Seeking Alternatives? Try Games Like Paintball

Games Like Paintball

If you have come to this website to read this article, you are probably interested in what games like paintball are available. This article will give you a lot of information, but first, it’s essential to know what the paintball game is like, so let’s see.

What is Traditional Paintball Look Like?

Paintball is an entertaining shooting game. In this game, players shoot their opponents with the help of a paintball gun. The gun used in this game is filled with compressed gas. Team or individual competition is done in this game, which is very fun and thrilling—besides, the paintball game can cause bruises when it hits the player. Also, when a player gets hit with a paintball, the clothes become dirty because of stains.

So, for players who want to avoid getting hit with stains from paintball, there are best alternatives, or you can say other games like big paintball, which help you to prevent stains on your clothes.

Now, let’s move on to the games that are like paintball.

Games that are Alternatives to Paintball

There are many other games like paintball.

1. Airsoft:

It is a shooting sport similar to paintball, just as it is necessary to cover oneself in the paintball game, such as wearing a face mask and protecting the body.

The same thing is also required to cover oneself in this game. Airsoft game shoots plastic pellets at a speed of 590 feet per second. But when it hits your skin, it can be painful for you and cause wounds and bleeding. Airsoft pellets hitting you like skin or bones can be more painful because of their velocity than paintball games. So this game is not for children to play.

2. Laser tag:

Laser tag is an enjoyable game. It is an alternative to paintball and has no risk of injury. People of all ages can play it. In this game, players use taggers (infrared–emitting guns) to target opponents’ headbands (infrared signalling devices) to shoot lasers to score their points. So when a laser hits a player, he will not feel pain.

Another benefit of laser tag is that you do not have to score your points because it is done automatically in the game, so you can easily check your score after playing when the session ends. Laser tag is played indoors and in a dark arena with a black-light lighting effect.

Children can easily lift taggers because they are light in weight. It is a team game with the same goal as a paintball game, i.e., eliminating opponents.

3. Archery tag:

Archery tag is another game which brings fun. In this game, players use bows and arrows instead of guns. In this game, players try to eliminate their opponents. It is also a team-based game. But a question has come to your mind: will this game be painful for players? But it is not so because the tip of the arrows is covered with foam. All you have to do is protect your eyes.

 This game can be performed with athleticism because it is a complex game. It is not recommended for kids to play. It is the best game, and for those not enjoying playing with guns, this game is an excellent choice.

4. Nerf:

Nerf, also called dart tag, is a game like paintball. This game doesn’t cause much pain to the players. You just feel like a finger flick when you get hit. Players use Nerf guns to shoot foam darts at their opponents in this game. You only have to protect your eyes, which are essential body parts.

Those who don’t want to get dirty by playing paintball can play and enjoy this game. Nerf tag is a fast-paced game as a game of speedball. This is a team sport game and is played indoors. In this game, hiding places are created for players.

5. Paintless Paintball:

Paintless paintball is very similar to paintball sport. In this game, a player uses a paintball gun but loads the gun with 2″ form balls instead of paintballs.

In this game, there is no injury when a player gets hit. Only a player needs to cover his face.

This game is also the best game for kids. These 2″ form balls are shot from 30 to 100 feet. You can play this game by wearing shorts or T-shirts. That means you do not need to cover yourself entirely because there are no risks of bruises.

6. Reball:

It is also similar to a paintball sport. This game does not cause a mess, which means players are safe from stains on their clothes. In the actual game, rubber balls are loaded in the gun.

 One benefit of this game is that when rubber balls hit the opponents, they do not explode, so they are reusable and thus cheaper, but there is a disadvantage, and that is when the player gets hit by a rubber ball, it causes pain. So there is a need to protect the entire body, similar to the paintball sport.

This game is not recommended for kids.

7. Water Gun Tag:

Water gun tag is an entertaining game that almost everyone has the experience of playing this game in their childhood. Maybe you did, too. In this game, all players have a water gun filled with water, and this game aims to hit other players with water.

Water Gun Tag is played outdoors and is played in summer. There are no specific rules in it, but the purpose of playing this game is to enjoy the feeling of cooling in the summer by getting wet with water.

That is how the water gun tag brings fun for players.

8. Gel blasters:

Gel blasters are also a fun game and the best paintball alternative. In this game, Gel pellets are used instead of paintballs in the gun. There is no fear of getting stains on your clothes. Children who want to play paintball in the future can gain experience by playing with gel blasters. There is no need to follow the rules in this game. The players can freely play this game.

Why are Gel Blasters considered the Best Game Alternative to Paintballs?

The main difference between paintball games and gel blasters is that players use gel pellets instead of paintballs. These gel pellets are not harmful. As the gel pellets burst, they evaporate quickly. People of all ages can play this game.

Final Thoughts:

While many people love to play paintball, many avoid it because they do not want to risk getting hurt by paintballs or dirty due to stains. So instead of playing it, they want to play a game like paintball.

So this article has given you the names of games like big paintball which players can play without fearing getting their clothes dirty. Also, if kids want to play paintball games but because it is unsafe for them, they can play gel blasters, water gun tag, paintless paintball and laser tag. These games can not harm kids, so they are free from getting bruises.

However, Archery tag, airsoft and reball are not recommended for kids to play because there is also the danger of getting hurt. Although they are stain-free, taking precautions is also required in them. I hope after reading this article, your confusion will be apparent.

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