answer to where to sell old paintball guns. You just need a good platform and a good-functioning gun. Once you have all of these, just sell them.

When you try to sell something online, you need to be fully aware. Because it is common for a scam to happen online. Usually, people do not pay after agreeing on the mentioned amount.

Make a deal that suits you better. Not lower your price just because the buyer is asking you to. If they want it, they will come to an agreement with your price. To note lurk around them so they can buy your equipment.


How do you sell a paintball gun on Facebook?

Selling a paintball gun on Facebook is easy. Just upload a picture of your gun. Mention the price, the qualities and usage time.

Wait for the buyers to approach you and sell it to the buyer who offers you your amount. Do not sell to someone who demands a lower price for the gun. 

Make a fair deal and sell only if you think the price is good. 

Which market is safe online and offline?

Among both markets, I think the offline is safer. Because you can seal the deal and take money without wondering if the buyer will show up or not. The procedure of selling the gun offline is simple. 

Go to the shop and sell it after getting an accurate amount of money. 

In an online market, you cannot get a guarantee about a person. Sometimes, people close the deal and call it off after everything is done.

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