Facing Fears: Does Paintball Hurt or Not?

Does Paintball Hurt

Paintball is a popular sport—many people in your circle, such as friends, families, children, teens, and adults. Many people question that Does Paintball Hurt? People shoot the paint pellets at each other. Many people say that it feels like a firm flick. It depends on the speed of the paint pellets. The greater the speed of paint pellets, feel greater the pain.

People play Paintball on weekends. It is a great sport for socializing and exercise.

Does Paintball hurt a lot?

Everyone has their own capacity to shoot, but there is no fixed answer to this question. Most people say that it does hurt. Some state that it does not hurt. Some say that it feels like a firm flick. It depends on how fast is paint pellets (little balls filled paint inside) coming towards you.

The injuries of the Paintball are not too much severe.

There are several factors which decide whether Paintball hurts or not.

Does Paintball hurt the children?

It is a good activity for all age groups. The UK Paintball sports federation has defined a minimum age limit for playing Paintball as 12 years. If your child is younger, he can play with the same age groups with less powerful guns.

The distance between you and the paintball gun

If you were shot from point black range (any distance over which a certain firearm can hit a target without the need to compensate for bullet drop), it would hurt you because you shot across the zone.

Which part of the body you get shot?

Few body parts hurt more than the other parts. If you get a shot on the area with plenty of meat, such as the right or left thigh, you feel less pain. If you get shot in the belly, you feel less pain. If you get shot in the neck, you feel more pain.

Similarly, if you shoot in the face, it hurts more. If you get shot on sensitive body parts such as testicles or penis, it hurts more or sometimes severe swelling.

Tips to Avoid much pain.

  • Wear layers of padding because layers absorb the speed of paint pellets, which helps you to protect from speed hitting
  • Wear a mask to cover your face. It will protect paint pellets on your face
  • Don not open your skin while playing. Wear a long sleeve shirt and
  • Put hats on your head and gloves on your hands
  • Wear tracksuits
  • You can wear baggy jeans
  • Never forget to wear neck protection.

If you get bruises (marks of paint pellets on the skin). Here are the tips to cure them.

  • Wash the area where you get shot to prevent infection
  • Gently apply a warm compress on the affected area
  • You can also apply a vitamin ‘K’ lotion on the affected area
  • When you get shot, there is a little soreness, so put the Epsom salt on the affected area.

Strategies to Win Paintball Game

  • Teamwork and good communication with your teammates. These two factors play a key role in winning a paintball game.
  • Keep moving during the game and make smart moves such as hiding yourself beyond the rocks or the mounds.
  • Be positive while playing paintball and have fun.

If you are playing Paintball first, keep these tricks in your mind to get shot by the seniors.

  • Keep in contact with your teammates
  • keep quit while changing your position
  • Do not tell anybody about which person you gonna shoot him
  • Respect the other players
  • Keep noticing  if someone is coming towards to you
  • It is more important for you to utilize stealth.


Does Paintball hurt? Ultimately, I think Paintball causes not many severe effects on the body. You should follow all the instructions and guidelines to play Paintball. Especially kids are below 13 years of age, they should wear safety measures to protect themselves from hitting pellets (small balls filled with paint inside). A paintball player should be ready for the challenges in the game. Don’t ignore the tips to win the paintball game. Also, don’t neglect the precautions before playing the paintball game I mentioned above.

Frequency Ask Questions

Does Paintball hurt?

Suppose you are playing it professionally. The paint pellets hurt slightly. Different opinions on Paintball. It is just a flick on the arm. Take precautions to avoid the pain. Use proper masks, cover your necks and don’t forget to wear goggles.

Is insurance necessary to play Paintball?

Insurance is not necessary to play Paintball. You need to play Paintball for the price.

Is it necessary to be fit to play Paintball?

You do not need to be fit to play Paintball. If your body is average fit, you can play Paintball.

A 13-year-old can play Paintball?

Yes, everybody can play Paintball. A 13-year-old boy is allowed to play with the same age group. Because you are below 18, you need a sign for confirmation if an injury occurs.

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